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Organize A Perfect Trip To Rome With These Suggestions

Looking to organize a perfect trip to Rome, Italy? Please read on! There is a reason why the phrase all roads lead to Rome exists, plenty of reasons in fact. The ingenuity of ancient architects to make these roads that are still standing to this day is a marvelous feat. These roads were built because, for most of history, Rome was the place to be. A lot of people visited this 2000-year-old city and people made history and culture in this city. Rome is a place that holds a lot of beauty that we are still uncovering to this very day.


Thus, it is important to make the most out of this trip to Rome with the right organization and planning. You need to face it, you will not be able to visit everything, that would take a lifetime to do with this city. However, there are plenty of other beautiful things to see and eternal memories to make here. This is what every trip should always be about, making memories and experiencing true beauty. With these suggestions, you will experience this during your trip to Rome.


trip to rome italy travel tips


Making a list of activities

With your tickets and stay in check, it is time to make a list of activities. It is time to familiarize yourself with the best things to do in Rome and settle on what you want to see. You can’t visit Rome without taking a look at the Colosseum or the Pantheon, marvelous feats of architecture. These are some of the places that ancient Roman emperors saw and stood at the very same place as you are standing.


In order to see all of this, you should make a schedule before you arrive in Rome. You will not be able to make an absolute and precise schedule, but you can make a decent schedule. This means you need to take into consideration the commute and copious amounts of other tourists. It is better to be pessimistic when making a schedule rather than optimistic. Always add extra time between each visit to take into account that things will not go as planned.



No matter what you want to visit, it is important to have a ticket by your side. Luckily, in this online age, you can buy tickets in advance and print them before you arrive. For some tickets, you do not even need to print them, you will probably receive a QR code that will be your ticket on the phone.


Just be aware, just because you have a ticket, this still does not mean that you will be first in line. However, this will significantly reduce the time you need to visit many of the beautiful places in Rome.



Rome has every Italian dish you need to try, and you should taste as much of it as you can. To achieve this, you should explore the areas you want to visit on maps. Take a look at the surroundings and see which restaurants you have near you and mark those sports.


That way, you will know exactly where to go when your stomach starts growling. It is important to make these decisions beforehand, so you do not have to make them on an empty stomach in an unknown location.


trip to rome italy vacation ideas


Taking your time

You should not make this trip a cramping-up festival, it is important to have enough time for your planned activities. It is not worth it to visit Rome just so you can say you were there, you need to live the moments. Do not try to put as many things as you can within your stay, you want quality over quantity. You will be much happier, and you will not have to worry about strict schedules if you are having the time of your life.


Coastal activities

Rome is pretty close to the sea and not many people are aware of how close it really is. If you are visiting during summer, you should check out the many beaches near Rome. Santa Severa is only 40 minutes away from San Pietro station, and it is beautiful. A sand beach with an old Italian castle on the coast, what more do you want? Just imagine a nice dish fresh from the sea after swimming or cruising around the beach.


With these tips and vacation ideas, you will be able to make the most out of your trip to Rome, Italy. It is important to truly enjoy Rome and take in the beauty and breathe the history of this place. Visiting this city is about admiration and pondering on the many souls that have passed through this place. All roads lead to Rome and a lot of people ended up here, just as you did and many yet to come. If you’re looking to sending money while traveling abroad, we got some solutions for you as well. Arrivederci!


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