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10 Things To Do in Los Cabos

If you’re planning a fun-filled vacation, let’s look at the best things to do in Los Cabos. Also known as ‘Land’s End’ for being located at the tip of the southern Baja California Península, Los Cabos offers a diverse landscape of contrast, from spectacular seas, to desert and mountains. It is comprised of two locations, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo; which are connected by a 20 mile corridor lined with world-class resort properties and providing plenty to see and do. All of our links lead to our friends at TripAdvisor, when you click on an affiliate link and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. In a paradise where the Sea of Cortés meets the Pacific Ocean, let’s look at some exhilarating tourist attractions and the top 10 things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico.


10. Luxury Sailing and Snorkeling Cruise in Cabo San Lucas

Explore the enchanting waters of the Pacific Ocean with a VIP experience to remember aboard a luxury catamaran. Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures offers a personalized approach that brings you closer to the water, so you can see and swim Baja’s southern point from new perspectives. Admire views of Cabo’s coastline, including breathtaking sights such as Lovers Beach. You’ll also get the opportunity to dive and snorkel with schools of tropical fish below the famous arch rock formation at Land’s End. After snorkeling, hop back on the boat and enjoy a fresh lunch and an open bar as your guides will fill you in on Cabo’s history and ecosystem information.

fun things to do in los cabos mexico luxury sailing and snorkeling cruise in cabo san lucas


9. Outdoor Ziplining Adventure from Los Cabos

Attention adventure seekers! If kicking back at the beach is just too tame for you – zooming through the air and driving a powerful ATV on off-road trails will offer opportunities to get your blood pumping instead. Featuring the ‘Superman’, the longest and fastest line in Mexico, Cabo Adventures creates one of the most magical places to experience zip lining. Rappel from sheer rock walls, brave the commando bridge, zip through extreme canopies tandem and upside down before swinging high over the canyon on the “Pendulum!” The fun doesn’t end there folks! Prepare to get dusty as you off-road on your very own Polaris UTV, turning and weaving through a specially designed course built for maximum excitement.

los cabos mexico top things to do outdoor ziplining adventure fromlos cabos


8. Pacific Horseback Riding Tour in Cabo San Lucas

Saddle up and trot along the Baja California coastline and white sand beaches on this guided horseback riding journey from Carisuva. Board a minivan and make your way to a horse ranch where you will get an orientation from a rancher and be assigned a horse. Hop on your trusty stead and make your way along the Pacific Coast where you’ll ride with your horse then marvel at pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs. Stop to capture photographs of 20-foot high cacti and exotic desert flora, and absorb panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from a lookout point. Your well trained guide will provide you with some refreshing water and ensure your comfort and safety during this unforgettable experience.

los cabos mexico best things to do pacific horseback riding tour in cabo san lucas


7. Cabo San Lucas – Beach and Desert 4×4 ATV Tour

Want to experience Mexico like the locals do? Then grab your travel buddy, get revved up and ready to go with an off-road ATV ride from G-Force Adventures. There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and taking in the sights and sounds from the driver’s seat. This exclusive route explores Los Cabos’ beaches, sand dunes, desert landscapes, mountains, and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. With diverse terrain and a lot of ground to cover, you’ll travel through the Baja Desert where you’ll see over 50 different kinds of cactus, many of them endemic of the Baja Peninsula, where you can spot many different kinds of wildlife like the famous road runner, foxes and deer.

los cabos mexico best things to do cabo san lucas beach and desert 4x4 atv tour


6. Parasailing Tour in Los Cabos

Up, up, and away! Join the fun of parasailing over Cabo’s signature blue waters with Baja’s Watersports, and experience a feeling of exhilaration just as the parachute fills with air. Their boat has a platform specially designed for takeoff and landing. You’ll notice the beautiful contrast of the deep blue sea meets the desert. See the astonishing rock formations, including the famous Arch. Fly over Cabo San Lucas Bay and take in the natural beauty of Los Cabos. You will pass by Lover’s Beach, Pelican’s Beach, El Medano Beach, cruise ships and several beachfront resorts. Your parasailing time is about 10 minutes and is a must for adventure seekers.

los cabos mexico top things to do parasailing tour in los cabos


5. Sunset Dinner Cruise in Cabo San Lucas

Set sail on a one-of-a-kind tropical sunset cruise to experience a spectacular Pacific sunset. Hop aboard the Sun Rider 100, it’s a luxurious 100 feet double deck catamaran boat from Sunrider Adventure Tours. You’ll soon head out to Land’s End on the Sea of Cortez. Boasting an incredible 360° viewing deck, you’ll see prominent landmarks including Lover’s Beach, Pelican Rock, the iconic Arch and Neptune’s Finger, as well as a sea lion colony. Take in the warm glow of the sunset and Mexican coastline as you sip drinks from an open bar and enjoy a delicious Mexican buffet. An on-board photographer is available to capture these breathtaking moments.

fun things to do in los cabos mexico sunset dinner cruise in cabo san lucas


4. Camel Baja Outback Adventure from Los Cabos

Set out on a voyage of unique proportions as you journey through the Cabo countryside atop a friendly camel from Cabo Adventures. It’s an ideal opportunity to spend family time together. Stop by the ranch of Tierra Sagrada, get introduced to your camel by name before hopping on the hump and setting off to explore. You’ll discover the natural wonders and rich Baja Californian culture of the region from expert guides. Add to that, a guided nature walk and tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas, making tortillas, and tucking into a traditional Mexican lunch – and you’ve got a tour to remember.

los cabos mexico best things to do camel baja outback adventure from los cabos

3. Waverunner Adventure in Los Cabos

Splash zone ahead! Amp up your adrenaline and feel the sensation of speed in a waverunner. Baja’s Watersports will take you from Medano Beach to the wave runner area in the Sea of Cortes. You will see some of the most beautiful spots that Cabo San Lucas Bay has to offer. And getting there is half the fun. Choose to ride solo or with a partner as you race through the Sea of Cortez along with your well-trained guide. Receive a brief orientation about safety and equipment operation. Spot some of the well-known natural landmarks of Los Cabos such as the famous Arch at Lands End, Lover’s Beach, Pelican Rock. Spot marine wildlife like Dolphins, Turtles, Gray Whales, Sea Lions and multiple species of fish. Upon your return, take in incredible views of the beachfront resorts across the shore and cruise ships visiting the bay. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience. It’s a great way to create family memories that will last forever.

los cabos mexico top things to do waverunner adventure in los cabos


2. Pirate Ship Snorkel and Lunch Cruise in Los Cabos

She is the star of the sea. This iconic boat featured in the 1995 film ‘Cutthroat island’ starring actress Geena Davis, The Buccaneer Queen is as fleet as the wind and as graceful as a swan. Families looking for a creative spin on standard boat cruises will enjoy this adventurous pirate-themed journey out on the crystal-clear open waters aboard a vintage ship from Cabo San Lucas to Chileno Bay. Glide by famous scenery, such as the famous Arch, as the crew keep you entertained with games and competitions. You won’t be forced to walk the plank, but you will get the opportunity to snorkel and explore at colorful marine life or experience paddleboarding for the ultimate day on water. Cap your exciting day off with a savory lunch spread and take advantage of the open bar as you make your way back to the marina.

los cabos mexico fun things to do pirate ship snorkel and lunch cruise in los cabos


1. Whale-Shark Snorkeling Excursion to La Paz

What could be more exhilarating than a swim near the natural habitat of whale sharks? Cabo Trek will guide you to see these gentle giants of the sea, during a nine hour excursion from Cabo San Lucas. This amazing educational journey is led by a team of marine biologists as you sail on a fully equipped and comfortable 32 foot Super Pangas. Travel to La Paz and experience the unique opportunity to see these massive underwater creatures close-up in the wild. The trek biologist guide will also enlist the help of professional grade hydrophones to see if the whales are communicating or “singing” below the surface. You will also get the chance to dive in with snorkeling gear and see for yourself how beautiful these creatures truly are. Food and drink are included on this expedition. What makes this tour so amazing is that it offers a great occasion to explore new whale watching sites with fewer people and boats around.

los cabos mexico fun things to do whale shark snorkeling excursion to la paz



Best Online Travel Deals hopes you enjoyed our list of tourism ideas and travel tips. We have plenty cheap and affordable activity options with our list of the top things to do in Los Cabos where you can enjoy your vacation to the max.



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