fun things to do in cancun mexico

Fun Things to do in Cancun


Cancun, Mexico…one of the most well-known vacation destination especially among the spring breakers. What better way to relax, unwind and have a great time. Spend a week on the sandy white beaches sunning yourself. When you get too hot take a tip in the refreshing and clear waters of the ocean. There is much more to do in Cancun than just hang out on the beach. Here is a list made just for you. Enjoy our list of the 10 best fun things to do in Cancun.


Fun things to do in Cancun:


Cancun Underwater Museum – Skip the regular and traditional museum and choose the most exciting museum in Cancun. It’s no surprise this wonderful and intriguing underwater museum made it onto out top 10 fun things to do in Cancun list. Put on your swim suit and they provide the snorkel and jump in. Enjoy the more than 470 underwater statues on display.

best things to do in cancun mexico underwater museum

Cancun Underwater Museum


Interactive Aquarium – Take the kids out for a day to the interactive aquarium. The entire family will enjoy the over 1,195 exquisite marine species who call this aquarium their home. You won’t just walk through and gaze upon these creatures. You can interact with a variety of the marine life at the many interaction tanks throughout the aquarium. If you are feeling extra adventurous, take a dive into the Delphinus tank. You can swim with and feed certain species of animals, this is sure to be a day the entire group will enjoy.

best things to do in cancun mexico underwater aquarium

Interactive Aquarium


Dubai Palace Casino – Do you have luck on your side? Try your skill (or luck) at any of the thrilling games at the Dubai Palace Casino, this casino has been rated as the best casino in Cancun which is why you have found this on the list of the 10 fun things to do in Cancun. The casino is open 24 hours so there is always a good time to visit, just remember don’t spend all your money in one place.

best things to do in cancun mexico dubai palace casino

Dubai Palace Casino

Sky Zone Cancun – Unleash the kids at the Sky Zone where they can jump for hours on the indoor trampolines. Let the kids be kids with freestyle bouncing, dodgeballs, and even a variety of fitness programs to keep everything excited and in shape, even while on vacation.

best things to do in cancun mexico sky zone

Sky Zone Cancun

Boat Tours – Sit back and relax on a boat tour, see the marine life, the natural beauty of the area and just bask in the majesty that is Cancun. There are so many different boat tours like Aquatours. You are sure to find one (if not more) that spark your interest.

best things to do in cancun mexico boat tours

Boat Tours

Golf Paradise – There are many different greens to enjoy while visiting Cancun, like Cancun Golf Club at Pok-Ta-Pok which will challenge your golf skills while leaving you in awe over the sheer beauty of it all.

best things to do in cancun mexico golf course

Golf Paradise

Ancient Mayan Ruins – Don’t worry this isn’t a history class, per say but wouldn’t it awesome to see the real ancient Mayan ruins? That’s just what you can see when take a day and head out to the Chichen Itza. This trip can be done in a day and is perfect for visitors of all ages.

best things to do in cancun mexico scuba dive ancient mayan ruins

Ancient Mayan Ruins

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, & Sailing Oh My – Relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Cancun and the Caribbean by scuba diving, snorkeling or just sailing around the area. You will see the majestic sea life, the beautiful land wildlife, and be surrounded by pure serenity. Our friends at Cancun Adventure will give you quite some underwater fun!

best things to do in cancun mexico scuba dive

Cancun Adventure

Bars, Clubs, Nightlife – Take your sweetie out for a night on the town. There are so many bars and nightclubs in Cancun you are sure to find a spot that suites you. Check out the clubs like Coco Bongo, VIP Nightclub tour, The City Discotheque or Mandala just to name a few.

best things to do in cancun mexico nightlife bars

Coco Bongo

Treat Yourself At A Spa – Book a day or just a few hours to be pampered and treated like a queen at any of the spas in Cancun like Desire Resorts. No list of 10 fun things to do in Cancun would be complete without a traveling to the spa. Book a couples massage, an invigorating hot stone massage or milk bath and pamper yourself before you head out for a night of delicious dining and dancing with your partner.

best things to do in cancun mexico massage spa

Desire Resorts Spa

You can discover so many fun things to do and what to do when visiting the exciting city of Cancun. It will all worth it, the minute you arrive.



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