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55 Caribbean Water Parks

In a search for the best Caribbean water parks? Bingo! We’re more than ready to help to choose your own slippery adventure with plenty of travel tips. Whether you are staying at an all-inclusive resort or day-tripping on a cruise line, we got more than your fair share of fun vacation ideas for you. Get the inside scoop on winding water slides, wondrous wave pools, chilled-out lazy rivers and some swashbuckling stimulations at the splash zones.


Discover Adventure at these Caribbean Water Parks


When you click on an affiliate link and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge for you. Now, drumroll…From toddlers to tweens and teens, as well as kids at heart, we’ve rounded up 55 Caribbean water parks that are ready to whoosh you away.


55. Pelican Plunge at Castaway Cay – Abaco Island, Bahamas

According to Wikipedia, Castaway Cay is a private island in the Bahamas which serves as an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise Line ships. You’ll get to discover an awesome array of things to do here. Including a sports beach, a game pavilion, plenty of water sports, a teen’s hideout and a childcare center for tadpoles. The star-of-the-show here for many will be pirate-themed Pelican Plunge. This water play structure is about 2,400 square feet and sits on the family beach area right on the bay. Best of all, this means you’ll need to swim out to get to it. Older kids will be fine to visit this sight all on their own. However, because of the water depths, a parent will need to accompany their smaller child.


This place of pleasure comes adorned with two water slides that twist and turn. One is open, while the other is enclosed. Another play area, Spring-a-Leak, will be available to the smaller ones in the house. It features a variety of water jumping out from the floor. Indeed, a perfect way to keep cool in the warm Bahamian heat.

caribbean water parks castaway cay bahamas travel tips


54. Playa Mia Grand Beach Park – Cozumel, Mexico

All hands on deck! With plenty of perks and pleasures, endless fun awaits for all ages at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park. As we look at the best Caribbean water parks, it is truly in a class all by itself. From slides to splashes and sea experiences, you’ll be in for a full day of aquatic adventures. Spotlighted is a 200-foot long, curly, rapid water slide. Brave the twists and turns of the Twin Twister, which will wait to challenge you with addictive fun. Ahoy matey! Setting the stage for a day of high seas adventure, let your kiddos run wild at Buccaneer’s Bay. From that point on, watch their inner pirates flourish. This area features a pint-sized pirate ship which will provide plenty of water action for your next adventure. Experience fierce water cannons and slides, as well as a large castle with a slide and a mushroom waterfall.


Challenge your endurance on the 500-foot long Floating Park, located right on the waters of the beach. Discover bouncing play structures and water trampolines that await the youngest members of your tribe.

playa mia grand beach park mexico cheap fun ideas


53. Harry’s Water Park – Rio Claro, Trinidad & Tobago

Add a splash of magic to your family vacation at Harry’s Water Park. With its collection of 12 exhilarating slides, it makes a great option listing the top Caribbean water parks. Grab a raft and a friend and race on the tall drop side, which offers a few bumps along the way. With one open and the other enclosed, take the plummet as you wind your way through a selection of curves. Cap it all off with a major splashdown in the end. Discover three-times the thrills as you take the plunge on a trio of distinctly different water slides. Sleigh the competition as you race your way to the finish line on a 3-lane slide. Make a splash at the wave pool and take on the challenges of impact. Next, deflate your day away in the lazy river, offering plenty of plants and flora to your side for relaxation.


Don’t miss out on a pool for small motor boat riding. The little ones will get to have big fun at the kids’ play park that has a few slides and surprises. In conjunction with mushroom waterfalls, and a giant water drop bucket.

harry's water park trinidad tourism tips


52. Kaskada Park – Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Searching for some cheap thrills? Well, the folks at Kaskada Park are ready to put fun and action back on the agenda. It certainly hits all the marks as we check off our Caribbean water parks list. Create the memories of a lifetime with several water slides designed for maximum adventure. A large structure houses all the action-packed slides. Choose from rides that need an inner tube and a few that do not. Some slides are enclosed and several are open. However, they share one thing in common: they will all plummet into the splash pool below. Check out the spine-tingling drop slide, which provides a big plunge finale. Afterwards, drop the young’uns off at the children’s play park. It features 2 large castles accompanied with a collection of medium-sized slides and a few mushroom waterfalls spreading their joy.


After those heart-pounding rides, park yourself at the lazy river, as blissful memories are created with its slow currents.

kaskada park dominican republic fun travel ideas


51. Splash Island at Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa & Casino – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Time to get splash-happy! Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa & Casino fuses relaxing island chill with exhilarating fun. This one is not to be missed as it’s a sure standout on our Caribbean water parks list. The 16,146 square foot aquatic play area offers a themed environment for families to have the time of their lives. The area features a massive elevated play structure that offers a myriad of slides. They are categorized from small slides to more elaborate slides that twist and turn. Your biggest decision will be whether you want to squeal down speedy slides, get drenched by the massive tipping bucket. Or, simply try both options! Kids will also discover a splash area on the other side, catered to younger children. This section comes complete with more spays, water cannons and a mushroom waterfall.


Get some pool time at a variety of 6 on spread out on the property. This includes a humongous infinity pool and a children’s pool designed for toddlers. In addition to being equipped with small slides and a water drop bucket.

lopesan costa bavaro resort spa and casino dominican republic


50. Aquafun Park at Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa Resort – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Get buckets of laughs from Paradisus Palma Real’s selection of awesome water slides and splash pad. Looking at the top Caribbean water parks, Aquafun has something for everyone to do under the sun. The park is divided into three areas, keeping kids under the age of 14 in mind. And this is not to say that older teenagers cannot enjoy their time at the park! Find water slides of various sizes and shapes, each keeping in mind the size of your child. The larger area has splash-worthy experiences with slides that either have a fast drop or that have twists and turns. It also has active sprays above as they play and two large drop buckets continuously spilling water. Well-suited for toddlers, the two smaller sections include a collection of small slides and tons of sprays. This allows the kiddos to have a ball, keeping cool all day long.


Then again, you could always hop on a raft and enjoy motivational sea views at the large beachfront pool.

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49. Dreams Sapphire Resort & Spa – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Excitement is in the air with an unforgettable family vacation at Dreams Sapphire Resort & Spa. Looking at all the top Caribbean water parks, this one is not to be missed. In the mood for water some adrenaline pumping slides? This park has you covered with a structure that is broken up between three towering waterslides, including a super long slide. No matter what slide you choose, each one will have it’s own appeal and thrillNext, take the young-ins to the Explorer’s Club on property. At that point, watch their eyes open wide with excitement as they frolic around the wading pool. They will be captivated by mini splash toys, small slides, a dumping bucket and so much more. What’s better on a hot day than a visit to the pool? Take your pick of a grand variety of three oversized pools on property.

cheap caribbean water parks dreams sapphire resort and spa mexico fun getaway ideas


48. Ocean Village Deluxe Resort & Spa – Sosúa, Dominican Republic

Let’s all jump, dive and splash into your next adventure at Ocean Village Deluxe Resort. Listing all the best Caribbean water parks, the kiddos will soon discover splash worthy experiences. They are specifically designed to keep them active and smiling all day long. Be the first to jump at the water complex, divided between a variety of three different colored enclosed tube slides. Each offering its own appeal as you toss and turn, then spill into the rushing waters below. Ribbit! Children will especially like taking on the challenge of the floating pad area in the pool. Let a net above your head guide you as you hop from pad to pad,. Basically, acting as a leap frog style activity. Built for smaller children, there is a second water play area to experience. It incorporates small slides, accompanied by many water sprays all around.


Ocean Village also offers an adjoining family pool next to the park. In addition to a spectacular oceanfront pool, keeping you refreshed all day long.

cheap caribbean water parks ocean village deluxe resort and spa dominican republic vacation tips


47. Aqua Nick at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Hold on tight! Discover an abundance of thrills and make your tropical getaway extraordinary at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana. Counting down the top Caribbean water parks, this one is not to be missed. Come-on-by four water slides, lazy river rides, a quenching splash pad area, cute character appearances and notorious mass slimming. The heart of the park is the playground structure which is full of fun water features. Basically, all adding up to an unforgettable a day fun in the sun. Climb aboard it, take the leap on several small slides, walk across bridges or play with the water cannons. A drench bucket on the top fills with gallons of water. Then as it starts to tilt, it then releases the water below in a gigantic slash.


Afterwards, relax and enjoy the tropical breeze while on the winding lazy river that surrounds the park. You’ll find several pools at your expense, including a beachfront infinity pool and a pool exclusive to toddlers and babies.

nickelodeon hotels & resorts punta cana all inclusive resort tips


46. Treasure Island at Seadust Cancun Family Resort – Cancún, Mexico

Giving children the fun and excitement they crave, welcome to the wonderful world of Seadust Cancun. Making the perfect addition for our exceptional Caribbean water parks list, this piece of paradise is set in the middle of the legendary Hotel Zone. Arr, Matey! The perfect prize in the complex is surely the Treasure Island Castle, designed for younger to older children. It features two enclosed tube slides that wind and curve around the castle. Then, they end up whooshing you under a waterfall for a surprise ending. There is also a large sailing ship and a smaller castle on location. Both offers a variety of smaller slides for the youngest of children. Throughout the complex, the smaller ones will have access to tailor-made fun with water games and marine animal waterslides.


Afterwards, chill out at any of the three infinity pools on property. This includes an exclusive rooftop pool for adults, an amazing oceanfront pool and a swim-up bar pool for your enjoyment.

best caribbean water parks sandos cancun eco resort mexico fun ideas


45. Splash Island Water Park at Melia Caribe Beach Resort – Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Step away from spectacular Bávaro Beach, an aquatic world comes alive at Melia Caribe Beach Resort. Living up to its name, Splash Island makes a giant splash as we look at the best Caribbean water parks. Get ready to take the plunge into a one-of-a-kind adventure. This is because the park offers quite a few experiences, keeping both smaller children and teens in mind. Take your pick of six slides in the larger play area. They feature ones with a sharp drop-off and some zooming you through twists and turns. As a consequence, you will be then spattered into the pool below. Besides a few sprays around the structure, don’t miss out on the two large water buckets. They will drop water periodically over the kids, keeping them cool all day long.


Perfect for babies and toddlers, there will be some additional small pool areas. These sections includes small slides for the youngest children. With six sensational swimming pools on location, your next conundrum will be which one is the right one for you.


44. Las Cascadas Aquatic Park – Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

With miles of slides and thousands of gallons of water, there are over a million ways to have fun at Las Cascadas Aquatic Park. As we rank the best Caribbean water parks, most of its slides are incorporated into a natural hillside. On the Snake Marina, chose from two incredible slides where you get a happy ending. Meanwhile on the Crazy River, grab a raft and gain a few smiles as you wiggle your way down a hillside slope. There are two drop slides called the Speed Slides and two enclosed slides on the Aquatic Tunnel. Both will come complete with a splashy ending. The Loguito River is more for younger children, allowing for fun-filled twists and turns. A few splash zones and an activity area scattered throughout the location await smaller splashers. Of course, they come complete with all the bells and whistles.


The lazy river will be a highlight as you make your way through a long circle. A visit here would not be complete without a visit to the wave pool where you can expect the unexpected.



43. Dreams Natura Riviera Cancun – Tulum, Mexico

Fill every moment with fun with an unforgettable journey to Dreams Natura Riviera Cancun. And we’re just skimming the surface of our look at the top Caribbean water parks. The minute you arrive here, the hardest part will deciding what to try first. Make a splash on your next getaway at the family water park that features a 241-foot water slide, a 224 foot closed tube water slide and a 291 foot raft slide. Plus, you’ll have access to a children’s splash park with eight aqua spray water jets, four water slides or get dumped by the giant splash bucket. If you’re looking to take it easy, meander through the 607 foot lazy river. This winding pool features two splash buckets and a palm tree curtain. As an extra perk, you will hear sounds of waves and relaxing nature sounds in the background.


Take a break from the brilliant sunshine and take a dip in four pools on location. This includes an activities pool that is waiting to rescue you from the tropical sun. Whether you prefer a family thrill or chill, you can find it all here!

dreams natura riviera cancun mexico traveling tips


42. Splash Water Park at Riu República – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Whether you have a thirst for adventure or just want to fly down on a high-speed slide, excitement is guaranteed for all at Riu República. This all-inclusive luxury resort hits a holiday home run as we look at the best Caribbean water parks list. In this wonderful water world, you will discover an impressive variety of slides. The Aquaracer features four lanes designed specifically for speed competitions. The Aquashute is a tube that shoots you directly into the pool waiting below. In addition to some free-fall slides for daredevils, as well as many other options to choose from.


This area of the park is suited for teens and adults to participate. However, if you are younger, there will be a special section just for you. Climb aboard the structure as it comes, complete with all the bells and whistles. Discover smaller-scaled slides, a water dump bucket at top and a mushroom waterfall, keep the kiddos smiling all day long. Don’t forget to visit the rest of the location, which features eight swimming pools to complete your day.

riu republica dominican republic all inclusive luxury hotel tips


41. Moon Palace Jamaica – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Bringing out smiles all around, as Moon Palace Jamaica invites you to cool off during sunny days. This all-inclusive escape will have lots and lots of splashing and water activities for the youngsters. Wiping out has never been so fun as you try out the resort’s surf simulator. The Flowrider allows you to flex your surfing skills where two guests can ride simultaneously on perfect, endless waves. To try it, just begin on your knees, work your way up to standing. And before you know it, you’ll be surfing like a pro. At the splash park, the little ones can have the time of their lives. From there, they can experience multiple fountains and a bucket that occasionally dunks water on them.


For your maximum enjoyment, splish-splash the day away at four pools scattered throughout the property. One of the pools includes a large corkscrew slide, perfect to take the plunge and to repeat over and over. It’s also good to know that there is also a dolphin encounter program where kids can jump in water and interact with dolphins.

moon palace jamaica fun tour ideas


40. Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort – Costa Mujeres, Mexico

At Dreams Playa Mujeres, you are invited to make a splash every single day of your vacay. This family-friendly resort hits all the high marks on our Caribbean water parks list. Featuring two action-packed slides that are 328 feet long, each single rider body slide provides a rip-roaring good time. The journey ends in riders plunging into the cool blue water below. The splash zone area includes interactive water activities, small slides, mushroom waterfalls and ground sprays. To top it off, a dumping bucket will keep kids coming back for more. Exclusive to Preferred Club guests, the 607-foot flowing lazy river features a water curtain bridge and iguana-shaped water jets. Add to the mix, wondrous waterfalls, sprays and mists to keep you cool while you’re soaking up the Mexican Riviera sun. Afterwards, leave your worries away and enjoy two refreshing infinity pools that boast outstanding views of the Caribbean Sea.

dreams playa mujeres golf and spa resort mexico tropical vacation tips


39. Dreams Macao Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Perfectly positioned on the sugary-sands of Macao Beach, the ultimate aqua-fun experience can be found at Dreams Macao Punta Cana. Included in our Caribbean water parks list, the all-inclusive resort features slippery slides, a splash pad and a lazy river. Slide into good times as you pick a partner race down the side-by-side racer slides. Or, opt in for a more leisurely ride on the open and enclosed Toboggan slides. They feature a wild loop and a cool drop. Looking for a more relaxed experience? Grab yourself a float and unwind on the lazy river which goes around the water park. When the temperature really heats up, younger kids can make their way to the splash pad. Once there, choose from a variety of exciting spray options and small slides, along with a dumping bucket on top. Four shimmering pools will be ready to keep you entertained as well.

dreams macao punta cana dominican republic fun tourist attractions


38. Surf ‘N Fun Water Park – San German, Puerto Rico

Surf’s up! Ready to bring on the thrills? Whether your little swimmer likes to float along the lazy river, ride the waves or plunge down a thrilling slide, they will have fun at Surf ‘N Fun Water Park. It’s a prime pick for our list of Caribbean water parks. The fun all starts with the Interactive Slide on location. This tiered structure comprises 14 platforms and offers a myriad of slides that twist and turn. On Boogie Race, experience a drop-off from a 50-foot high platform. You can then race your friends on a six lane slide that extends out 320-feet. Grab a raft and take on the challenge of the 300 foot high-energy Adrenaline Slide. For those interested in catching some waves, FlowRider surf simulator will allow you to practice this sport. Find exciting ways to catch even more waves at the Tropical Tsunami Pool.


There is also a splash zone for your little splasher to explore. In conjunction with a crash boat attraction and a 1,230 foot lazy river winding through the property.

cheap caribbean water parks surf 'n fun puerto rico fun travel ideas


37. Pirate’s Paradise Water Park at Sunset Beach Resort & Spa – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Ahoy there, matey! In search of one of the best Caribbean water parks in Jamaica? Your quest is over at Sunset Beach Resort & Spa. This all-inclusive getaway is full of twists and turns, as well as an unforgettable family experience. Coming as though it’s straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean film, the pinnacle of the park is its 3-story castle, which you will see as plain as day when entering. This full-size pirate ship offers so much to explore inside, including a 40-foot pirate’s plank bridge and high viewing points. The stars of the show here are the two 250-foot twin water slides. They are named Fort Henry Water Slide and the Port Royal Water Slide, giving each rider a surprise ending. There is also a smaller ship to explore in that section. Float away at the accompanying Blackbeard’s lazy river, carefree to the world around you.


It’s good to know that the adjacent Oasis At Sunset will get free-flowing access to the park as well.

sunset beach resort and spa jamaica tropical tourism tips sunset beach resort and spa jamaica tropical tourism tips


36. Rockaway Bay Water Park at Hard Rock Riviera Maya – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Home of world-class water slides surrounded by tropical gardens, slip and splash away at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Divided into four sections with a variation of 23 slides, this enormous park makes the perfect addition for our Caribbean water parks listing. Catered to teens and adults, the largest structure features six different heart-pounding slides. Pick from four body slides and two drop slides for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Designed specifically for from toddlers to teens, the three other sections include age-appropriate slides and activities for everyone. Choose from short and simple slides to one that is more elaborate, full of twists and turns. To keep the kiddos cool throughout the day, each area offers a variety of drop water buckets. There is also a small splash pad for the littlest ones in your gang. Cap your day off at the humongous pool that boasts enticing views of the ocean.

caribbean water parks hard rock riviera maya mexico all inclusive vacation ideas


35. Splash Water Park World at Riu Montego Bay – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hold on tight! The action never stops at all-inclusive Riu Montego Bay. As we countdown the top Caribbean water parks, adults have made their match, as this is an adults-only resort that comes only with its own water park. Your aquatic adventure will be filled with steep turns, full loops and shriek-inducing free-fall drops. Be sure not to miss out on the legendary Tumbellino slide. Free-fall through a dark tunnel before the rumble of a full 45° drop that accelerates you into an immense funnel. Only then to lead you to an intense splash ending. Aquaracer is divided up between four lanes for racers to ride downhill head-first for a race to the finish line. The remaining three slides include two slides which twist and turn, and another that plunges straight down into the pool.


If you’re looking for a change, the destination also offers five quenching pools throughout its location. As a matter of fact, one inviting pool even offers its own swim-up bar.

caribbean water parks riu montego bay jamaica luxury resort tips


34. Aquapark at Crown Paradise Club Cancun – Cancún, Mexico

Location, location, location! Perfectly set in the middle of the illustrious Hotel Zone rests Crown Paradise Club Cancun. Boasting the most beautiful views of the sea, Aquapark is a sure bet with our Caribbean water parks list. You’ll find two structures that house four water slides here. Two of the three of the tube slides are enclosed, while another is an open slide. One thing will be sure, that you will swoosh, flip and turn you round and round while on these exciting slides. The Fourth slide is a drop slide, where you will be thrusted into the refreshing waters below.


Designed especially for 4 to 12 years olds, Kids Paradise is the second water area of the resort. This special place provides a fantasy world for kids. It puts a spotlight on a large pirate-style ship, full of water cannons and slippery slides for the little ones. Add to that, a large castle with slides, mushroom waterfalls and sprays all around. Each offering a variety of brilliant views, enjoy hours of fun in four outdoor pools on the premises.

crown paradise club cancun mexico all inclusive vacation ideas


33. Sugar Mill Falls Water Park at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica’s largest, the Sugar Mill Falls Water Park, provides an adventure like no other. The lazy river at Hilton Rose Hall Resort is full of twists, turns and plenty of fun. Showcased is a 280-foot water slide inside three terraced pools. Surrounded by lush exotic surroundings, hop on a raft and see where it leads, as you relax under the sun. Along the way, lookout for the poolside concierge service to cater to your every need. Navigate as you travel under cascading waterfalls, a wonderful windmill and a rope-and-wood suspended bridge. Hit the tube slides where you will end up plummeting into the splash pools below.


You can also decide to just take it easy and relax along the lagoons. On one end, be sure to grab an underwater seat and order tropical sips at the swim-up bar. It offers an extensive selection of unlimited sodas and frozen drinks, as well as beer, wine and cocktails for adults. All in all, this park makes a very unique choice for our Caribbean water parks list.

hilton rose hall resort & spa jamaica fun getaway ideas


32. Splash Water World at Riu Ocho Rios – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

In search of an adrenaline rush? Dive into the action at Riu Ocho Rios. Whatever your aquatic-loving heart desires, it’s a sure bet for families on our extraordinary list of Caribbean water parks. This place of pleasure is divided into two sections. The first includes an area with larger slides for teens and adults, and a zone for toddlers to tweens. The larger park is divided between five sections of slides. One particular slide is divided up between four lanes where racers can compete to the finish line. The highlight here is surely the slide that has an enclosed tube. Hang on as it drops you into a funnel for the ride of your life. The remaining three slides include two that are full of twists and turns. A second steep slide will immediately plop you into the pool right below.


For the youngest guests, they have a special pool area that features smaller various-sized slides. Additionally, water drop baskets and splash and play areas will keep the kiddos preoccupied. There are also five refreshing pools at the resort which will help tame the tropical heat.

caribbean water parks riu ocho rios jamaica fun vacation tips


31. Fins Up Water Park at Margaritaville Beach Resort – Nassau, Bahamas

Seeking adventure, relaxation, or even both? Margaritaville Beach Resort will provide a refreshing cool off from the hot tropical weather. You’ll discover so many options here, from slides to surfing and some old-fashioned fun. Choose from four tempting water slides, including two high-speed slides for adults, as well as two for the kids. Get ready to gasp as you can visit a 10 foot jump platform and plunge into a 11.5 feet pool. Be sure not to miss out on SurfStream. It’s the on-site boogie board surfing simulation. Simply test your balance and try your “Hang 10” skills. Truly, it is really the coolest way to surf for beginners and experienced surfers alike.


Now, all of this exhilaration may have you wound up a bit. Take some time to unwind and take a laid-back ride along the lazy river. Families can also pay a visit to the zero entry pool, which goes up to three-feet deep. With all that’s been said, you can see why it makes a great addition to our Caribbean water parks list.

margaritaville beach resort bahamas traveling tips


30. De Palm Island – Palm Island, Aruba

Put on that happy face! De Palm Island is a private offshore island attraction that offers all-inclusive packages. Choose from food and beverages, an impressive variety of water sports, a refreshing water park, banana boat rides and more. The sprawling water park is divided into two distinct sections. One area comes complete with water slides, while the other is a splash park area. A large on-site structure gives you a variety of three slides to experience. A fan favorite, the Aquadrop, places you right inside a capsule. Following that, a trap door is opened, sending you screaming into an adrenaline-pumping freefall drop into a giant bowl. Step in and take the ride of your life. Be ready to swoosh around, twisting and turning all the way down to a very slippery ending.


On the other side, is the playground park for the littles ones. At this section, they can go under water showers and hop on a short water slide. If that’s not enough, children can get soaked by a humongous tipping bucket.

caribbean water parks de palm island aruba best things to do


29. Wet ’n Wild Water Park at Ventura Park – Cancún, Mexico

It’s cooldown time when you’re out at the Wet ’n Wild Water Park. On the Twister slide, hop in a 2-person inner tube and be sure to hang on. Because you’ll get to race down a twisting slide at sensational speeds! Feeling bold? Get a dose of pure adrenaline on the Kamikaze that has a steep speed drop. Have a blast on Bubba Tub as you share a giant inner tube with family. Everyone inside will slide down six floors of fun with surprising dips and a refreshing landing. Featuring a spine-chilling 50-foot drop at a rousing 30-mph into a 10-foot pool, test your bravery on Double Space Bowl. Little guppies can splash about at the spray zone that offers small slides and plenty of water splashing around.


With beautiful scenery all around, chill out with a refreshing day on the lazy river. If you feel like catching some waves, the wave pool will be a prime pick. On the Wet Bubble Pool, the kiddos can climb up a giant rubber bubble. Once there, they will be rewarded with a super-quick slide back down that ends with a sploosh.

cheap caribbean water parks ventura park mexico fun things to do


28. Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches St. Vincent Grenadines – Buccament, St. Vincent & Grenadines

Due to open sometime in 2024, get ready to embrace the laid-back spirit of Beaches St. Vincent Grenadines. Perched along Buccament Bay, the luxury destination will sit on 50 lush acres of excellence. It is also nestled within a lush mountain range with neighboring rainforest. Get in on the action where the future Pirates Island Water Park. This will then feature humongous water slides, splash areas and plenty of pools to beat the tropical heat. It will make an unforgettable impression on our Caribbean water parks list.

top-rated caribbean water parks beaches st. vincent grenadines children's vacation ideas


27. Kool Runnings Adventure Park – Negril, Jamaica

Known as being Jamaica’s largest water park, reach new heights with a fun-filled day at Kool Runnings Adventure Park. It’s a surefire with our look at the best Caribbean water parks. Named after the famous team, experience the excitement of the Jamaica Bobsled Ride as you navigate the twists and turns. On the Kick Puppalick, plunge from a height of 40 feet and end up in a “splash bowl” catch pool. Named after the island’s most famous cave, the Green Grotto is a 385-foot water slide. This attraction gives its riders the ability to choose their own ride through a state-of-the-art system. Slip, slide away on the Sly Mongoose which stretches out to 206-feet of pure enjoyment. Meanwhile, the Duppy Conqueror is the park’s fastest, taking off from a 40-foot tower. Take off from a 70-foot speed slide called the Lightning Bolt then end up at the Red Snapper.


To add to your incredible experience, there is also a quarter-mile lazy river to relish in. Named after the notorious “Captain Mikie,” a fun-filled day awaits at the children’s splash zone.

cheap caribbean water parks kool runnings adventure park jamaica family vacation ideas


26. Splash Waterpark at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa Vieux Fort Lighthouse, St. Lucia

Bring on the fun! It’s time to create the memories of a lifetime at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa. With excitement around every corner, it makes for an outstanding option with our Caribbean water parks list. Discover your own private oasis as the aquatic playground features sweet relief to the hot tropical weather. Its prize, surely, is the Coconut Coaster, which features plenty of twists and turns. You will also be dropped into the plunge pool and a quick slip down another slide. Surrounded by stunning lush foliage, settle into bliss through the lazy river. The journey takes tubers on a chill-out coast around an awesome array of turns and under wondrous waterfalls. Toddlers will have a special place to call their own at Cocoland. It’s a splash playground that features spilling buckets, fountains and water cannons for spraying newfound friends.


Besides the all-inclusive resort’s mile-long beach, they also offer five shimmering pools on location to choose from.

best caribbean water parks coconut bay beach resort & spa st. lucia traveling tips


25. Royalton Blue Waters – Montego Bay, Jamaica

At Royalton Blue Waters, you can beat the heat by rescuing yourself to a wonderful playground adventure. This all-inclusive resort features a water park, spray ground area and a replenishing lazy river. Another great option for this Caribbean water parks list, families can receive the ultimate experience at the Pirate-themed splash park. Ranging from a few feet off the ground to almost sky-high, quench yourself on several water slides. They consist of varying thrill levels, all leading to a guaranteed gigantic splash in the end. Treat your kids to the time of their lives at the splash pad. Water spritzes and sprays will do their best to tame the hot sun while your child plays. For the ultimate in lounging around, stay cool while drifting away at the lazy river. This little peace of heaven wanders throughout the properties’ grounds for a refreshing take on sunbathing.


Whether you’re looking for a peaceful oasis, a social atmosphere, or just splashing around carefree in the world, you will find the perfect pool on property to match your mood during your stay.

caribbean water parks royalton blue waters jamaica tropical travel tips


24. Aqua Park at Mangrove Beach Corendon Curaçao Resort – Willemstad, Curaçao

At Mangrove Beach Corendon Curaçao Resort, endless possibilities and intimate experiences await kids of all ages. Reach top speed on their selection of exhilarating water coasters. Its monstrous structure features six slides of action-packed fun. Start off first with a few “smaller” slides designed to break you in for what is about to come. Perfect for racing, try the two drop slides or an enclosed tube slide that has a splash ending. Raft into thrills on the next level, it features an open slide and an enclosed tube slide. Both will toss and turn you as you spill into the rushing waters below.


Finally, hang on to your inner tube as you embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure on the King Cobra. The ride pushes you in the shape of a cobra’s tail, then leading you to a wide open area. From there, you will spin and splash around, going back and forth a few times until you complete your mission. There is a water playground area for the smallest ones, equipped with small slides and a drop bucket on top.

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23. Olimpia Water Park at Albergue Olímpico Germán Rieckehoff – Salinas, Puerto Rico

The Albergue Olímpico German Rieckehoff Sampayo is an athletic training and recreational center. Here, you will find professional sport fields, courts and gyms, besides being home to a revitalizing water park. As we look at the best Caribbean water parks, this wonderful park offers four areas for water recreation. Water slides will come in every shape, size and color, along with some requiring a raft. Take your choice of an enclosed or open tube for your aqua adventure. Get a speed rush the minute you set off, then take on breathtaking drops and hairpin turns. One slide even ends up in a funnel, sending you round and round. Side to side, you’ll find two sets of multi-lane racer water slides. They will take their fierce riders on an exciting head-to-head competition over a series of gut-wrenching bumps.


There is also a small children’s splash area that has many sprays, a few slides and a water drop bucket. And finally, catch a wave and play as the swell sweeps in at the wave pool.

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22. Moon Palace The Grand – Cancun – Cancun, Mexico

Are you ready to cool off in a grand way? Well, that’s clearly the agenda at Moon Palace The Grand – Cancun. This all-inclusive destination showcases a state-of-the-art water park on its grounds. It is highlighted by big-time thrills with plenty of waves, splashes, thrilling slides and surfing fun. If you’re here for the slides, there are two to choose from, each offering its own appeal and charm. The Trenzas is a speed slide shooting you straight down, while the Toboloco slide is much more windy. It consists of a variation of two slides, giving you the opportunity to slide solo or with a partner. Who wants to go on a surfing safari? Go ahead and practice your skills surfing endless waves on the ProFlow Triple wave simulator.


And when you need a rest, the lazy river is perfect when you’re in the mood to relax and float. You just might feel as if you are in the ocean while you’re in the hands of the luxe wave pool. There is also a smaller splash park available to younger children. This wonderful place for the smaller ones offers small slides in a playground-style setting and plenty of splashing.

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21. Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches Runaway Bay – Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Beaches Runaway Bay is due to be open sometime in 2024. As we countdown the top Caribbean water parks, their Pirates Island Water Park is sure to be a hit. The all-new Beaches resort will be located midway between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Children of all ages will be sure to have a blast with their visit. Expect all the usual suspects here with monstrous water slides, kids’ splash zones with water cannons and refreshing pool areas. Expect plenty of fun and plenty of smiles. Check back soon for more details.

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20. Aquafun at Iberostar Selection Paraiso Lindo – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

At Iberostar Selection Paraíso Lindo, a splendid time is to be had for all. Counting down all the best Caribbean water parks, this all-inclusive resort encourages its guests to get outside. You’ll find quite the variety too, at its 34,000 square foot park that comes with a slide area, splash pad, wave pool and a lazy river. Romp with kids in the water park that features an exciting variation of seven water slides. Running over 196-feet long, make a splash with four turbo racers, one stuka, one aquatube and one open slide. Toddlers can have their own fun at the splash pool area. Take on a few mini-slides and a ginormous bucket on top for those special surprises. Surrounded by vegetation, the lazy river is ideal for disconnecting while you drift in the current.


An amazing array of pools awaits you as well here. In fact, one has a pyramid-inspired design, and another that mimics the ocean’s waves. A larger pool offers sports tournaments and spotlights a floating water park.

caribbean water parks iberostar selection paraiso lindo mexico vacation tips


19. Watermill Aquatic Park at Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve – Dorado, Puerto Rico

Inspired by a Puerto Rican sugar mill, Dorado Beach is an aquatic playground that keeps families entertained. A unique addition for our list of Caribbean water parks, it offers a variety of three experiential zones. These fascinating areas consist of passive, active and kids. Attached to a corner wall of the old sugar mill, magically appear two exhilarating 30-foot water slides. One is an enclosed tube slide, while the other is open. On each of the slides, journey down tons of twists and turns before your final descent into the pool below. Grab a tube, jump in and let the winding lazy river take you on a journey. Surrounded by lush surroundings, travel through the likes of wonderful waterfalls, sprinkling waters and overhead bridges. Expect to see a dramatic splash coming from the above silo.


Another highlight here is a large pool with a giant waterfall that flows from a piece of the mill above. And lastly, the large watermill anchor attraction which is a site to see all by itself.



18. Agua Splash Caribe – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Agua Splash Caribe is the perfect paradise spot to enjoy wild thrills and amazing experiences. As we countdown the best Caribbean water parks, this place of pleasure is divided into four dynamic sections. If you’re feeling bold, take the plunge into the main slide area. It is interconnected by a partial lazy river that winds right through the grounds. One slide will plummet you down a ridiculously fast slope, while another features a slight curve. Grab your seat because there is a slide that puts out many twists and turns. Grab a raft and take to the challenge of a sloshy wet river run. It is defined by a snake route and a splashy race for the pool. The longest on location, get four opportunities for the perfect water ride. You and three other people can race each on the slopes of this ultra-slick body slide.


Splash, slide and play all day in a place specifically built just for the smallest guests. This splash park section comes equipped with a variation of five more innocent slides. At the wave pool, family members can wade in, cool off, and ride constant surf at a variety of heights.

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17. Canapolis Water Park at Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Let’s go all the way to Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana where you will find there’s a lot to ‘WOW!’ about. With its megastructure housing four water slides, you’ll get an authentic adrenaline rush when whooshing down the selection of slides. You will find two lanes of steep rolls and drops to consider. This is perfect for riders who want to test and polish their skills before advancing to the curling section. At the very top, discover rides that are catered to both older kids and adults. The action doesn’t stop on either of the two enclosed tube slides. They will excite you with steep turns, full loops and the ultimate splash ending. Geronimo! If you’re feeling brave, the drop slide will offer an adrenaline-pumping drop like no other.


After all, your epinephrine simmers down, simply kick back and afloat along the lazy river. This haven features wondrous waterfalls, grotto cascades and an awesome array of water sprays. There is also a second splash park at this destination for the smallest ones. The main structure provides a number of slides and a water drop bucket on top.

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16. Rockaway Bay Water Park at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Ready? SET? DROP! Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is ready to provide you with the most epic family vacation. Its themed park is home to a whopping 26 world-class water slides. The large structure features a variety of high-speed slides. This includes speed, body and drop, along with a slide fit for dual riders. This fascinating section includes everything from small to medium-sized slides that are full of twists and turns. Plus, a large drop bucket on top will be ready to swoosh you away. The splash park is just as alluring with tons of fun for everyone. This area is highlighted by tons of water sprinklers, small slides and a few more water dropping buckets.


If you’re feeling a little lazy, drift away on the lazy river that meanders through a lush surrounding. For those who like to test their skills, take to the challenge of the on-site Flowrider surf simulator. With 13 pools scattered around the property, you’ll never want to go home.

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15. Jungle Water Park at Dreams Onyx Resort & Spa – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Dare you to jump? The Jungle Water Park is definitely a ”must” in your next stay at Dreams Onyx Resort & Spa. Embark on thrilling adventures, shoot down high-speed slides, and/or laze at the lazy river. Now, the hardest choice will be to find the right speed level that’s perfect for you. Featuring four adrenaline-charged water slides, start first with the Easy Ride Slide. Next, make your way up to the winding Black Cave and Black Mamba Slides. This is where enclosed tubes turn at every curve and then jump into the unknown. If you’re still feeling the need for high speed, brace yourself for the jaw-dropping Kamikaze slide. Engage with adrenaline as you will glide straight down into the pool from a soaring height. After all the action, take time out and simply kick back on a chilled-out ride along the lazy river.


It’s good to know that this all-inclusive resort has a swim-up bar that is located right inside the park. With that being said, experience a waterfall and a dedicated area for young children full of sprays and small slides.

finest caribbean water parks dreams onyx resort and spa dominican republic fun things to do


14. Xel-Há Park – La Esperanza, Mexico

What goes up must come down! Feel a little closer to heaven with a family vacay to Xel-Há Park. Making our way through this list of Caribbean water parks, this may be like nothing that you have seen before. This piece of pleasure showcases several attractions at its site. And this includes everything from cave exploring and cliff climbing to river rafting and ziplining, and so much more. Surely the centerpiece of this haven is the very impressionable, Scenic Lighthouse. Take on the climb of a 131-foot attraction, then stop and take in the 360° breathtaking views. Appreciate the lushness of the Mayan jungle and all the shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea.


After observing the landscape, venture as many times as you like into four open waterslides. Their mission is to take you on an adrenaline-pumping spiral descent into the crystalline waters of a natural pool. Without a doubt, this may be one of the most unique experiences of your life, one not to be missed.

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13. Water Park at Five Islands – Chaguaramas, Trinidad & Tobago

On 25 stunning acres on a scenic coastline, your tropical adventure kicks off as you step into Five Island. Offering over 25 interactive water ride experiences, it’s no surprise that it makes this Caribbean water parks countdown. Start your day on the tallest structure, as it features two gravity-defying drop slides that drop 50-feet. Then, they end up zig-zagging you until your incredible splashdown. Next, a second complex will be a conglomerate of slides, from open to enclosed, and some best with rafts. But in the end, all of them will provide plenty of chills and thrills to your experience there. Test your racing skills on a six lane water slide that provides plenty of humps and dumps along the way. Take on the challenge of a perfect, endless wave, either at the wave pool or the on-site Flowrider surf simulator.


One of the Caribbean’s longest, be sure to opt in for a relaxing ride floating down the lazy river.  Your little splasher will have a whale of a time at the large water play area. This section supplies an extensive amount of small slides, water sprays and endless fun. Ready to begin something special?

cheap caribbean water parks five islands trinidad best things to do for kids


12. Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches Turks & Caicos – Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

At Beaches Turks & Caicos, get ready to make a big splash at Pirates Island Water Park! As we look at the top Caribbean water parks, fun is on the agenda with a wide variety of options for your water play. Zig, zoom and make a big splash down three enormous water slides that feature twists, turns and drops. Perfect starter slides, the smallest ones in your tribe, can discover slides specifically built for the kiddies. If you’re looking for a day of playing and splashing in the puddles, all aboard the splash deck. This designated section includes the likes of cannons and splash jets. Surrounded by lush tropical plants, float serenely under bridges and waterfalls, as you meander along at your leisure on the lazy river.


Featuring the island’s only surf simulator, catch some waves in style as you test your skills on water in motion. Afterwards, cool off with a refreshing drink at the kids-only swim-up bar where ice cold slushies are a huge hit!

top-rated caribbean water parks beaches turks & caicos all inclusive family resort ideas


11. Sandos Aqua Park at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Are you ready for a full day of aquatic adventures? Let the good times roll at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort. Featuring 29 slides, from small to medium and large, it makes an impressive option on our Caribbean water parks list. The Aquatubo slide is the longest, as it is enclosed and features three loops with a mystery plunge at the end. Hey Speed Racer! The Octopus slide is perfect for kids looking to compete against one another. The Tornado is an enclosed slide that will escalate into a funnel, then cypher all your way to the bottom. The Kamikaze is a speed slide that won’t disappoint any participants. Meanwhile, the Trenza is a twin water slide where you will switch places and end up on the opposite side.


Created for the littlest members, a second area offers smaller-sized slides. It also highlights a mini pool that has a mushroom waterfall and a giant water bucket above. Outside the park, experience multiple swimming pools and a poolside bar with non-alcoholic drinks. How ’bout that for a sizzling vacation?

caribbean water parks sandos cancun eco resort mexico fun ideas


10. Jungala Aqua Experience at Vidanta Riviera Maya – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

¡Ay, caramba! Vidanta Riviera Maya invites you to take a swim on the wild side with their oasis of the extraordinary. Expect non-sop thrills at the water park whereas a variation of 4 slides awaits you. On Paradise Free Fall, test your bravery as you drop into a near-vertical tube at dizzying speeds. At the same time, the Beachside Boomerang gives its riders that craved a moment of weightless news on a near-vertical fall. Prepare to get looped on Hoop Hoop Aqua Loop that features adrenalized drops, as well as many twists and turns. Finally, Tropical Whizzard is a high-speed flume ride where you can race to see who gets to the bottom first. Slow things down at the lazy river. It’s a wondrous layout of slides, temples, wave pools and swim-up bars.


Kids of all ages can enjoy time at the Brave Wave Pool. Only because this is a place where you can body surf or swim under the crashing waves. The kids section on property has a humongous aquatic play structure and a lively water playscape with multiple kids’ slides.

top-rated caribbean water parks vidanta riviera maya mexico fun travel ideas children


9. Aqua Nick at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resort Riviera Maya – Tulum, Mexico

Ready, set, go! It’s time to get wet at a sprawling six-acre themed water park set at Nickelodeon Riviera Maya. If you’re feeling bold, take the plunge on any of the 21 invigorating water slides. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker at Soak Summit. It’s a 59-foot-tall tower that contains multiple levels and 10 intense slides. Tidal Twister is one of the fastest rides where you can tackle steep slopes. A visit to Epic Plunge, you can start with a trapdoor free fall that stops passersby in their tracks. On Riptide Rush, you will receive an adrenaline rush like no other. Be sure to stop by the legendary Gnarly Half-Pipe. This duo raft slide will climb high in the before shooting you out with maximum velocity.


Are you a fan of floating down the river? Choose between a wild whirl on a fast-paced Adventure River or a leisurely ride on the Lazy River. In the meantime, a multileveled water playground awaits the kiddos with non-stop action. Alternatively, Paw Patrol Adventure Bay has cannons, sprayers and a tipping bucket. The Activity Pool features a colorful wave ball, a climbing wall and a water-walk system.

top-rated caribbean water parks nickelodeon hotels resorts riviera maya mexico family-fun travel tips


8. Royalton Splash Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Geronimo! Situated on a clear stretch on Bavaro Beach, spend your day sliding and laughing at one of the largest Caribbean water parks. At Royalton Splash Punta Cana, create lasting memories that will last a lifetime. The water park on locations puts a focus on seven slides, splash grounds and an exhilarating wave pool. Get ready for lift-off as you can pick from monster water slides that twist and turn. Or, perhaps the multi-lane slides that hit speeds of nearly 45-feet per second before a refreshing plunge. And then we have roller coaster slides that make you feel you’re on a wickedly fast roller coaster For the tiniest members in your tribe, there is a splash pad area and a mini slide park on property. They basically act as a perfect introduction to sliding for the newbies.


Wade into the active waters where gentle waves lap at the wave pool. And, this is just as a large water barrel soaks everyone who is standing underneath!. If that’s not enough, five swimming pools act as the perfect spot to refresh yourself into oblivion.

caribbean water parks royalton splash punta cana dominican republic family fun tips


7. Baha Bay Water Park at Baha Mar – Nassau, Bahamas

Here we go! The massive Baha Bay Water Park is tailored specifically for the perfect balance of thrill and chill. Baha Mar comprises of three hotels to consider during your time away. They include the Rosewood, Grand Hyatt and SLS, where you will receive unlimited access to the park. Set on 15 beachfront acres, the water park features 24 water slides, a state-of-the-art surf simulator, a quarter-mile long lazy river and a 500,000-gallon wave pool. Stop by Devil’s Backbone, where you feel the floor drop out from under you before blasting through a twisting tunnel. On Hammerhead, a multi-person raft slide rockets riders through tunnels. Meanwhile a high-action body slide takes you through 360° loops on Pirate’s Plunge. Rocket through tunnels, spin around saucers and dive steep slopes on the Dueling Riptide Coaster.


Finally, a straight-down plummet delivers an unforgettable rush on Thunderball. Big kids rule at Stingray Cove, where they can explore a trio of thrilling water slides. It’s good to know that younger children will also have a splashy place to call their own.

top-rated caribbean water parks baha mar bahamas best things to do teens tweens


6. Thrill Water Park at CocoCay – Berry Islands, Bahamas

Owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, CocoCay is a mile-long private island reserved only for RCCL’s guests. This island was converted as a one-day stopover for its passengers, with every imaginable form of entertainment and activities possible. It is also home to the Thrill Water Park, which is divided between four unique attraction areas. At Splash Summit, get ready to take on six astounding slides to choose from. Meanwhile, Splashaway Bay is a play area with plenty of water spurting around and offers three small water slides itself. The largest in the Bahamas, take the plunge into the simulated surf at the Wave Pool. Test your bravery at Daredevil’s Tower, which features seven spectacular slides. It also features the tallest water slide in North America at a record-breaking 135-feet. There is also the Adventure Pool, full of exciting games to play.


At Captain Jill’s Galleon, kids can get soaked by water cannons and take on slides on a shipwrecked galleon.

top-rated caribbean water parks cococay bahamas best things to do kids


5. Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches Negril – Negril, Jamaica

Guaranteed to have you hooked. Discover the ultimate water party at Pirates Island Water Park. Located only at Beaches Turks & Caicos, it makes a perfect addition for our Caribbean water parks list. This mega spray ground is over 18,000 square feet and features seven slides, leaving another five small rides to explore. Take on the challenge of two 200-foot slides, one being a turbo tube slide (not for the faint of heart.) Created for little troopers to feel safe while having fun, the toddler slides offer a gentler pace to experience tons of fun. Equipped with pop-up water jets and interactive cranks, soak your friends for hours of fun at the bucket drop area. A peaceful way to pass the time, pass through acres of tropical greenery while on the 650-foot lazy river.


This playground also includes seven outdoor pools to splish-splash your day away. This care-free place consists of three whirlpools, a plunge pool, a main pool, a kids-only pool and a piazza pool.

beaches negril jamaica funnest vacation ideas


4. Sirenis Aguagames at Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Looking for hydro-powered thrills? Well, you’ve found them at Grand Sirenis! Showcasing an awe-inspiring 33-foot tower, take your pick of seven slippery slide variations. Will it be the two enclosed tubes where you’ll feel the full thundering power rushing through like a full-body twister? Or, perhaps, try the two open slides that also feature plenty of curves? Hold on tight! Go inside the eye of insanity in the Kamikaze. First, enter the tunnel as you are bulleted through and then swirled through a funnel with a surprise ending. On Aquaracer, you can race your friends down a gigantic four-lane multi-track speed waterslide repeatedly. Featuring Pirates of the Caribbean theme, bring the littlest ones in your family to two children’s play areas. One has ten children’s slides and four splash barrels, while the other area includes jets and water cannons.


There is also a paddling pool for infants and toddlers with animal figures and a rain palm tree. Have a great time!

finest caribbean water parks grand sirenis punta cana resort dominican republic tourism tips


3. Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom – Mahahual, Mexico

Highlighted by TripAdvisor as one of the top 25 Water Parks in the World, Mayá is ready to rock your world. A challenge awaits everyone here with a myriad of slide options. Start your day off with a bang on a sharp 59-foot drop on Underworld. Next, make your way to Lord of the Storm, where you can use a mat and race your friends. Demon is just like it is called, with a jaw-dropping 78-foot adrenaline-pumping drop. Lords of Creation is a variation of two serpent water slides, while Balam allows for more radical maneuvers. Three quick spins that will make you scream on Jurakán. Alternatively, Xtabay will bewitch you at full speed from a height of 78-feet, on the top of the Great Pyramid. The mellow currents of the Jaguar Lazy River will offer the sounds and sights of nature all around you.


Finally, on Monkey’s Island, toddlers and tweens can have their own fun. This large structure hosts four gut-wrenching water slides and a humongous water drop bucket.

best caribbean water parks maya lost mayan kingdom mexico family-friendly travel tips


2. Pirates Island Water Park at Beaches Ocho Rios – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Welcome to a fantasy world filled with gigantic water slides and aquatic adventures at Pirates Island Water Park. This extravaganza is exclusively set at Beaches Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Set over an eye-dropping 27,000 square feet area, it is renowned for having the biggest slides of all the Beaches. In fact, there are eleven total slides, including action-packed tube and raft slides, besides body and speed slides. You’ll find six more slides for little kids and toddlers to where they can land in the shallow pools below. An adventure awaits the wee ones at an interactive splash zone. Take on the challenge of crossing the sea creature stepping stones and clamber across the swinging. The kiddos can also have a whale of a time with the blast water cannons.


The fun continues on at four crystal-clear pools that are located on property. Just grab a floatie and drift along on a warm day. Counting down the top Caribbean water parks, this playful park is a sure standout and not to be missed.

top-rated caribbean water parks beaches ocho rios jamaica tourism ideas


1. Aquaventure at Atlantis – Paradise Island, Bahamas

With over 20 million gallons of water flowing around a 141-acre mega waterscape, Aquaventure is the mind-blowing centerpiece of Atlantis. As we look at the top Caribbean water parks, it is home to dozens of pools, rivers and slides. The Power Tower is called that for clearly a reason. This 120-foot tower produces four adrenaline-inducing slides with a variety of options. Second, the six-story Mayan Temple features five slides, including the iconic The Leap of Faith. This iconic slide offers an astounding vertical drop of 60-feet. Next, it followed by a high-speed ride through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.


The lazy river meanders around a quarter-mile loop through a tropical landscape. Alternatively, The Current will propel you along a mile-long river via water escalators, rolling waves and extreme rapids. Atlantis is truly a swimmer’s paradise by producing 20 swimming areas and 11 distinctly different pools, including three kids’ pools.

top-rated caribbean water parks atlantis paradise island bahamas fun tour ideas


Best Online Travel Deals hopes you splashed straight into fun with our informative list of Caribbean water parks. Hopefully we’ve marked off the best things to do on your bucket list! It appears Dreams Flora Resort & Spa will have a water park very soon with their opening. Remember, a family that whooshes together swooshes together.





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