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10 Rarest Countries in the World to Travel

In search of some of the rarest countries in the world to travel? Join us for the ride as we take an extraordinary look at some great vacation ideas and tips for your next trip abroad. Since the world began to globalize, it has become increasingly easier to discover regions of the globe that would otherwise be inaccessible to travelers. These are countries that are highly distinct from each other due to political, cultural, economic and resource disparities. However, among hundreds of nations and countless possibilities, we’ll put a full focus on the World Rarest countries.


This article will list ten countries categorized as rare due to their customs, location, political condition or even incomprehensible legislation. If you are interested in conducting unusual tourism or if one of these quirks appeals to you, you may be shocked to find yourself booking plane tickets to your next peculiar destination after reading this article. With that all being said, here is our look at the most rarest countries in the world to travel.


1. Singapore

Singapore is a fascinating Southeast Asian country. With world-renowned attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands or its famed festivals throughout the year, with the New Year festival as its main attraction, it is quite popular with travelers from all over the world. This country offers a long history and high cultural values, in addition to being one of the world’s wealthiest and most orderly countries. Singapore is also a popular place for digital nomads and people with remote work. However, there is also a law reported to have been advocated in order to prevent foreigners from migrating to the country.


But it is here that the country’s peculiarities emerge, which not all visitors are aware of. Singapore’s laws are quite tough and stringent. It is illegal in this nation to chew gum, play music on the street, or sell cigarettes to anybody under the age of 21. It has also lately sparked heated debate when a law prohibiting sex between unmarried individuals was passed. This ruling also prohibits you from renting a hotel room with your partner if you are not legally married. So, if you plan to visit Singapore, it is recommended that you first read the country’s legislation to understand what is and is not permitted. Your vacation may end in a jail cell instead of a 5-star hotel.


rarest countries in the world singapore travel tips


2. Nauru

Nauru is the world’s second-smallest country, behind the Vatican, which will be discussed later. It is located in Oceania and has a population of about 10,000 people spread across 21 square kilometers. Because of its vast phosphate reserves, this country was formerly immensely wealthy and prosperous. However, mismanagement by the government and irresponsible resource exploitation by foreign firms plunged the country into a catastrophic ecological crisis that continues to this day.


The country’s uniqueness, though, resides in its population, which is 90% obese. This is owing to the occupants’ lack of room as well as some imported food heavy in saturated fats and carbohydrates. However, Nauru is a paradisiacal destination with magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water, on top of enormous corals and reefs. Making a prime pick for our rarest countries in the world to travel list, Nauru is also well-known for its tourist-friendly attitude and willingness to share its culture and traditions.


rarest countries in the world nauru tourism tips


3. Burundi

Burundi is the world’s second poorest country and is not a popular vacation spot. The country is beleaguered by political insecurity and extreme poverty. They have severe health, education, and basic needs issues, and 95% of their region is fully deforested. Burundi, on the other hand, is noted among African countries for having a particularly specific law. In Burundi, it is illegal to run in groups; instead, you must run alone, or you will be imprisoned with your colleagues. Additionally, Burundi has been listed as the unhappiest country in the world, reaching 156th place in the World Happiness Report 2018.


rarest countries in the world burundi vacation tips


4. Bhutan

If Burundi is the world’s most unlucky country, how about looking at the other end of the spectrum? Bhutan is ranked as the happiest country in the world, and its population is the only one that assesses the growth of its civilization based on the happiness of its constituents. Bhutan, on the other hand, is not an easy place to visit. The country works hard to preserve its traditions and way of life. As a result, tourism is quite limited. You can only visit the country on behalf of a travel agency, not on your own. The beauty of the place compensates for the difficulty of obtaining a visa to the country. Bhutan is also famous for its festivals and celebrations. Definitely a rare option but fascinating and extravagant at the same time.


rarest countries in the world burundi tourist tips


5. Cuba

Cuba is one of the most popular summer getaway and honeymoon locations for travelers. It is full of exclusive hotels and has industrialized one of the country’s few sources of revenue, tourism. Despite the fact that must-do travelers will want to visit the beautiful beaches of Varadero or the rich architecture of Havana, there are very few people that may be aware of the harsh conditions that the citizens of that country face, which are all very unique in the rest of the “free” world. Cuba operates following a communist model that was maintained under Fidel Castro’s presidency. Although some laws have been lifted, the country remains impoverished and destitute.


Some videos of Cubans living abroad have recently become popular on YouTube. The reactions are astounding. Because Cuba is anti-capitalist and does not allow imported goods or foreign investment in many sections of the country, Cubans go berserk when they see shops full of food. Also popular with visitors are the classic Ford Model-T which are ubiquitous on its streets, and is fondly referred to as the Fotingo. So, if your next escape is to Cuba, keep in mind that it is a country in a very tough economic situation, and it would be fantastic if you could use local products or be generous with tips since foreign money is quite helpful to the inhabitants.


rarest countries in the world cuba vacation ideas


6. North Korea

North Korea is governed by a military dictatorship, which has resulted in the country’s isolation and secrecy from the rest of the world. North Koreans have minimal access to what happens outside their borders, many human rights are abused, and civic rights and liberties are severely restricted. It is good to know that it is extremely difficult to obtain a tourist visa to North Korea, but the country’s sectarianism and curiosity about what lies within its boundaries have created a very unique form of tourism.


Today, many interested vacationers want to live out the full Korean experience, despite the fact that the tourism opportunities offer nothing special may be nothing more than a tourist walk. The country lacks a robust hotel infrastructure, and perhaps half of the hotels are closed or have no electricity. There is constant military observation, as recording or taking photos is illegal for much of the journey. For those who attempt to overcome security or decide to breach one of its regulations, they could face some serious jail time.


north korea travel ideas


7. Vatican City

Vatican City is considered the world’s smallest country. The truth is that it is a city-state, not a country. It denotes a city within Italian territory that is distinct from the rest of Italy. The legendary Lateran Treaty granted the Vatican independence from Italy in 1929. The Holy See of Rome is handed possession of the Vatican City by this agreement, giving it ultimate power over the territory.


This is all due to history and tradition. The Catholic Church was crucial to the history of Europe as a whole, and for a long time shared the power of kings. This is how the Pope was granted sovereign distinctions over time. These habits were preserved over time, and the Vatican is now a very distinct country, seen by many as a cultural and religious heritage for a substantial portion of the world’s population.


north vatican city tourism ideas


8. Omán

Another nice suggestion with our informative look at the best rarest countries in the world, Oman is located to the south of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is interesting to note that it is the least visited country in the Middle East region. It is also a very safe country with a well-functioning government and economy. Oman is also known for its many luxury and magnificent structures in the middle of the desert. It is peppered with numerous mosques, each more gorgeous than the last.


Specializing in luxury tourism for foreign visitors, Oman is well-known for its luxury campgrounds that are in the middle of the desert and its lengthy, calm beaches.  However, the positive response and widespread distribution on social media are making Oman an increasingly appealing destination for everyone, not only for desert magnates. This, it should not be ruled out that tour packages for this must-see destination are soon on the rise for the general public and will come with more affordable prices for visitors.


rarest countries in the world oman tourist ideas


9. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is an extremely wealthy country with abundant natural resources and oil deposits. It is the residence of renowned magnates and is notable for its enormous buildings and luxury facilities. In fact, downtown Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, well-know from its notable appearance in the motion picture “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.” This magnificent structure stands at a very frightening 2,717 feet and features 163 floors full of breathtaking scenery and panoramic views to experience firsthand.


However, many people may overlook the fact that the UAE is a strongly religious country that practices Islam. They follow a rigid code of life that governs everything from clothes to food. With regulations quite strict, it is illegal to hold hands in public, sing, drink alcohol or even dance. By some ridiculous law, all women’s faces must be covered with a Niqāb, as they do not have the same civil rights as males do. It is a very interesting society to learn about but at the same time strange and even shocking in the outdated traditions of some of its customs.


rarest countries in the world united arab emirates tourism tips


10. Turkmenistán

Turkmenistan is one of the most sparsely inhabited countries in Central Asia. It was formerly a vital location and a significant station on the Silk Road. However, the country has been ruled by autocratic politicians and a military administration since its independence. The nation is heavily condemned for its terrible human rights record and lack of liberties for its citizens. This is a country with no free press, no religious freedom, and horrible treatment of minorities. Turkmenistán should not be confused with Turkey, as it is its very own distinct country to the east, as Iran sits between the two.


turkmenistan tourist tips


Best Online Travel Deals hopes you have found these valuable tips insightful with this article on the rarest countries in the world to travel. And remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



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