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Vacation Sex Tips

Reach a new pleasure principle with the following vacation sex tips we will provide. Vacations are essential for everyday people, but couples as well, providing the perfect opportunity to escape and enjoy each other’s intimacy. There is just something truly special and unique about getting it on during a vacation that gets us going. Vacations and making love are like vanilla and chocolate. The two go together perfectly. They are a sensual combo that every one of us craves. There will be plenty of time to play tennis, scuba dive, shopping, tanning and dining, but truly the most memorable experience will be makin’ whoopee while away.


The daily stress one can accumulate is one of the biggest contributors to low libido. It is hard to have intercourse when you have a lot to go on in your mind. It’s the little things like being involved with the daily grind or having your children interfere with any chance that the two of you may have alone time. However, when you book you go on a vacation, all your worries melt away and you get to sit back and you may enjoy the best lovemaking of your life. For that very reason, vacation intercourse is always so much better than the one we have at home. But, all this does not mean that you certainly should go unprepared. So, what is it about getting it on when you are on vacation that’s just so freakin’ hot? Let’s all find out some freaky ideas for you and yours to explore. Here are ten terrific ways to guarantee that your trip feels just like your first honeymoon as we explore these vacation sex tips.


10. Switch off Your Laptop and Smartphone

To forget about all your worries and boost your libido, you need to switch off your laptop and smartphone. When you constantly stare at your cell phone, it is difficult for you to focus on having lovemaking with your partner. Unless of course, you plan to record your show. Likewise, you need to turn off all your electronic devices and get intimate with your partner. From no televisions to WiFi in your room, there are many electronics-free resorts where you can head to ditch the stress that comes with living in a modern world. Besides, when you switch off your phone, it shows your partner that you care about spending time with them.
vacation sex tips switch off your laptop couples

9. Avoid Getting Sunburned

The last thing you need during a vacation is getting sunburned. This may be an odd one it lists on our vacation sex tips article, but it’s a good one to remember. When you get sunburned, it limits your ability to engage in romantic activity with your partner. Besides, a red-lobster peeling look will not be the most inviting scenario for your other half. Therefore, slather on an ample amount of sunscreen all over your body. You can always get your partner to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

best vacation sex tips avoid getting sunburned


8. Manage Your Expectations

When we think of a vacation, many of us are quick to imagine a perfect trip with our partner. However, that is not reality. You should not idealize things a lot. Will it be coupling every day or twice a day? When might the moment be just right? Rather than having a rigid idea about what to expect, you should manage your expectations accordingly. Vacations consist of hotel buildings, not working, crowds, sunburns, exhaustion, hangovers, UTIs, and food poisoning from time to time. Rather than being bitter and blaming each other, learn to manage your expectations and bring it up into an open conversation.

manage your expectations couples ideas


7. Respect Your Hormones

Both men and women have testosterone which is a hormone that plays a huge role in our libido. When you have a high testosterone level, you are likely to experience a high sex drive. Unfortunately, men and women experience a peak in testosterone levels at different times of the day. Women are more likely to want to get it on in the evening or afternoon and men prefer whoopee in the morning. You will both need to respect each other’s hormones and meet somewhere in the middle.

vacation sex tips respect your hormones couples getaway


6. Choose the Perfect Time to Get it on

A common misconception that people tend to have is thinking that intercourse is fun at the end of the day. However, it could not be further from the truth. There are adults-only escapes that promote this with naughty daytime and nighttime activities. When you are full of food and wine, you are likely to feel bloated and stink of alcohol. By the end of the day, you would also be exhausted from all the sightseeing that you will want to call it a day. This is why it makes perfect sense to have lovemaking first thing in the morning. You could also have an afternoon delight early in the afternoon before you head out. Both you and your partner would be full of energy and relaxed to have the best intercourse of your life.

choose the perfect time to have sex adults travel


5. Try New Classes Together

As a couple, it is crucial that you try new things together. It allows you to develop a stronger relationship. Research reveals that when you try new activities with your partner, it makes you both a lot happier. A lot of resorts offer a number of classes or lessons the both of you can learn while away. Attend a wine tasting together, or experiment with one another by attending a cooking class. There are also language lessons and a number of group exercise activities such as dance classes, as well as Zumba, yoga and Pilates. It’s good to note, when we have an unfamiliar experience, our dopamine system gets stimulated. This releases the happy hormone. Thus, you will feel happier with your partner and your partner would be more likely to want to make love with you.

vacation lovemaking tips try new classes together adults


4. Take a Dive

There’s nothing like the feeling of being wet. Lovemaking in outdoor pools, Jacuzzis and the ocean is supreme not only in the movies but in real life as well. You will discover that many travel destinations do not only offer private plunge pools, soaking tubs and hot tubs in your room but on the resort ground they will provide any number of ways to cool off. If you’re looking to get freaky in the ocean, just remember that you will run the risk of being arrested and please keep an eye open for the current and waves. Keep in mind also that the water at the resort may not always be hygienic. Make sure to add extra slipperiness beforehand to get frisky underwater. Do not forget to bring medication with you to avoid bacterial infection.

vacation lovemaking tips take a dive couples ideas


3. Spend Some Time Apart

As the saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, it could not be truer when it comes to making love. Going on a vacation with your significant other does not mean that you should be around them 24/7. Even when on vacation, it is important that you spend some time apart. We all need some breathing space from time to time. You can always talk about your day with your other half over dinner or in bed. Besides, you could sext your partner throughout the day and fulfill your desires when you both meet. So, go ahead and take that solo hike in the mountains or that excursion at sea, because when you return, you’re in for a whale of a time.

best spend some time apart activities couples


2. Pump up the Volume

The two of you can share exhilarating experiences together while away which will add adrenaline into your day as it creates a synergy of intimacy and lust. It’s a definite hot pick on our list of the best vacation sex tips. These activities can be countless while you’re away with exciting tourist attractions like zip lining, skydiving, parasailing or even horseback riding on the beach. This slow buildup during the day will certainly get your blood pumping. When you are ready to return back to the hotel, it should eventually lead to a night of passionate and pleasurable lovemaking.

vacation lovemaking tips pump up the volume


1. Gear up and Bring Toys

We all know you are ready to venture away from that you pack the usual suspects like sunblock, swimsuits, and sandals, but you may very well be forgetting one of the most important things, fun toys. Get in touch with your innermost desires while on your tropical getaway by letting your partner use toys with you. There are many different types of toys that you can try depending on your taste and preferences. Make it a point to get outside both of your comfort zones and fulfill both of your desires through fantasy or role-playing. Enhance your adventures by letting your partner use a butt plug on you or wear a strap on to take you on a ride. It doesn’t really end there as you can consider alternatives like oil candles, whipped cream, plenty of lube and other assortments such as handcuffs, vibrators, dildos and bondage assortments.

vacation lovemaking tips gear up and bring toys handcuffs


Once you have gone through our suggestions for our vacation sex list, Best Online Travel Deals hope it will come in handy. You can rest assured that you will have the best getaway that is filled with plenty of boinking. Remember, vacations are not just about intercourse at the end of the day. They are about spending time together, relaxing, and learning more about each other. There are resorts and cruises specifically designed to encourage an active life of fun while you are away. To expand vacation sex tips even better, we encourage you to check out Sandals Resorts, Hedonism and Desire Resorts.




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