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Exploring the Different Colors of Tourism

Thinking of exploring the different colors of tourism? Let us assist! It’s a rare person who doesn’t enjoy traveling. Lots of people embark on fascinating journeys to expand their horizons, explore different cultures, taste new dishes, or just unwind after spending many months in a stuffy office. Indeed, traveling and tourism are those two sweet words that make so many people’s hearts beat faster and rub their hands together in anticipation of adventures, golden beaches, turquoise waves, and Maliby rum…


After booking their tours, most globetrotters immediately start visualizing their upcoming vacation. And colors play a crucial role in this process. The visual effect is something that prompts customers to choose one product over another. And you might also be subconsciously choosing tours based on your predilection for certain color palettes. In today’s post, we’re going to review some colors of tourism that not only influence buying decisions but also reflect its nature. Let’s look now at exploring the different colors of tourism.


White Tourism

The first association that comes to mind when you think about the color white is snow, of course. White tourism is commonly associated with snow-covered peaks and mountaineering activities. But despite its name, this type of tourism isn’t limited to snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. In fact, white tourism is possible in summer when there is little, if any, snow. Lots of people are attracted to mountains because they are mesmerized by their inherent grandeur, sublime tranquility, and clean air. White tourism is chosen by millions of people who cannot imagine their vacation without steep slopes and winter sports, mountain biking, winter walking, and picturesque landscapes.

exploring the different colors of tourism white


Green Tourism

It’s a rare person who has never tried or at least heard of green tourism. This type of tourism is famed for its eco-friendliness and emphasis on sustainability. Its main purpose is to encourage people to enjoy the beauty of nature making no noticeable environmental impact. That’s why so many companies promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness choose green hex codes for their campaigns and logos. And you can also go greener with green tourism! Visit pristine areas, sanctuaries, and other sites, which are protected from outside or unnatural influence, just to feast their eyes and undergo spiritual catharsis. No bars, no picnics, or any other activities which may harm Mother Earth.

exploring the different colors of tourism green


Orange Tourism

If you like to experience and witness different cultures, then orange tourism is the best bet for you. This type of tourism allows travelers to come into contact with local traditions, centuries- long customs, and rituals by directly taking part in them.


In attempts to diversify their spectrum of services, travel agencies offer a wide range of ‘orange’ activities to sophisticated tourists. You can also become part of local communities by sharing creative experiences with the natives. Go dance Danza de los Viejitos in one of the most colorful towns of Guatemala, Santa Cruz Verapaz, try your hand at Persian rug weaving in Tabriz, or take part in the bull jumping in Ethiopia. Orange tours are also a great opportunity to pamper your taste buds and try local cuisines in the remotest parts of the globe.

exploring the different colors of tourism orange


Black Tourism

As its name suggests, black, or dark, tourism is about visiting ‘dark’ places that have been historically associated with death, sufferings, tragedies, or catastrophes. The reason people opt for such a morbid type of tourism isn’t just caused by the thirst for adrenaline. Traveling to such deadly places can help preserve the memory of victims of certain tragedies and give the lesson to the next generations. Thus, today, Holocaust tourism, as well as slavery- heritage tourism, helps people better comprehend the roots and consequences of human atrocities and prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. Most popular destinations of dark tourism include Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, Pablo Escobar House Museum in Medellin, Colombia, and others.

exploring the different colors of tourism black


It’s up to you to decide which type of tourism to choose to experience unforgettable emotions and undergo a complete spiritual makeover. Best Online Travel Deals hopes you feel inspired by these travel tips and exploring the different colors of tourism. No matter your preference, get the most out of your journey!


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