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Top Fishing Destinations In Europe

Fishing is a hobby that can pretty quickly turn into a lifelong passion. Those who are passionate about fishing spend most of their weekends going on fishing trips. There are many places in Europe that are considered to be a fisherman’s paradise. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could combine your passion for fishing with travel and adventure. We have included a breakdown of the top four fishing destinations in Europe that offer unforgettable experiences.


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1. Sweden

Stockholm is one of the most popular places to go fishing in Sweden. There are a number of lakes and rivers where you can pursue your passion. Stromgatan, right in the center of the city, boasts a magnificent view. It overlooks the Parliament Building of Sweden and the Gamla stan. The Hammarby Sjostad on Hammarby Lake is another frequently visited urban fishing spot located in the well-known neighborhood of Stockholm.


For nature lovers, there are many fishing haunts amidst nature that are close to Stockholm. Ringsjon Lake, for example, is popular for fishing and has numerous places where you can find rainbow trout and whitefish. Drevikken, another fishing haunt close to Ringsjon Lake, is a quiet place rich with fish. The Stockholm archipelago, along with the Island of Galo within it, is a truly isolated paradise and gives you ample opportunity to fish and camp.


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2. France

France is a haven for a variety of activities and fishing is no doubt at the top of the list. The largest and deepest lake in France, Lac du Borget, is amongst the most visited fishing spots in France. More than 30 species of fish can be found here. Trout, perch, zander, and pike are some of the most commonly found ones. This lake is a gem in the crown of the region around the Rhone-Alps.


Those who are passionate about saltwater fishing can go to the Bassin d’Arcachon. The limpid and clear waters of the Arcachon are full of sea bass. This combined with views of breathtaking landscape, what more could one want?


Lake Der-Chantecoq is exactly in the midst of the Champagne region and is near Paris. It is a frequent haunt for anglers coming from abroad. Although the Lake is perfect for beginners, you will also find professional fishermen on the lookout for giant carp. La Rance River is also a well-known destination for family picnic trips, not to forget Alder.


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3. Italy


Italy offers numerous most frequently visited fishing spots in Europe. Fish can be found abundantly in Le Marche, particularly in Sefro, Cingoli, and Pioraco. These beautiful lakes are full of pike, trout, carp as well as other species. Towards the north, you will find Lake Como, which is known for its perch and pike.


The big carps and giant catfish in Po, the largest Italian river, are enough to attract any angler. The rivers in Tuscany are also amongst the most frequently visited fishing spots. If you are looking for trout and grayling, Sieve and Lima are the places to visit.


Italy also offers options for anglers wishing to fish in the open sea. The coast of Sardinia and Egadi Islands of Sicily not only provide fishing experiences of exceptional quality, but also stunning views of their natural beauty. The Mediterranean Sea abounds with Sicilian swordfish and bluefin tuna, while the Tyrrhenian Sea is rich in amber-jack, Garrick, and snapper.


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4. The United Kingdom


The untouched, wild, natural beauty of the isles of the United Kingdom also has some wonderful fishing places for the anglers as we look at the best fishing destinations in Europe. Should one travel to the UK, an amazing catch awaits them!


Dartmoor, in Devon, is amongst the most well-known and popular fishing spots. The distinctive color of the river Tyne is advantageous for catching sea trout, which can be found there. This is a perfect place for fishing during the daytime and offers you the chance to catch some of the largest sea trout.


The adventurous soul who wishes to work hard for their catch, especially in rougher waters, will find the River Clettwr, which is close to the Wales border and England, just the right spot for them. If however, you are looking for a catch that is a little easier, you can go to the Strangford Lough in County Down, one of the largest sea lochs full of pollock, mackerel, and haddock, to name a few. Both saltwater and freshwater fishing options are available at Assynt, a natural beauty hidden in the mountains. If you are on the lookout for the native brown trout, Fionn Loch is the place for you.


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Fishing is a passion that can never let you down, especially when you combine it with travel. Europe as a region offers innumerable options for anglers; it’s an anglers’ paradise! Not only will you come back with full nets, but full of incredible travel experiences and memories of the beautiful landscapes. So pack up your fishing gear, get set and go fishing!


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