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5 Tips on Making Travel Videos for Beginner Creators

Are you interested in making travel videos? Please read on as we assist you with all the details that you will need in your upcoming vacation or getaway. In today’s digital age, travel videos have become essential for capturing and sharing the beauty of adventures. With smartphones and affordable cameras at your fingertips, you can become a travel videographer without extensive experience in this creative field.


To ensure you take appealing footage, you must learn some basic filming rules and gather creative video ideas. Keep reading this article to discover practical tips for creating engaging and cinematic travel visuals.


making travel videos vacation ideas


How to make good travel videos if you are a beginner creator

If you want to make a travel video but have little to no experience in filming and editing, these beginner-friendly tips can help you create HD footage.


Plan your shots

Before filming, consider all objects and locations you want to include in your travel video. These could be the famous monuments, landmarks, beautiful views, and exciting activities on your journey. Make a list of these key elements to guide your filming process, and create a well-structured video.


Ensure stable filming

Shaky footage can ruin the best videos. If your camera or smartphone doesn’t have a built-in stabilizer, consider using a tripod or putting your camera on a stable surface while filming. This will help make your video look smoother and more professional.


Capture diverse clips

Try different angles, distances, and perspectives while making travel videos. Check how the composition in your clips looks from up close, far away, or from different angles. Also, consider common aspect ratios (the size and shape of your video) when filming. This experimentation will enhance your storytelling and provide you with a wide variety of footage to work with during the editing process.


Focus on storytelling

Think about the story you want your travel video to tell. You can focus on your entire travel experience, like going on a plane, changing transportation, and arriving at a hotel. Or, you can focus on something specific, e.g., filming a local food festival you attend. A straightforward narrative will make your video more engaging and interesting for viewers.


Edit with purpose

During the editing process, sync your footage with the audio content you want to include in your video. Make sure to maintain an engaging pace by keeping video flow smooth, synching with music tracks or sound effects, and using transitions. Editing with a defined purpose will help make your travel video professional. If you are new to the process, you can use beginner-friendly video editors to fix and enhance details in your travel clips.


5 travel video ideas

Besides learning the essential tips for filming travel videos, you also need creative ideas to infuse your footage with unique perspectives and captivating narratives.


making travel videos vacation ideas


#1 City highlights

This type of travel video showcases the best parts of a city. Film beautiful views of the city’s skyline or famous landmarks. Show viewers local attractions, e.g., museums, parks, or historical sites. You can also shoot unique cultural experiences, like street musicians playing music or dancers performing traditional dances. Such videos demonstrate how a city looks and convey its atmosphere. So, consider not only sticking with local tourist attractions, but also capturing moments that depict the city’s vibe.


#2 Food and cuisine

These videos focus on delicious food experiences during your travels. You can film yourself trying different restaurant dishes, tasting street food, and exploring vibrant food markets. You can also go to a local supermarket and try new products your region doesn’t have. The trick here is to present local food and cuisine, and share your feedback about it. Show viewers the excitement of trying unknown products of a new region.


#3 Nature views

Nature videos have their unique atmosphere, which can differ depending on which parts of nature you are filming. A trip to the mountains can feel empowering, allowing viewers to feel the grandeur of nature. At the same time, a video shot at the seaside or a lake shore is more tranquil and calming. Focus on those parts of nature that you enjoy most. The more you love them, the easier it will be for you to capture their beauty and essence.


#4 Travel vlog

A travel vlog is a video diary of your adventures. You film yourself as you explore new places, visit landmarks, participate in activities, and share your thoughts and feelings throughout the journey. It’s a great way to show your unique perspective as a traveler and to make viewers feel like they went on this trip with you. Such videos can also be very useful. For instance, you can share information about local prices, offer some travel tips based on your experience and more.


#5 Cultural immersion

People often visit different countries to learn more about the cultures and habits of nations around the globe. That’s why videos that delve into the local culture of the places you visit are relevant and interesting to many viewers. To make such footage, you can film lively and colorful local festivals celebrating traditions and customs. You can capture events, ceremonies, and gatherings that showcase a community’s unique identity and heritage. You can even talk with locals about their habits, as well as the cultural similarities and differences you have. The only important thing here is to do it with respect.


making travel videos vacation ideas


To sum up

By putting these tips into practice, creating memorable trip videos will become much easier. So, choose an idea you like most, come up with a story, plan your shots, and invest time and effort into editing. This will help you obtain high-quality footage that you can share with your audience when making travel videos. Best Online Travel Deals wishes you all the best luck in the world to become a video creator.



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