Holiday in Dubai: One of the World’s Most Gorgeous and Wealthiest Cities

Considering a holiday in Dubai? Marhaba! It means welcome in Arabic. Imagine that is the first word you hear when arriving at a world-class airport in Dubai. Stop imagining: you deserve to live this experience.


Wealth, richness, luxury, and innovation are the words that better describe this outstanding city. Everywhere, you will find traces of all the wonders of Dubai. No surprise that this city is the number one choice for those who seek a unique tourist destination.


Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf. The climate conditions, sun almost all year round, and cosmopolitan vibes are the motivations driving people to go there.


Making the most of your holiday travel

Before the year ends, you should take the opportunity to have a dream holiday in Dubai. But, for a memorable experience, planning is the key.


Your planning must begin by looking at all lodging options in Dubai. You can take advantage of the deals offered at this time of the year. November is well known for Black Friday, and most hotels decide to attract new customers or reward the old ones by giving them discounts.


In Dubai, the choice of accommodation is immense, particularly if you are looking for a high-class hotel. One excellent option is the Barceló Hotel Group in Dubai. Their options are attractive for the Black Friday period; check for all the possibilities of an outstanding stay in the city.


You can choose among three great options. All of them have perfect locations where you can connect to the different attractions Dubai offers:


◉ Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel
◉ Occidental Al Jaddaf
◉ Barceló Residences Dubai Marina


Once you have made your hotel choice, it is time to plan what to do next in Dubai. The task is a bit complicated due to the multiple activities you will find there.


A supreme holiday in Dubai

In Dubai, you will find multiple scenarios to enjoy. Stunning coastlines, splendid deserts and unique cityscapes are waiting for you. It is a truly versatile destination, with attractions and adventures for everyone.


Here, you have a list of the must-see places in Dubai:


◉ Burj Khalifa: It has earned recognition as the tallest building in the world. This place should be the first place you visit when getting there since it is the landmark of the city.


Burj Khalifa comprises 2716.5 feet distributed over 163 floors. On the 124th floor, there is an observation deck where you can have the most view of Dubai. On one side you will see the desert, on the other the ocean.


holiday in dubai burj khalifa


◉ Palm Jumeirah: It is an artificial offshore island with a palm shape. It consists of a trunk, spine, fronds, and crescent parts functioning as a wave breaker. Most parts of the island are private residences and luxury hotels.


You can visit the island using the panoramic monorail. It is a tour by the trunk section. You can access restaurants, cafes and some water attractions like the Aquaventure Park.


holiday in dubai palm jumeirah


◉ Deira neighborhood: It is a place that shows the history of the Emirate’s culture. It is the oldest area in the city, considered the Old Dubai.


Try not to miss its captivating souks. Gold Souk is the oldest market where you can buy the finest pieces of gold. Spices souk that will wrap you with the aroma of traditional and varied spices.


If you want to try traditional Dubai food, Deira is where you will enjoy true Emirati cuisine in ethnic restaurants.


holiday in dubai deira neighborhood


◉ Dubai Frame: This is the most popular attraction in Dubai. It consists of a 492 foot photo frame structure. Its impressive structure made of glass has made it quite famous.


This attraction offers the opportunity to know the history of the city through a series of galleries on the way to the top. In the Sky Deck, you will have two views of Dubai: the historic part on one side and the modern places on the other side.


holiday in dubai frame


◉ Jumeirah Mosque: It shows Islamic architecture in all its structures. Its surroundings are very peaceful, making you realize that Dubai is not only a cosmopolitan area. A perfect place for taking a stroll and walking away from all the city noise.


Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque with tours for non-Muslim people. So, take the opportunity to enter the mosque and learn about Islam traditions.


holiday in dubai jumeirah mosque


◉ Dubai Miracle Garden: It is the largest natural flower garden in the world. It comprises 21527 foot with 100 million types of flowers.


You can visit the garden and see the most unimaginable structures covered with flowers. There are Disney characters, an A380 plane, paths in the shape of hearts, English-style cottages, windmills, trucks, and several versions of the Burj Khalifa.


holiday in dubai dubai miracle garden


◉ La Mer: It is a seafront path to Dubai’s spectacular beaches. La Mer beach is a protected bay with tranquil water. You can have a quiet day enjoying the sun and sea, or if you prefer adventure, you can do jet ski, boat, fly-boarding, and kayak.


la mer


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