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Welcome to our listing of the very best Antigua Resorts. Antigua, which is also referred as Waladi or Wadadi by its native population, is an island at the West Indies located at the Caribbean region’s Leeward Island.


Antigua is also the country of Barbuda and Antigua’s main island. In 1784, Admiral Horatio best Antigua resortsNelson the legendary, sailed to Antigua then established the most significant Caribbean base of Great Britain. The Trade Winds which blew the British soldiers to the English Harbor safely. The wide, winding coastline which made Antigua hard to navigate for outsiders where trekkers today encounter remarkable wealth of powder and awe-inspiring white sand beaches.


This oasis of luxury and tranquility here is perfect for a romantic weddings or honeymoons. Along with rejuvenating spa experiences and a bevy of activities to choose from, all set amid Antigua’s best beaches. Come find your true sandy sanctuary, let time drift and fall in love anew as you bask in barefoot luxury and first-rate natural beauty.


Enjoy our growing list of the top rated Antigua resorts which are located in the gorgeous Caribbean.

Sandals Antigua resort


Saint John’s, Antigua

Sandals Resort Antigua is one of the best Antiqua resorts. The perfect spot for couples who want to spend quality time together. Since this is voted as one of the most romantic resorts, couples will surely enjoy intimate moments of togetherness wherein they can also enjoy great exclusivity and privacy. Enjoy deluxe rooms, poolside rooms, private suits and  beachfront rooms!

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