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10 Things to do in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Learn more about the best things to do in La Romana, Dominican Republic. We’ll not only list the best vacation ideas and exciting activities but provide you with an extraordinary list of fun things to do while visiting this picturesque island. This fascinating tourist getaway includes everything from pristine beaches and enchanting waters, to welcoming natives and a wealth of cultural influences and historical architecture. When you click on an affiliate link of ours and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Make memories that last a lifetime as we take a look at some of the things to do in La Romana.



10. La Romana City Tour

Would you like to find out more about the culture of the Dominican Republic? With an informative tour from Coming2 Destination Management, you will get to visit the historical town of Altos de Chavon. You will be picked up very early in the morning in an air-conditioned bus which will take you to one of the most iconic tourist complexes on the island. If you did not know, Altos de Chavon is a re-creation of a Mediterranean-style European village and it is the most popular attraction in La Romana. It is home to an archeological museum, cultural center, amphitheater and magnificent architecture, in addition to providing breathtaking views of the Chavon River. Once there, you will have the opportunity to walk around the cobbled streets and experience all the captivating sites and shops all around you. Next, board the bus as you will then visit a chocolate factory and one of the most regarded tobacco factories on the island. What makes the tobacco factory so special is the fact that they produce a wide range of cigars by hand. Wrap up an extraordinary day as they take you to a location with a panoramic view of La Romana village, perfect for taking photos. You can also get some time to shop in the local craft stores then you will be transported back to your hotel.

cheap things to do in la romana caribbean la romana historical city tour


9. Full-Day City Tour of Santo Domingo

One of the Caribbean’s oldest cities, the capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. With a full-day tour from Coming2 Destination Management, you will get to see this historical area from a better perspective. Not only can you get picked up at your hotel, but return service will be available as well. Feel right at home in an air-conditioned vehicle as it embarks you on your journey. The first stop is Panteón Nacional, where the remains of celebrated Venezuelans are housed, while the walls and ceilings display many battle scenes and statues. Next, a visit to the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor. With construction starting in 1514 and offering Gothic architecture-style, it is the longest still-standing cathedral in the Americas. After that, you will pay a visit to Alcázar de Colón. Built by the son of Christopher Columbus in 1510, this restored building played host to the Columbus family and is one of the first structures built on the island. Finally, a must-see stop to the Museum of the Royal Houses which is a 16th -century building which is located in the heart of the Ciudad Colonial and contains several artifacts and other historical exhibits. It’s good to know, with your purchase, you will receive complimentary admission to all the locations, in addition to a buffet lunch and bottled water.

top things to do in la romana dominican republic full-day city tour of santo domingo


8. PADI Open Water Diver Course

If you’re getting set to go scuba diving in the Dominican Republic, prepare to be amazed by an extraordinary experience by  Coral Point Diving. They are the only PADI Career Development Center (PADI CDC) and one of the largest trainers of scuba divers on the island. Ideal for both new and experienced divers, it makes a fabulous choice with our look at the best things to do in La Romana. Don’t miss out on a single minute of adventure as you will be picked up and then returned to your hotel. Professional instructors will assist in helping you become a PADI-certified scuba diver in just three days with this scuba certification course. Under the close supervision of this professional guide, you will be able to complete your PADI Open Water Diver certification. This course includes all educational materials, and equipment, along with a certification fee. It all starts with a plunge on their outdoor pool as you begin instruction, once done, you will proceed to a boat to a dive site. The safety of the staff and visitors will be the main priority as you will reach depths of 60 feet at times. You will be able to visit four open water dives which consist of dazzling reef systems, dramatic walls, colorful creatures and plenty of shipwrecks. Show some devotion to the ocean, as you will find heaven on earth with this underwater expedition.

top things to do in la romana padi open water diver course underwater expedition


7. Country Adventure

Climb aboard a safari truck from NexusTours and get ready for an awe-inspiring trip off the beaten path to discover the real Dominican Republic. Along the way, a professional guide will provide you with valuable information about the culture and history of this incredible island. The first stop will be at Dominicana Rai, it’s a shopping area that features very unique gifts, jewelry and souvenirs. While there you will stop by a local school and a home of a local family, where you will be greeted with authentic Dominican hospitality. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the cultivation of different products of the region including the likes of tropical fruits, rums and sugarcane. The two most famous products of the country, you will have the chance to experience coffee and chocolate at their very best on this part of the tour. Next, you will stop by a scenic ranch which boats spectacular views and then enjoy lunch. At that point, you will journey to see the stunning white sands and clear waters of Macao Beach. Stake out your spot in the sand and enjoy the signature sunshine and perhaps a swim in the sea. At that point, you will make your way home after four hours of precious memories. Hotel pick-up and drop-off are included, as well as complimentary coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

country adventure tourist attraction tour


6. Shore Excursion: Viva Wyndham Resort For The Day With Unlimited Food & Drinks

Join in on the all-inclusive revolution at Viva Wyndham Resort in La Romana with a package deal from My Holidays Online. If you’re a family staying in a cheap or budget-friendly stay or looking to spend your day ashore from your cruise while in La Romana, this unlimited deal just may peak your interest! Spend a day of full luxury while at this upscale hotel where you can receive full use of all its amazing facilities, as well as unlimited food and drink. With no transportation available, you will have to make your  way to this destination where you can receive many of its perks. Relax beachside while taking in the astonishing views or cause a commotion in the ocean with complimentary water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and introductory dive lessons. Plus, you can splash, swim and sip the day away at five replenishing pools. If you’re more of a land dweller, land activities such as trapeze, archery and volleyball, in addition to a competitive match of tennis with a partner. Plus, your little ones will have access to the children’s program which provides supervised fun and activities. Receive unlimited access to the poolside grills and buffet restaurant. Plus, limitless libations will be readily available including local tap beer, fine wine, frozen drinks and tempting tropical cocktails.

shore excursion viva wyndham resort all-inclusive tourist spot


5. Full-Day Catalina Island Scuba Diving Tour

Experience an unforgettable underwater world off the coast of the Dominican Republic with a spectacular scuba diving expedition from Passion Paradise Adventures. Whether you are an experienced diver or new to the field, you will get to discover two magnificent underwater dive sites on Catalina Island. Receive complimentary pick-up at your hotel as you receive transportation to its marina to board the boat. The experienced dive team will be available if you require any assistance to prepare for your dive. You will then set course for the east side of the island while enjoying refreshing drinks, motivational music and outstanding views as you make your way to a well-known location called “The Wall.” Once there, you can enjoy under an hour of diving where you can descend to see a colorful variety of marine and coral life. Next, you will make your way via speed boat to the western side of the island as you encounter an area called “The Aquarium.” It provides the perfect chance to see additional sea life and coral formations, as well as an opportunity to relax on the picturesque beach. While there, enjoy  alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, as well as a tasty lunch. Afterward, be prepared to make your mission back to the marina, full of adventures to talk about in future days.

full-day catalina island scuba diving tour


4. Monkeyland and Plantation Safari 

Searching for some monkeying around? You’ll go (monkey) nuts over these guys with this fun-filled day with Runners Adventures. This very unique countryside experience makes a great option for families, nature lovers and first-time visitors of the island. Be ready to board a safari-style truck, which will include an experienced guide to give you all the best tips. Plus, you will get to make stops at local cacao and organic coffee plantations while en route then visit a typical house to see how the natives live. Surrounded by a colorful botanical garden on five stunning acres, a visit to Monkeyland will be like no other. The littlest member of your tribe will just love to monkey with the monkeys! This natural jungle habitat is home to squirrel monkeys which are mostly found in both the tropical rain and dry forests of South America. Best of all, all if you will get to interact with these lovable monkeys as they pose for pictures and jump on top of you. While there, be sure to check out the gorgeous botanical garden of native flora. Stroll through the colorful garden as it includes plant life that native to the island from tropical flowers to medicinal plants and fruit trees. It’s good to know that hotel pick-up and drop-off will also be included, along with free entry to each tourist destination. A must-do for any nature or animal lover!

top things to do in la romana dominican republic monkeyland and plantation safari animal tour


3. Zipline Adventure 

Gain a new perspective of the Dominican Republic from new heights by way of the skies on a zip line adventure from Runners Adventures. You will receive a convenient pick-up and drop-off at your local hotel for this 5-hour escape. Before you begin,  expert canopy guides will give you a safety briefing and will train you all you need to know about the thrilling ride, as well as the equipment, which is all included. Featuring one of the longest lines in the Caribbean, this heart-pounding excursion includes courses with 18 platforms and 12 lines to choose from across a tropical mountain range that is full of hidden treasures. As they focus on your complete safety, you will be attached to your climbing gear to the double line cables. As you take off, you will sway across distances as you’re suspended up to 2700 feet in mid-air on Anamuya Mountain. Soar like a bird as you experience an unrivaled frenzy gliding skin deep across lush jungle vegetation. This tour will leave you utterly speechless as you ask yourself “are you up to the challenge of flying from one platform to another?” It’s good to know that bottled water and soft drinks along with fresh fruits will be available. It’s truly the only zipline of its kind in the Dominican Republic!

top things to do in la romana dominican republic zipline adventure park bucketlist idea


2. Full-Day Catalina Island Snorkeling Tour

Enjoy a memorable afternoon of sailing, sunbathing and snorkeling with a journey from Passion Paradise Adventures. You will have the unique opportunity to snorkel the most spectacular underwater ecosystem on the neighboring Catalina Island. Not only is a convenient hotel pick-up available, but a drop-off as well. Once at their marina, the PADI certified dive team will go through overall health and safety procedures during the briefing then assist in finding you the right equipment. Accompanied by refreshments and music, board the catamaran boat as it sets the course for the east side of the island. Once you arrive, you will visit a snorkel site known as “The Wall” where you will have about an hour of snorkeling time. Be prepared to see a wide array of colorful coral and abundant sea life. Next, you will head to the east side of the island where you will be taken by a speed boat. Rest and relax beachside while sipping on a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments or opt-in for more snorkeling. Afterward, a complimentary Dominican BBQ lunch will be ready for you then take on some traditional salsa classes and merengue dancing, followed by party games. At the end of a long day, you will get transported back to the marina full of memorable moments.

best things to do in la romana dominican republic full-day catalina island snorkeling tour


1. Day Trip To Saona Island and Altos de Chavon

What’s better than getting two tours in one? That’s exactly what you’ll get with an ocean excursion from Caribbean Route. First, you can get picked up at any hotel in La Romana. Then you can make your way to the town of Altos de Chavón. It offers a stunning replica of a Mediterranean-style European village including stone handcrafted pathways, furniture and enchanting buildings. Here you can take the time to admire the work of talented artisans from the Dominican Republic who crafted this legendary village in fine detail. Once done, you will then board a catamaran and sail to Saona Island which is a government-protected reserve on the southeast tip of the Dominican Republic. This iconic island is famous for the natural beauty of its beaches and has played host to several commercials and movies. This is the perfect opportunity to relax on the white sand beach and top up your tan, or even opt for a swim. Afterward, a complimentary BBQ buffet lunch will be arranged with traditional Dominican flavors. After a bit of relaxation, enjoy a BBQ buffet lunch with the typical Dominican flavors, in addition to an open bar with a nice range of local drinks. Afterward, savor the remaining minutes on the beautiful island as you will then be returned to land by speed boat.

day trip to saona island and altos de chavon day trip to saona island and altos de chavon


Best Online Travel Deals hopes we’ve assisted you with these terrific tourism travel tips, what to do and some affordable things to do in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Perhaps you’ll even check something off your bucket list!




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