Car Crash While Traveling in Texas? Here’s How a Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Getting into a car accident is never ideal. Especially if you plan to be traveling in Texas. Things could be even more overwhelming if the accident happened when you were traveling far from home. It can be tough to know who you should call or what you should do. Things like insurance and legal standards can be drastically different in different places. Take a deep breath. The following will explore a few vital components of dealing with a car accident while traveling. Emphasis will be placed on the role a lawyer can play. As well, special attention will be paid to those visiting Texas, but many of these tips will apply to other areas of travel as well. Let’s take a look at what to do if you happen to have been in a car accident when traveling in Texas.


Social Media Guidance

First and foremost, throughout this entire process, avoid social media like the plague. Something as simple as sharing a beach photo or liking your sister’s photo of her kid graduating can be interpreted by law enforcement, legal teams, or insurance companies as you not being as injured or put out by the accident as you claim you are. Unless you’re specifically instructed by a qualified lawyer, put all your social media activity on hold until you’re done with the ramifications of your accident.


Speak To A Lawyer Before You Speak To Insurance Companies

One of the biggest benefits a lawyer can offer you post-accident is a breakdown of all your options. All too often, insurance companies are looking to spend as little as possible, even if that means your best interests suffer. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to make people feel like there’s only one course of action when there are actually multiple options before them. By speaking to a lawyer, you’ll have a better sense of what routes are available and how each of them could suit you. Don’t sign anything with insurance without speaking to a lawyer first.


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Foreseeing Complications And Expenses

If you’re working with a lawyer who specializes in car accidents, you’re working with someone who has seen many car accidents and their impacts over many years. It might be difficult for you to anticipate the future costs of your accident. Sure, you can probably figure out what car repairs (or replacements) are going to cost. You can probably also figure out how much more your insurance is going to be in the future. What is trickier is calculating future lost income from lack of promotions or mobility in your chosen career due to lack of physical capabilities or consistent missed days for physiotherapy. You might not be able to understand how much a long-term injury is going to cost you in medical bills and additional expenses like hiring help around the house. You might find yourself struggling to meet obligations you used to have no issue with. You might also find yourself in need of mental health support. Car accidents are the number one cause of PTSD in America. Speaking to a lawyer can help you understand what potential expenses lay in your future. Not only can this help you better financially plan, but it can also help you know what to ask for when dealing with compensation.


Share The Load Of Work

Legal proceedings are taxing. They’re stressful and strict, requiring long hours, intense paperwork, and the constant urge to “be on.” If you’re working with a lawyer, someone is sharing this burden with you. Taking time to rest and recover is vital post-accident if you have happened to be traveling in Texas. If you have someone to help you understand the deadlines that are approaching and the priority of tasks before you, you will have an easier time giving yourself this rest.


In particular, legal situations can be anxiety-inducing. If you’re someone who has difficulty staying calm or avoiding worries, it’s really important that you find support both in the legal sense and in the emotional sense. Even something like testifying in court as an innocent bystander can leave a person feeling attacked, misjudged, and stressed. Things get even more emotional when you were involved in the incident yourself. You might find the other party’s lawyer feels aggressive and knows exactly what to say to leave you confused or saying the opposite of what you mean. You might discover that the insurance companies you’re working with have staff who know how to talk circles around you, somehow never letting you make your point. A lawyer can advocate for you in these stressful situations and is trained in handling these kinds of tactics.

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Understand The Local Standards

Of course, if you’re traveling, you might not be familiar with the legal standards related to car accidents. Professionals from Richmond, TX car accident law firms explain that Texas is a fault state. This means that whoever is found liable (at fault) in the accident is financially responsible for a given accident when traveling in Texas.


Establishing Liability

With the above point being made, liability is a difficult thing to prove. It’s not impossible that injuries were caused by distracted driving, poorly maintained infrastructure, or defective products rather than drivers themselves. An experienced lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to prove liability in your particular accident. Working with a local Texan lawyer can be really beneficial in this regard, as they know what types of evidence are generally well regarded by the local authorities.


Assistance With The Timeline

Many places have limitations regarding the timeline when it comes to filing for claims. In Texas, for instance, you have two years to file a claim after an accident. If you wait longer than that, your case will likely be dismissed and no compensation offered. Beyond this broader limitation, many aspects of the legal process are strictly ordered. Each part needs to be completed properly within the appointed time frame, or you might get stuck having to start the whole process over again from the beginning. A lawyer can help guide you through this process, letting you know exactly what needs to be done at what times and helping you gather the information you need to complete steps in a timely manner.


The above information should have outlined a few ways that a legal professional can help you out if you’ve been in a car accident while traveling. Of course, every case is different, as every context surrounding an accident is different. This means that an attorney might speak to you about things not on this list. It’s a good idea to seriously consider everything your lawyer says. It’s okay to change lawyers if you find a particular dynamic isn’t working, but it’s not okay to deal with this situation without legal support. It’s far too easy to get caught up in a situation that you don’t fully understand and lose out on compensation or other positive outcomes as a result. We wish you all the safest time when you are traveling in Texas.



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