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6 Places to Visit in Australia

Looking for the best places to visit in Australia? Well, it can be hard to figure out the right places to visit when you go to Australia because the country is so large, and you will likely only have a limited amount of time there. There are two territories and six states in the country, and each one offers unique attractions. There are a few that stand out from the rest.


Preparing for Your Trip

With so many places to visit in Australia, you will want to sit down and plan out your trip to figure out
which spots you most want to hit and in which order. You can use this information to determine your
budget for your trip. One way of expanding your budget is by taking out a personal loan to help cover
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places to visit in australia preparing for your trip


Karijini National Park

If you are looking for adventure, consider visiting Karijini National Park. This wilderness haven contains
plenty of natural beauty and is an excellent spot for outdoor activities like mountain biking or hiking.
You can even go swimming in Fern Pool. You can explore the canyons and gorges, which have unique,
swirling rock patterns. You might visit Dales Gorge, Hancock Gorge, or Weano Gorge.

places to visit in australia karijini national park


The Whitsunday Islands

If you are dreaming about an ideal island getaway, consider visiting the Whitsunday islands. They are off
the eastern part of Queensland, and there are over 70 islands to pick from. There you will find some of
the most stunning beaches in the world, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to view the marine life.
Many of the islands are uninhabited, but you can stay near Airlie Beach. This is the main place tourists
choose to stay, but you can also stay on Hamilton Island or Whitehaven Beach. There are some great
views on all these islands, and you can enjoy turquoise water, white sand, and plenty of palm trees.
There is also lots to do, as you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, or even reef diving. You can
also enjoy a helicopter ride over the reef itself, and you can book a boat to sail between the islands.

places to visit in australia whitsunday islands



Sydney’s unique architecture is what comes to many people’s minds when they think of Australia. It’s
one of the most popular destinations in the country, and there are many tourist attractions. While the
downtown is full of traffic and big buildings, like many other cities, the unique part of the city is near the
water. Landmarks, like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House are on many travelers’
bucket lists. You can take a bus to Bondi Beach or Bronte, or you can travel the ferry to Manly to enjoy
some more beaches. These are great swimming spots and can help you beat the heat if you want to
enjoy some sunbathing or refreshing water.

places to visit in australia sydney



If your vision of your trip includes white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters, you’ll want to go to
Esperance. It’s a town on the coast and contains plenty of beaches. You might go to Fourth Beach, West
Beach, or Blue Haven Beach. If you’re looking for something a bit more secluded, you could try Cape Le
Grand National Park, where you can find native wildlife and foliage. If you want to do something other
than laying on a beach, try the Recherche Archipelago, where you might get to see sea lions and seals.
Lake Hillier is a pink lake you might visit if you are looking for something unique.

places to visit in australia esperance


The Snowy Mountains

While there are plenty of beaches in the country, you don’t have to limit yourself to warm spots. The
Snowy Mountains are a great place if you want to try winter sports, which are not as well-known in the
country. These mountains stretch from the northern part of Victoria to the southern part of New South
Wales. There is wildlife and ski resorts, so you can enjoy some snowboarding or skiing on the tallest
mountains in the country. If you’re going during the summer, from December to February, you can enjoy
wildlife viewing, hiking, and other mountain sports. From June to August, there is plenty of fresh snow,
where you can enjoy winter sports.

snowy-mountains snowy mountains


Ningaloo Reef

You have probably heard of many of the Great Barrier Reef resorts but Ningaloo Reef is in the western
part of Australia and might be one of the best areas to visit if you’re looking to see sharks. These
creatures congregate in the reef area for feeding, and there are tours that give you a chance to snorkel
or swim near them. Of course, if you love marine life, the reef is a great place to visit. If swimming with
the marine life does not appeal to you, you might be able to book a glass-bottom boat tour so you can
view them from a safe distance.

ningaloo reef


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