tips to avoid overpacking travelling

Tips to Avoid Overpacking

Sometimes when we read these articles titled “Tips to Avoid Overpacking” we brush them off and move on, but sometimes these tips can be really useful. tips to avoid overpacking travelingWhether you like to admit it or not we have all over packed at least one time in our vacationing careers. When you are flying the overpacking tends to be more of a problem than if you are driving because the airlines can and most times do charge fees for larger suitcases or more bags than allotted.


Here is another article titled “Tips to Avoid Overpacking” but this time we hope you stop scrolling and can find some of these beneficial.


1)  Pack only clothing you need – sure sounds simple enough. Start by figuring out how many days you will be on vacation, then take one outfit for each day these outfits include bras, panties, and socks. Pack at least one dressier outfit for a night out and a swim suit. That should take care of your clothing portion.


2) Keep the extra gadgets at home – you are on vacation so only take the tech you need, your cell phone and a camera. Leave the tablet and lap top and what not at home enjoy the time with those you love not the screen.


tips to avoid overpacking traveling

3) Buy what you can – when you get to your destination you can purchase things like sunblock, shampoo, condition, soap, etc. If you are going to a resort try taking a trip off the resort and you will find prices are comparable to where you live for the same items.


4) Don’t take dirty laundry – When leaving to go home find a laundry mat and wash all your dirty clothes so you don’t end up with garbage bags of clothes to take home. Take the last day of the vacation and wash your laundry.


5) Skip souvenirs – most people bring home more from vacation than they take and I am sure you have never seen this tip on other “Tips to Avoid Overpacking” lists, but it’s true we tend to shop a lot while on vacation and while you might not have over packed for vacation you can certainly over pack when leaving vacation.


Tips to Avoid Overpacking on Your Vacation Recap!


Hopefully you will have some new ideas on how to maintain an overcrowded suitcase when traveling or taking a vacation with our tips to avoid overpacking. Enjoy your vacation and remember, less is more in the packing situation.


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