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Nude Cruises; A First Timer’s Guide

Interested in nude cruises? Currently high in demand, go as bare as you dare by booking an exhilarating nudist cruise. Now, why is that? More and more travelers today are considering the option of naturist sailing to celebrate their freedoms and feel at ease with the shape of their naked bodies. In fact Forbes Magazine put out a recent article called “Nude Cruising Is The Sexy Way To Travel.” With a focus on warm weather climates, there are all types of tropical vacation experiences that are offered today by the cruise industry. The list is strong — with everything from families to foodies and singles to seniors, as well as packages for the LGBTQ community and much more. So why not for people that celebrate their au naturel lifestyle? As there has become an increasing popularity for people who want to travel in their birthday suit, cruise lines have had to pick up on this increased desire. When you click on an affiliate link of ours and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.


If you are considering going on a nudist or clothing-optional cruise, you have come to the right place. We will share all the information that you need to know for a successful nude cruise. Let’s get this party started!


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1. Not Necessary to Go Nude 

The main thing that you need to know when you go on one of these cruises is the fact that it is not always necessary for you to be naked. Some ships may also have a specific clothing-optional area as well for people that may not want to participate. However, you should always be prepared to see other guests without any clothes on. You will also have the option of easing into the process on your own accord until you feel comfortable. As long as you do not mind coming across people in the nude, you should have a great time as such cruises can be extremely fun and eye-opening.

nude cruises not necessary to go nude


2. Opportunity to Meet Like-Minded People 

Being a nudist is not easy, especially if you are part of a society where nudity may be frowned upon. This is where a clothing-optional or naked cruise does come in handy. It allows you to connect with new people who also enjoy being naked. If you want to meet like-minded people while in a serene environment, this type of cruise will be the perfect fit for you. It is also very easy to make friends when you are naked as you will soon find. It provides a special time where you and everyone else around you are laid-back, easy-going, and carefree. Plus, if there is anyone or any couple that you find interesting, you can always extend a hand for friendship.

nude cruises opportunity to meet like minded people

3. Clothing-Optional Etiquette 

Before you book a nude cruise, you should know more about the proper etiquette that needs to be followed. Yes, even nudists have rules! To create a judgement-free and comfortable atmosphere for everyone, there are certain rules that must be kept in mind which are mentioned below.


⦿ Take your time to feel comfortable with the surroundings around you. The best thing about clothing-optional cruises is the fact that you get to stay partially covered until you feel like you are comfortable with baring it all.


⦿ Please do not stare at people. As your mother might have taught you, gawking is never polite. Keep your eyes on anything but other naked human bodies. If you’re speaking to someone for the very first time, it would be very appropriate to look at them during your conversation.


⦿ Never ever take a picture of any passenger unless they consent to it. Some may even be a ham and be flattered if you ask.


⦿ It’s best to always carry a towel with you wherever you go. You may need it to sit on furniture or perhaps if an “accidental emergency” occurs.


⦿ When you are in port, requirements say that you must be dressed.


⦿ Excessive genital jewelry, fetish wear, and lingerie might not be appropriate on some cruises. So please check with your desired cruise and ask first.


⦿ Solicitation or sexual activity is also prohibited. However, you should feel free to get it on with a passenger in your room or their room. Being in this Au naturel state, some travelers may very well want to have the intercourse of their lives.


⦿ If you are on a dance floor, body contact is not permitted on some of these nude cruises, so be sure to ask or watch others. Mutual respect for every nudist passenger is the secret to having a great time.


⦿ Observe all the specific cruise rules that each ship suggests. There are certain areas of the cruise where you would need to be clothed such as the dining and captain areas.


⦿ For newbies, it’s a good idea to prepare a backup plan to leave the cruise when it is docked at the port if you do not feel comfortable with seeing other people naked.

nude cruises clothing-optional etiquette


4. Bare All Cruising

Social nudity is seen as an adventure by many people who celebrate freedom on nude cruises. It can be an exhilarating experience like none other. Being naked in front of others allows you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace a life of fun. Nude recreation has become immensely popular in the past few years. To be honest, people may be sick and tired of having to wear clothing all the time. A sense of liberation and an increase in confidence comes with taking off your clothes and not having to worry about others staring at your natural body. We have been told to cover our genitals for a long time. Therefore, a bare all cruise is just what you need to escape conformity and the norm. There may be times that the captain will instruct you to put your clothes on like when the ship nears a port. It’s also important to know that during some of your stops, you may have the opportunity to stop by a nude or topless-optional beach.

nude cruises bare all cruising


5. Comfortable in Your Own Skin

When you are naked and around thousands of other naked people on any of the nude cruises, you will learn to feel more comfortable in your own skin. There is just something about taking off all your clothes and letting your genitals relax that is unlike anything else. Adult-themed shipmates tend to have all the fun. It is about time that you get over your self-consciousness and take a trip that allows you to love your body more deeply. Besides, sometimes meeting other strangers to have sex with in your room can also be a lot of fun. The best thing about an adult-only cruise is that when people are naked, nudists are also more open-minded about answering delicate questions. Since you can be naked in most parts of the cruise, you will feel more comfortable as a result. There is a liberating feeling when you walk nude to the pool deck, the casino area and the atrium. However, being clothed for formal dining tends to be the rule everywhere. For the few that do permit it, it’s all good as long as you place a towel before sitting on the furniture, as you should be able to sit just about everywhere.

nude cruises comfortable in your own skin


6. More than Just Sex 

Although there may be many passengers that go on a cruise with the specific intention to have plenty of sex every day, there is more to an all-nude cruise than just making whoopee. It offers a time of exploration for its guests. It’s also good to know not everyone on these sailings are swingers. You may be surprised by how amazing it can feel when you do not have to worry about any preconceived notions around social nudism. An erotically-charged atmosphere will make you feel alive and ready to take on the world. Since overt sexual activity outside of the bedroom is not permitted on most sailings, its travelers will almost always have a great time anyways.

nude cruises more than just sex


7. Experiment with Nude Living 

When you go on one of the nude cruises, you will feel free, perhaps for some, the very first time in their lives. If and when you take off all your clothes including your underwear or thong, you will have nothing holding you down. You will feel completely uninhibited and as light as a feather. Being around people who are also naked truly allows you to get outside of your bubble. An Au naturel cruise will provide you with the opportunity to experiment with nude living. It may help some newbies to have a few drinks before they disrobe. Since you are likely to spend most of the time while on the cruise, the good news is you can pack light. It may be a good idea to bring sunscreen and hats along for the upcoming trip too.

nude cruises experiment with nude living


8. What’s to do?

There’s an awesome array of activities and pleasures that will be awaiting on board. Splash, swim and sip the day away at a number of outdoor pools that may be vying your attention. Bask in the quiet serenity of revitalizing hot tubs that will also be on board. Put on your poker face and experience the thrill of gambling at the casino. Art classes with nude models and body painting lessons may be available as well, in addition to table tennis tournaments. Looking to keep up on your workout routine? No problem, as each ship comes complete with its own state-of-the-art fitness center and a variety of group classes. Once you have built an appetite, savor a United Nations of flavor at world-class dining options, masterfully prepared with all the finest and freshest ingredients. Day or night, mixologists will be ready to take any special request you may have, all unlimited of course. When night rolls around, the party is just getting started with everything from enticing theme nights to celebratory costume parties and plenty of dancing until the sun comes out.

nude cruises what's to do


9. Getting In On Some Action

If you are a couple into the swinger lifestyle, mingling with other naked travelers or couples on nude cruises may provide you with the opportunity to get some action. Seeing others naked right in front of you is likely to make you want to have coitus— and that is perfectly normal. With a single or couple that experienced this lifestyle, it most likely is inevitable for a handshake to end up as a hook up. Things can go from mild to wild very quickly. Watching this all in front of your eyes may very well allow you to bring out the hedonist in you. With the chances of hooking up at an all-time high on some of these boatings, you should feel free to ask someone you like to engage in sexual activity. Cruises will encourage the cruisers to practice safe-sex and in some circumstances, may provide protection for its guests from intercourse. Moreover, the great, even tan that you will sport after being naked in the sun will help boost your chances of sealing a deal on these nude cruises. As you will soon find out, sunbathing naked can be extremely fun and liberating.

nude cruises getting In on some action

hedonism be wicked 2023 best jamaica swingers lifestyle vacation


10. Conclusion

Nude cruises simply allow you to travel naked. Here you are safe to celebrate your true self with or without clothes. If you have always dreamt of being surrounded with naked people, it just may be the trip that you need to take. There are all types of sailing that are available from major cruise liners such Virgin Voyages, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and much more. More or less, they will offer trips all around the world to accommodate this lifestyle For instance, couples can take a Bliss Cruise or Desire Cruise if they want to have some fun together or you can take a Temptation cruise if you want to go topless. And, where? The extraordinary list goes on and on, from the warm tropical regions to the cooler northern areas such as Puerto Rico, Curaçao, Indonesia, France, Florida, Tahiti, Thailand, Mexico, Asia and so much more!

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Best Online Travel Deals will give you a listing of some of the most popular nude cruises that we work with below. Stop by our Cruise Page to see what exciting deals and sailings are going on right now. We hope we’ve assisted the first-timer’s out there with our travel tips and suggestions. Keeping with an open-mind and open-body philosophy, some guests even find themselves laughing about this experience on the first trip. It’s true, nudists have total body acceptance and have the key to happiness. We also encourage you to get plenty of good vacation ideas and to explore each company that specializes in nude cruises below.



Desire Cruises

Come aboard a luxury liner with an erotic, couples-only getaway to sensuous sea with an all-inclusive vacation with the Desire Experience. Making stops in numerous magnificent and historical ports, passengers will be able to enjoy an adult-only program that has been conceived to fulfill your fantasies. Feel your temperature rise as Desire makes your trip to the ocean something extraordinary and exhilarating. Notorious for its provocative entertainment program, high-energy team will create an experience to never forget and will leave you wanting more. For those who like to party (a lot) and live out every exciting moment with the likes of pumping pool parties, meet and greets, couples workshops, electrifying DJ’s, custom shows and jaw-dropping performances, in addition to spicy signature theme nights and excite your senses with a visit to the casino. Past, present and future tours will take you throughout the entire globe with an impressive line-up including the Greek Islands, Portugal, Athens, Brazil, Italy, Spain and so much more. Encounter pure ecstasy at sea as Desire offers exclusive spaces that stay true to their concept, such as clothing-optional pool areas and the signature couples playrooms.

nude cruises desire experience couples-only sailing

temptation caribbean cruise swingers lifestyle vacation


Temptation Caribbean Cruise

Temptation may be relatively new to the cruising industry, but what they lack in years, they certainly make up for in entertainment at sea. Keeping with their topless-optional approach at their resort in Cancun, Mexico, the topless theme carries on to the alluring ocean waters. Noted as an escape for younger adults, Temptation offers a floating playground for grown-ups (21+) offshore to explore. The fantastic boatings come to life aboard a luxury liner, offering days at sea full of non-stop fun in the sun and crazy parties!  Discover an exciting array of inclusive food and beverage options, including the Premium Beverage Package, four dining venues and reliable room service. Daytime is playtime aboard this party cruise, as the play makers provide the entertainment during the naughty pool parties, while you provide the temptastic atmosphere!  And as soon as the sun sets, you will be part of the provocatively themed nighttime festivities with an r-rated room, spicy workshops and guest DJ that will keep you going until the wee hours of the morning. You’ll also get to see the best of the Caribbean with stops to the impressive islands of the Bahamas, Haiti and more. If you like to live and party, look no further as this party just got naughty at Temptation.

nude cruises temptation caribbean cruises adult single vacation



Bliss Cruises

Adventuresome couples can experience a tantalizing time at sea with full-ship charters that tour exotic locations with an unforgettable trip from Bliss Cruises. Designed specifically for couples-only, you and your partner can enjoy intimate moments together with the pleasure of being away from the kids. Just imagine setting sail with hundreds of like-minded couples on a full-ship takeover on the most luxurious ships. Your clothing-optional cruise will be filled with amazing adventures, exciting entertainment and sunny beaches. These full-ship charters tour dream destinations from Florida to the western and eastern Caribbean with ports in countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, St Kitts, Grand Cayman, Haiti and more. Plus, exotic locations overseas consisting of Spain, Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea. All passengers on these adults-only sailings will be at least 21 years and older, so there will be no need to worry about an under-aged crowd. Looking for top-notch entertainment? The cruises come alive at night with more live entertainment than you ever imagined and a huge variety of parties to suit all tastes. Whether it is music, dancing or something more adventurous, Bliss Cruise has it all.

nude cruises bliss cruises adults-only cruiseship


LLV Club

Indulge your senses, find your limits and keep coming back for more with a sexy sailing from LLV Club. Luxury Lifestyle Vacations is an international lifestyle travel agency with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. They specialize in adult-only, liberally innovative vacations and nudist cruises with the most exciting and sought-after destinations around the world. Meet other open-minded adults and adventurous singles while in an exquisitely-tailored seductive setting, as you receive the highest level of sophistication and service to you and your partner. Their mission is to assist you in fulfilling all your dreams and desires, without ever sacrificing the comforts of home. From sunny Mexico to historic Rome and the French Polynesia, there is not an exotic place they won’t offer to those willing to try a unique vacation experience. The stimulating variety of theme nights and risqué entertainment options onboard are designed to ensure your interests are piqued, and your fantasies will come true. Whether you love to be around other gorgeous guests or you’re looking for a new sexual adventure as a couple or a single, the choice is yours.

nude cruises llv club swingers lifestyle vacation


Now, let’s get some sun on your buns and enjoy a very unique trip!




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