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Leave your mark on the world with every step!


FlipSidez are the original sand print flip flops that leave impressions in sand and soft soil with every step! You can design and order personalized and customized imprint sandals with your own words and designs imprinted into the soles. Their flip flops are the original personalized flip flops that leave impressions in sand and soft soil with every step!


The design possibilities are infinite! FlipSidez can imprint your flip flops with almost any design, including company logos! Promote your business with every step! Use them for a destination wedding or as gifts for a honeymoon. Leave your name or nickname in the sand. You can also create designs which they can print onto the straps. Custom imprint sandals are also great for vacations, events, fundraising, teams, camps, gifts and so much more!


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Founded in 2010, FlipSidez is an American company dedicated to creating fun and original Sand Imprint Flip-Flops. This special style of sand print flip flops has a design imprinted in the sole of the sandal. Each step leaves a personalized message or design in the center of every footprint. FlipSidez is the first and only company capable of producing these unique flip-flops with no minimum order quantity. They take great pride in their affordable prices, fast turnaround time and high customer satisfaction.sand print flip flops flip sidez


Designing and ordering your flip flops could never be easier! First create your pair in their easy to use Design Shop. There are many colors and sizes available, as well as many symbols to choose from. You can also purchase popular sand print flip flops designs from theDesign Ideas Page. These designs can be added to the Design Shop, where you can choose your sandal size and color.


FlipSidez are constructed using high quality EVA and Natural Rubber foams for incredible comfort. They customize the flip flop soles with a unique Patent Pending process. This process has enabled FlipSidez to become the first and only company capable of custom cost effectively producing these flip flops one pair at a time.


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