best aphrodisiac foods to sex-up your vacation

20 Aphrodisiac Foods

Learn more about the best aphrodisiac foods and spices that will surely sizzle-up your vacation. Let us provide you with tips for couples seeking to spark a little romance, as that special spark is starting to fizzle at home. Let’s forget the candles, toys and whatever you may have done in the past and replace them with food. Yes! That’s right, food. Food for thought in fact. Acting as nature’s love potion, aphrodisiac food is a natural way to increase desire towards your partner. From pomegranates to oysters and strawberries, there are some foods that have inspired lovemaking, and most importantly, passion. When you click on an affiliate link below and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Let’s get you in the mood as we bring sexy back, with these top 20 aphrodisiac food ideas that will get you all randy. Without wasting any time, let’s start!



20. Watermelon:

Believe it or not, watermelon has a natural Viagra-like effect on your body. This tasty fruit starts off our amazing list of the top aphrodisiac foods. It turns out that watermelon and Viagra both have effects on the blood vessels, as it results in boosting libido. It also unleashes amino acids inside your body which relaxes your blood vessels and improves blood flow, in end-effect, stimulating the sex drive in you. For best results, make sure you purchase the seedless kind. Let’s face it: It’s not too hot having to spit out the seeds.

top aphrodisiac foods watermellon


19. Pumpkin Seeds: 

You might find it funny that your favorite snack comes fall is to all intents and purposes is a famous aphrodisiac. Pumpkin seeds are actually high in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and improves penile blood flow in men and an amorous desire in women. So next time you want to be in the mood, try roasting pumpkin seeds which come in a variety of recipes, to sow the seeds of love for a romantic evening.

pumpkin seeds


18. Celery:

Celery may not be the first food that comes to mind when it comes to coupling, but it actually can stimulate pheromone production inside a man’s body, more or less, getting him in the mood quickly. In fact, a celery root was often used as a treatment for impotence in French culture and foods. It might not taste like much, but it is actually spicier than it lets on, and digesting it can promote a healthy romantic vibe. Interestingly enough, eating celery burns more calories than it contains, qualifying it as a negative-calorie vegetable.

aphrodisiac foods celery


17. Almonds: 

We all know that almonds can make a healthy snack for lunch or a late-night treat. However, what you may not know is that it can improve sexual health in men. Remember, without good circulation, you can’t have a healthy lovemaking life. If raw or roasted almonds are not your thing, try considering almond butter or almond milk (which may not have the same effect as the others.) They are also a great source of protein and fiber in your diet. Another benefit is that it will increase the health of your heart and offer a nice dose of energy.



16. Truffles: 

Valued for their supposed aphrodisiac properties, truffles contain a floral essence that can stimulate the body and mind. These are not your traditional chocolate truffles that you may be thinking of. True truffles come in black and white and are grown from subterranean fungus in the shadow of oak trees. It’s been said that it’s like adding a magic potion to your food, giving an opportunity to not be missed. It is considered by many chefs as being a “diamond at the table.” This rare delight is also available in jams, Tapenades and truffle-infused oils. So, be sure to look for it when ordering or be sure to bring some along with you on your next trip.

aphrodisiac foods truffles


15. Maca Powder: 

Coming in three varieties; red, black and yellow; the Maca root has been used as a natural stimulant for over a thousand years. This can be attributed to ingredients found within the root, as it is beneficial for healthy sperm and fights male infertility, as well as helping with menopause symptoms and hormone regulation. Offering a nutty taste, you can add the powder to your drinks or smoothies, which will then assist in increasing the blood flow and boost your libido. Maca can also be beneficial as you work toward your fitness goals and has been known to improve memory.

maca powder


14. Garlic:

Most travelers may not think garlic cannot spice up their love life, but it really does! Apart from its pungent smell, it can really assist in increasing the passion of your partner. The heat in the garlic is what will stir up your libido, which is thought to increase blood flow to your sexual organs. It is recommended to eat it consistently, as it can also keep vampires away. For those who can’t stand the sharp smell, there are two simple solutions to remove the garlic odor from your mouth. Buy odorless garlic pills or you and your partner, both can consume the garlic. It will cancel out the odor!

best aphrodisiac foods garlic


13. Tofu: 

It just might surprise you to see tofu on this list of aphrodisiac foods. High in protein while giving you extra energy, tofu is composed of the curd of soybeans. Its energy can increase blood flow and boost sexual arousal. For women, soy can have estrogenic properties, as its effects can vary depending on the existing level of hormones in the body. An additional benefit is that it is rich in a number of minerals that help support your carnal health, including the likes of zinc, potassium and magnesium. In the end, soy is a great source of protein and provides many health benefits, as well as an alternative to red and processed meat.

tofu soy


12. Spices:

Spices such as pepper, cardamom, ginger, thyme and cinnamon can induce feelings of arousal within you and your partner. These are spices that are considered exotic and can increase desire in both of you. Hot spices can also make you feel even more amorous because they warm and relax the body. You may be able to relate to this. Whenever you go to a spice store, the smell of all the spices can seduce you. If you haven’t had this experience before, do try it now whenever you go to the spice store next time!

best aphrodisiac foods spices


11. Avocados:

Having been derived from the Aztec word “ahuacatl,” which means “testicle,” avocado is a fruit that automatically puts intercourse thoughts in your brain at whatever time you eat. Ironically, the actual shape of the avocado grows in pairs. High in both potassium and folic acid3, it becomes a powerhouse as it is introduced into your love life and plays a tremendous role in hormone production. The best way to enjoy avocado is to try it on bread or toast, add them to a smoothie or just add them to salads and dice on top of your dinner. What a fabulous pick for our aphrodisiac foods list!

aphrodisiac foods avocados


10. Asparagus:

Asparagus is rich in vitamin B that increases histamine inside your body which automatically jumps starts your Libido drive. This green vegetable starts off the top ten of our extraordinary list of aphrodisiac food. For centuries, adults have experimented with eating asparagus in order to improve their coitus skills. There are stories that couples in France eat asparagus before their wedding in hopes of a great performance at night. Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which can increase blood flow to the genitals. Offering a little oomph from their suggestive shape, consider eating asparagus on your vacation for an increased desire towards your partner.

aphrodisiac foods asparagus


9. Honey: 

Offering a sweet taste and gooey texture, the appearance of honey is simply sensual. Though this is not the only reason why honey is included in aphrodisiacs. Honey is rich in boron and vitamin B which regulates hormones and testosterone inside your body. Not just boron, but it is also rich in nitric oxide which is released when a person is in a stimulated state. Quick fact, it is also said that the word honeymoon is derived from honey. Landing a strong position on our look at the top aphrodisiac foods, what could be a more perfect name for two people in love?

aphrodisiac foods honey


8. Coffee: 

Did you know the scent of coffee is said to be a major turn-on for women? A cup of joe influences your body in many powerful ways. Starting off your day with a cup of java can not only add a little extra zing to your day, but your love life. Coffee excites not just your body, but also your state of mind and can elevate your mood, as well as elevate other things. A cup of coffee can increase the dopamine level inside your body. Coffee is rich in alkaloids and it can help you maintain your erotic performance while also increasing stamina.

aphrodisiac foods coffee


6. Artichokes

Did you know what artichokes are an aphrodisiac? Besides eating certain foods to bring passion back in your love life, watching your partner eat and touch certain foods can also make you sexually aroused. Artichokes are said to play in the game of hard-to-get, as they are tough on the outside and soft on the inside. As a result, it will give you all the warm and fuzzy feeling inside. For a few centuries, the artichoke was grown for the most part in France as an exotic vegetable of the aristocracy. Artichokes will surely increase the passion between you and your partner on your romantic getaway.



6. Chilies:

Chili or curry is one of those foods which create moisture and warmth. According to scientific research, foods that create warmth and moisture can stimulate you and release endorphins as they quicken the pulse, all adding up to make you more passionate! Feeling the hotness and warmth inside your body will definitely make you feel hot, and for your partner as well. It also contains Capsaicin, which is well-known to boost testosterone levels and increase libido. People may think chilies and peppers as the same thing, however, they are not. In the end, it’s a natural and amazing way to spice up your love life.

chili peppers


5. Red Peppers: 

Let’s face it: red peppers are sexy. Also known as the bell pepper, this hot-to-trot fruit starts off our top five with our look at the best aphrodisiac foods. In fact, you may remember a famous band named after them as well. Red peppers are added to spice up your dish and you as well. Eating a red pepper can make you sweat and give you an adrenaline rush, making you sexually aroused and can assist men with erectile function. Containing alkaloids in the given plant, they are well-known to “irritate” the circulatory system. When the vessels expand, they act as amplifiers for the transfer of nerve impulses. As a result, it facilitates the activation of an organism and the intercourse is prolonged.

red peppers


4. Chocolate:

With anything ranging from chocolate syrup to chocolate truffles, chocolate contains a mood-boosting hormone that can increase passion and stimulate emotions in your brain. No list would be complete on our aphrodisiac foods list without chocolate! The creamy texture of melting-in-your mouth in your mouth can unleash a sensual desire within you. No wonder Valentine’s Day has been a favorite with romantics all these years. It is recommended to stick with dark chocolate that is rich in flavonoids, as it will promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Containing dopamine, chocolate will induce a new feeling of pleasure in your love life. P.S., don’t forget the whipped cream!

aphrodisiac foods chocolate


3. Strawberries:

Once known as a symbol of Venus, as it’s shaped like a perfect little red heart, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus in ancient Rome. While in France, it is a tradition to serve newlyweds cold strawberry soup before they embark on a honeymoon. Strawberry is well-known to be a sensual fruit, so it’s no wonder it is highly associated with Valentine’s Day. Strawberries have natural chemical components that can induce feelings of sensual arousal inside your body. It’s also very simple feeding one another and also the scent is simply divine as you may know. What is best, is the fact that they can be paired with other foods on our list, like chocolate.

aphrodisiac foods strawberries


2. Pomegranate: 

High regarded as a culinary symbol with the Greek goddess of love, pomegranate has a powerful history behind it and has become a symbol of fertility and abundance. Simply by pomegranate juice, it helps your body in decreasing cortisol and actually increases testosterone levels in both men and women. It is sometimes referred to as “red Viagra” as it enhances desire in you and your partner, as well as assisting to get the blood pumping and perhaps, stimulating the brain due to its hedonistic appearance.

aphrodisiac foods pomegranate


1. Raw Oysters:

It is scientifically proven that oysters can stimulate hormones. Resulting in increased passion and deep desire, it lands the top position of our aphrodisiac foods list. They are extremely rich in zinc, which is vital for testosterone production and preservation of healthy sperm and and increase in natural vaginal lubrication. Oysters also boost dopamine, it’s a hormone that increases libido in both men and women. Apart from increasing your desires, eating oysters is a sensual experience and can inspire special feelings within you or your partner, and can make your copulating experience unusually intense.

raw oysters


Best Online Travel Deals hopes you found this extensive list of 20 Aphrodisiac Foods useful for your next lover’s vacay. We’ll give an honorable mention to olive oil. The oil is said to increase the blood flow in your body and boost your libido. Better blood flow can also give you extra energy and better circulation, hence increasing your desire. Savor the moment!


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