best things to do in kittian village frigate bay

10 Things To Do in Kittian Village and Frigate Bay

Are you looking for the best things to do in Kittian Village and Frigate Bay North? You have to check out some of our vacation ideas and travel tips. With rolling hills giving you spectacular 360° views, shimmering aqua-blue waters lapping both sides of a peninsula with gorgeous white-sand beaches, Kittian Village and its surroundings offers terrific experiences that should be on every traveler’s list. When you click on an affiliate link below and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Here’s what you need to see and do for a memorable trip with our list of the top things to do in Kittian Village and Frigate Bay.


10. The Brimstone Hill Fortress Hike

Here’s a great idea for family and kids: Go on an expedition with Gibraltar Tours and Taxi Service and take a hike to a well-preserved fortress on a hill on the island. It’s considered one of the best preserved forts of the era in the Caribbean, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s considered a monument to the ingenuity of the British military engineers. Stroll the surrounding grounds then tour through the fort’s interior. If you climb to its top slopes on a clear day, you can see up to six other islands in the distance. The Brimstone Hill Fortress is definitely worth a tour, and worth taking a few hours out of your relaxing St. Kitts holiday to check it out.

kittian village frigate bay fun things to do brimstone hill fortress hike


9. Sir Ian Open Safari Tours and Beach

How does an exciting day tour of St. Kitts aboard an open air truck safari sound? The folks at Ian Clarke will offer just that, along with beautiful scenery and learning out the island’s rich history along the way. Get to see popular attractions like Caribelle Batik on the Romney Manor Estate and marvel at the lush green grounds of the former tobacco and sugar estate. Timothy Hill Overlook allows you view both the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans at the same time. Stop to see the well-preserved fortress at Brimstone Hill, historic Independence Square and get into the middle of it all at The Circus, the hub of the capital city of Basseterre. Throughout your experience, enjoy complimentary drinks and share a few smiles.

kittian village frigate bay best things to do sir ian open safari tours and beach


8. Private Power Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Experience

How better to explore the beautiful waters of St. Kitts other than aboard a private power catamaran from Blue Water Safaris? Board the Moko Jumbie and take to the sea while enjoying the open bar as you cruise up the tropical coastline. Speed out and discover all the best snorkeling spots near St. Christopher Club. Don your equipment and dive in to explore the underwater world full of coral and marine life. You’ll get to explore nearby islands and see the best of local beaches like Pinney’s Beach.

kittian village frigate bay fun things to do private power catamaran snorkel and beach experience

7. Ultimate Rum Runners Tour of Basseterre

Join Annie’s Caribbean Tours and Excursions on a fun and informative cocktail tour with other drinking enthusiasts. This 5 rum stop tour starts it’s party in Basseterre, Cheers Bar in Port Zante that mixes signature drinks such as the Tipsy Pelican and the Coco Loco. Then mix and mingle with locals at Tony’s Bar in the village. Get to see some landmarks like the Governor’s House, the airport, an old sugar plantation as you make your way towards the iconic Southern Peninsular. Bask in spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea as you try the signature Holy Ghost rum drink. Wrap up this festive tour at Vibes Beach Bar. It’s a favorite for locals and visitors alike. It’s a top pick for our list of fun things to do in Kittian Village if you like to bar hop and meet new people.

best things to do in kittian village frigate bay half island tour of st kitts ultimate rum runners tour of basseterre


6. St. Kitts Mini Speedboat Snorkel Adventure

Safe and loads of family fun! Get an adrenaline rush on the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of St. Kitts on an exhilarating mini-speedboat ride from Blue Water Safaris. You’ll receive instructions and a safety demonstration from your guide before climbing aboard a two person mini-dinghy. When completed, take to the waves and skim over the water with ease to explore the island’s cove-dotted southeast peninsula. Zoom out to a secluded southeast peninsula of the island, where you’ll get the opportunity to snorkel. Slip on provided gear and dive in, getting an eyeful of the underwater world inhabited by native marine life. You may stop by a secluded beach that is inaccessible by land or by larger boats before zipping back to Frigate Bay for some refreshments.

kittian village frigate bay top things to do st kitts mini speedboat snorkel adventure


5. Half-Island Tour of St Kitts

St. Kitts is an island of a thousand treasures, offering many sites to see and explore. With a half-island tour from Annie’s Caribbean Tours and Excursions, you’ll get to see all this exotic location offers in this short and sweet tour. Get to see this The island’s capital city of Basseterre that features fine French architecture, Independence Square, Wingfield Estate, War Memorial and historical churches. Wander through the botanical gardens at Romney Manor then journey to Timothy Hill Overlook which offers 360-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Friar’s and Frigate Bays and the island of Nevis. You also will get to see ruins of an 18th-century sugar plantation and stop by the South-East Peninsular, it’s where the Atlantic and Caribbean waters meet.

best things to do in kittian village frigit by half island tour of st kitts


4. St. Kitts Off Road ATV Adventure

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and taking in the sights and sounds from the driver’s seat of an ATV. That’s exactly what you’ll get and more with a land activity adventure from Kantours. An experienced guide will lead you on a thrilling ride through cane fields and down country dirt tracks and up scenic slopes. With diverse terrain and a lot of ground to cover, zipping from one place to the next is the perfect way to maximize your time on the island and take in all the best local hot spots and sightseeing. Your tour ends with a cool drink at the Fairview Great House, which is filled with exotic plant species and nestled at the foot of Olivees Mountain.

kittian village frigate bay fun things to do st kitts off road atv adventure


3. St. Kitts Snuba Sea Adventure

Experience the thrill of scuba with the ease of snorkeling while you snuba in St. Kitts with Kantours. Just relax and enjoy the fun of breathing underwater without the heavy equipment. While on your way to the dive sight, get to see popular tourist sites like Frigate Bay, Royal St. Kitts Golf Course, and Timothy Hill, which features the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the serene Caribbean Sea on the other. Once you hit your destination site at South Friars Beach, you’ll receive a short orientation then it’s time to hit the waters. Swim as deep as 20 feet in the seas “life-zone” for an up-close look at the diverse and colorful sea life in St. Kitts crystal clear waters. After your awesome underwater experience, gear down then chill by the bar with a drink of your choice, have a bite from the beach bar menu.

kittian village frigate bay fun things to do st kitts snuba sea adventure


2. Kayak and Snorkel Adventure of St. Kitts

You’ll get the best of both worlds with an excursion from Blue Water Safaris. Hop aboard a minivan for a scenic drive along the Peninsula to South Friars Bay. Once your have arrived, a tourism guide will give you a short briefing. Once completed, it’s time to gear up and jump in a two person kayak. You’ll get to paddle along an undeveloped coastline, all while at your own pace. You’ll make your way to a secluded cove where you can snorkel and explore the underwater. Expect to see vibrant life here, ranging from fan coral, starfish, sea urchins and perhaps a sea turtle. You will then complete your journey and head back to Frigate Bay Beach, where you will be greeted with refreshment of local seasonal fruits and juices as you relax on the beach.

kittian village frigate bay fun things to do kayak and snorkel adventure of st kitts


1. St. Kitts Full Day Catamaran to Nevis

Making it to the top of our list of things to do in Kittian Village is an awesome catamaran experience. Cruise the calm waters of the Caribbean, hop aboard a catamaran to Nevis on this all-day cruise from Blue Water Safaris. Starting from Port Zante Marina, adjacent to the Cruise Pier, board this state-of-the-art catamaran and sail down the spectacular South-east Peninsula of St. Kitts. During your route, enjoy cocktails at the open bar as trade winds keep your course steady to Shitten Bay. At anchor, don on supplied snorkel gear and dive into the crystal clear waters to explore and observe local marine life. Cap this exciting day off with a stop to the picture-perfect Pinney’s Beach where you can explore the tropical surroundings or stop by a beach snack shack for a cold one.
kittian village frigate bay best things to do st kitts full day catamaran to nevis


Best Online Travel Deals hopes you enjoyed our list of cheap and affordable tourist attractions in St Kitts. Make it a memorable vacation with these top things to do in Kittian Village and Frigate Bay North.



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