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How to Get a Good Deal When Renting a Yacht

Considering renting a yacht? If you are thinking of experiencing the luxury of sailing the seas, you can consider getting a yacht charter. A luxury boat has everything you need, and it can serve as a home away from home. However, there are certain things you should know about chartering a boat for a special occasion or vacation. In this article, we explain the measures you can take to get a good deal when renting a yacht.


Type of Yacht

Foremost, you should know that the cost of renting a motorboat is determined by different factors. The major determinant of cost is the yacht, especially the design, size, and age. Factors like guest capacity, number of cabins, and design affect the price of renting luxury boats. There are different types of yachts meant for sailing, sportfishing, motor, expedition yachts and catamarans, and classic boats. Motor boats are slightly expensive but also the most popular.


Book Early

Similar to airlines and hotels, charter companies offer discounts for early bookings. To get the best deal, you should constantly check the service providers’ websites and newsletters for deals like early booking discounts. You can also be lucky to get a last-minute discount, especially if you are not concerned about the destination.


When the charter companies experience cancellations, they may offer promotional rates. If there is surplus inventory during a particular time of the year, the service providers may offer discounts. You can also save money if you are offered a long-term discount if you book the boat for over three weeks. If you are a returning client, you can even get a loyalty discount.


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Choose a Reputable Yacht Rental Service

If you want to host your event on a luxurious vessel, it is vital to choose a reputable company that provides customized services to clients. If you live in San Francisco, you need to look for a professional company that offers services designed to suit your needs. If you are looking forward to having an outstanding on-water event where you can enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco, you need to hire an expansive vessel that can accommodate more than 50 people. You can enjoy a premier experience by choosing the best yacht rental SF to have unforgettable memories of your adventure.


Rent a Boat During Off-Season

Renting a boat during peak season allows you to enjoy optimal weather and other benefits. However, if you rent a yacht during the off-season, you can save money on charter services by up to 50%. Do your research to get the best deal that gives you discounts. In other places, you can enjoy sailing throughout the year whereas the weather conditions in other places vary depending on the seasons.


When you research the available off-season options, make sure you check factors like monthly average temperature, wind speeds, and precipitation in your preferred destination before booking. Heavy winds and precipitation are not exactly good for a vacation. However, you can get favorable prices if you rent a boat during this period.


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Boat Sharing

Another method to get a favorable deal when you rent a yacht is to share with friends. Boat sharing is common among young couples, and it also offers advantages like price discounts. Additionally, check if the sailboat is equipped with onboard cooking facilities so you can prepare your favorite dish away from home. You can make a big difference in your budget if you prepare your meals. Homemade meals can be five times cheaper than meals in a restaurant.


Buy Owner’s Time

If you want to find a cheap yacht charter, try to search for the owner and buy their time when they are not using the boat. Charter companies do not own boats since they mainly act as intermediaries. The owner gets paid by the company for every rental. However, boat owners usually use them for 8 and 12 weeks for themselves.


If you identify a boat owner who cannot use it during their reserved time, you can rent out their boat. You can save money since you will get a discount. Online reviews can also help you evaluate the services offered by different providers. This will give you insight into what other customers think about other yacht rental services.


Renting a yacht allows you to enjoy your vacation in style by sailing on refreshing waters in your preferred destination. However, to enjoy the experience to the fullest, you need to get the best deal when chartering a boat. These tips outlined above can go a long way in helping you choose an ideal service provider. Best Online Travel Deals sincerely hopes that we’ve assisted you with plenty of travel tips and tourism ideas for boating and cruising. Sail La Vie!


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