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Nude Beach Tips; The Do’s and Don’ts

Are you looking to dare to bare? We got some awesome nude beach tips for you! Nudist beaches have become incredibly popular in recent times. There is nothing more liberating than going to a beach in the nude for the first time. It’s the perfect opportunity to get that all-over tan you have been desiring. Contrary to what you might be misled into believing, nudist destinations are not a place where you can chase sexy women all day. There are certain rules that need to be followed. If you are planning on going to a nude beach, it is crucial that you know about the proper etiquette. The naturist community generally encourages everyone to go au naturel as long as you are not drawing too much attention to yourself. When you click on an affiliate link of ours and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Before you get going, it is important that you consider the following do’s and don’ts of nude beaches. So let’s all strip down as we look at the naked truth with these valuable nude beach tips.



Do’s of Nude Beaches

1. Do Keep a Towel with You at All Times

When you go to a nude beach, you need to have a towel with you all the time. One might even say it might be common courtesy to. To maintain the sanitation standards, it is recommended to use a towel that can sit on it at a designated area. If you’re at a location that has a bar on the beach, there should be no bare butt cheeks on the bar stool, as sitting on the towel is being considerate to others. Failure to follow this simple rule just might make you look like an amateur amongst others.


2. Do Keep To Yourself

Nude beaches are all about a journey of self-discovery. Society has ingrained in our minds that we need to be clothed at all times, especially when in public. Hence, you should keep to yourself to unravel the stigma around being naked in public. Besides, we all go to a nude beach to experience the exuberance that comes with being nude and au-natural. Forget about the people around you and let the sun kiss your skin. Spread your butt cheeks apart and enjoy your time.nude beach tips etiquette naked


3. Just Relax

If it is your first time going to a nude beach, the idea of being nude in public must get your heart pounding hard. However, there is no need to stress or never feel ashamed of showing your true self. Instead, opt in to take it slow as you can undress gradually while you are sitting down. Take in the scenic view and just relax. Bringing a cooler with some cold brews might be the key to find your bliss and loosen you up. At the end of the day, many of us go to nude beaches just to relax and forget about all our worries. Hence, you should follow with your suite with your “birthday suit.”


4. Do Keep Things Simple

The reason why people go to nude beaches is because they want to be in their natural habitat.  They do not want to be reminded about the capitalist world that they live in. To avoid attracting a lot of attention, you should keep things simple. This means that you should not wear any jewelry. Large jewelry or displays of wealth can be frowned upon by other naturalists. Therefore, all you need to pack a beach tote with easily accessible garments or just make sure that you bring your towel along with you.


5. Do Some Research Beforehand

Before you decide to book a stay at a naturist getaway or plan a trip to the nearest nude beach, it is vital that you do some research. Like reading our nude beach tips for example! Gather a little more information about the naturist resort or beach and its policy. Below, we will list three of the most popular properties for our nude beach tip list. These naturist resorts are designed for clothing-free vacation seekers. Therefore, you should be ready to go all in if you plan to visit. However, there are different types of nude beaches and nudist resorts as you will discover that some will divide the nude beach or pools up into different comfort levels. Most importantly, you will want to do the research early on because what you may think is a nude beach, may very not be when you arrive. So, bring some swimwear if you are unsure to play it safe.


6. Do Respect Everyone around You

Being a nudist does not mean that one likes to have sex with everyone they meet. Sometimes this can be a huge misconception with the general public. It is simply a lifestyle that allows them to be free of all societal pressures. This is why it is vital that you are respectful to everyone you encounter. Be courteous and polite. Kissing and hugging are totally fine, but it’s good to remember to be on your best behavior, because some of these places may be family-friendly establishments too.


7. Do Apply Sunscreen

It burns, it burns!! Since you will be in the sun throughout the day at the nude beach, you need to make sure that your body is prepared. This is where sunscreen comes into play as you can protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Sensitive skin that has not seen the light of day is more susceptible to getting sunburn. Simply lather your entire body with sunscreen to ensure that you do not end up getting sunburned. You can also do a slow buildup in the comfort of your own back yard or go to a local tanning salon.



Don’ts of Nude Beaches

1. Don’t Gawk

The last thing you want is to look like a creep at a nude beach or pool. Very important to our nude beach tips list, this is the very reason why you should not gawk. Nobody likes being continuously looked at by anyone. Even if you put on your sunglasses, some nudists would still be able to tell that you are staring at them. Instead of ruining everyone’s experience by constantly staring at them, you should just be mindful of where you look. Remember, some people may feel very vulnerable when they are nude. Hence, you cannot go around gawking at them as a courtesy.

nude beach tips etiquette naked2. Don’t Take Pictures of Anyone without Their Express Permission

Some nudists tend to be camera-shy and for whatever reason, they have their own reasons that they do not want to be seen on the internet. Besides, you have no right to photograph someone without their permission. Do not go out capturing pictures of everyone at the beach thinking that you can get away with it. Nude beaches have a strict policy against such behavior and most resorts have warning signs to discourage their guests from sneaking pics. To avoid getting in trouble, you should keep your phone away and just take in the sun. And, if you do allow someone to take a picture of you in the buff, you’ll never know where it might end up.


3. Don’t Engage in Explicit Sexual Behavior

Most nude beaches are not a place where you go to have sex in public. It is a place where people go to relax and take off all their clothing. They do not go to a nude beach to watch public sex. Do not ruin the mood. Being naked does not need to be sexual. It is a liberating feeling which should not be ruined by explicit sexual behavior. Now, some of the clothing optional hotels that are swingers lifestyle-friendly do offer special areas if you would like to get intimate, but generally, sex on the beach is discouraged. If you find someone sexy and they are just as interested in having sex with you as you are in having sex with them, you should take them to your room for some sexy time. Leave others out of it.


4. Don’t Expect To Find Models Everywhere You Look

One of the best nude tips we can give you is a little word called diversity. An actual nude beach is different from the way it is depicted in a Playboy magazine or what you might see on the web. You may not only come across women or men who have the perfect body. Instead, you will find nudists of all shapes and sizes. Hence, you should keep your expectations down and realize you may very well see a “10” only here and there. There will mostly be normal humans instead of supermodels. It’s always good to note that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



Now that you know about the basics of our insightful nude beach tips and etiquette, you can head over to the nearest nude beach to get naked. Best of all, you might end up making new like minded friends. There is just something about nude beaches that makes them extremely exciting and enticing to all of us.



Let’s look at 3 of our favorite Nude Beach Resorts:

These three exceptional resorts on our nude beach tips information are located in the Caribbean and all have an adult-only theme.


Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica

Located right on the famous Seven Mile Beach, the only thing required at Hedonism is you and your birthday suit. As one might imagine, the beach, outdoor pools, swim-up bars, and hot tubs are packed and hubs for a great activity with adults. Here, you can roam anywhere you want in the buff except for public areas like spa, bars and restaurants. However, there is a nude beach grill and bar that all naturalists should experience while visiting. Hedo is also divided into a “nude” and “prude” sections, allowing room for each person’s level of comfort. An array of water sports waist you with everything from topless paddleboarding to kayaking and scuba diving. For an experience out of the norm, try nude snorkeling or hop naked on a catamaran for a spectacular sea sailing. Beachy-style rooms will welcome you, along with mirrors above beds and bathrooms with glass showers. Burn off some sweat at the on-site fitness center then recuperate at the full-service spa. Experience irresistible all inclusive dining options and limitless libations at six bars. Enter into a new world of eroticism at it’s best at night with risqué theme nights, raunchy costume parties, live shows and plenty of mischief.

nude beach tips hedonism


Desire Riviera MayaPuerto Morelos, Mexico

Deep in the heart of the Mayan Riviera as it’s nestled nicely pristine white sands, the all inclusive Desire Riviera Maya is a couple-only haven. Not only can you stroll on the beach naked as a jaybird, but you can celebrate nudity everywhere but in public areas and restaurants. The beach here is simply to die for as loungers and cabanas line the beach looking for occupants. Featuring two outdoor pools, order your favorite cocktail in the skinny at the swim-up pool bar or join the party inside the 30-person whirlpool. Contemporary rooms feature palapa roofs and include top amenities like stocked minibars, as well as patios or balconies with ocean views. Keep in shape with some topless water aerobics or at the fitness center then head to the spa for some pampering as it mixes ancient Mayan and Asian traditions. Take your taste buds for a treat at four desirable three a la carte restaurants or order unlimited drinks at several bars. When the sun fades away, opt in for a night of partying with sensual theme nights and exotic live shows.

top nude beach tips hedonism desire riveria maya adults only vacation mexico


Desire Pearl Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Situated on a stunning stretch of a secluded powdery white sandy beach, the all inclusive Desire Pearl boasts itself as an “seductive clothing-optional sanctuary.” Run wild and free naked on the beach or let rest and relaxation take over as you soak up the sun beachside. Three pools on property are also clothing optional, including one that is accompanied by a humongous whirlpool and a swim-up bar ready to take requests. Feel free to explore the resort grounds while being in your birthday suit, except for public areas and restaurants. Rooms have a Mexican-style decor come complete with stocked minibars with excellent sea views. Keep busy with naughty daytime activities such as belly dance or pole dance lessons and naked volleyball. The full-service spa will rejuvenate and revitalize you with a full line of treatments. Three restaurants will provide an aphrodisiac experience, while mixologists will pour limitless libations. Live your wildest fantasies at night with stripper nights, racy theme parties and a spicy nightclub.

top nude beach tips desire pearl mexico couples only vacation mexico clothing optional

Best Online Travel Deals hopes you enjoyed our list of nude beach tips, vacation and tourism ideas, as well as the best places to stay for your first au naturel experience. We wish you the best of luck!




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