best things to do in saint johns antigua

Top 10 Best Things To Do in Saint Johns

Are you planning a vacation trip to St. Johns this year? There are are huge variety of things to do while you are visiting. Below is an easy Top 10 list to help you determine which activities to add to your vacation planner. Please join in and discover the best things to do in Saint Johns!


Top 10 Best Things To Do in Saint Johns Antigua


1. Nature & Parks – If you enjoy hiking, walking and just being outdoors enjoying the natural beauty of places, then any one of the nature trails, hiking trails or national parks will be of interest to you. Pack a lunch, some beverages and take a day trip to spend some quality time outdoors at Great Bird Island, Jabberwock Beach, Wadadli Animal Nature Park or the Botanical Gardens, amongst many others.

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2. Boat Tours – Take a day and relax as you sail along the crystal blue ocean on any one of the boat tours offered. Adventure Antigua, dolphin watch boat tours, or for the more adventurous:  the D-Boat tours are a few of the more popular options.

best things to do in Saint Johns Antigua boating

3. Off Road Tours – Take a thrill ride on a 4WD, ATV, or other off road vehicle and explore the area in a new way. The thrill and adrenaline rush from the ride plus the sheer beauty from the area will leave you in a state of bliss for the rest of the day. Come and experience the sheer beauty that is St. Johns.


4. Sightseeing Tours – There are so many things to see when visiting St. Johns it can be difficult to know where to begin. Why not start with a sightseeing tour? There are tours for all tastes and interests. You will be led by an educated and skillful tour guide who will show you the beauty of the local sights. Experience the real Antigua with the authentic expertise of Island Routes luxury adventure tours including local excursions to St. John’s brought to you by Sandals Antigua.


5. Local Museums – Take a trip the local museums and learn about the history and current culture that is St. Johns. See some incredible displays and exhibits in the museums located in St. Johns as well as in the surrounding areas. Be sure to visit the Courtyard at the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel & Museum.


6. Art Gallery – While we are on the subject of museums there are also wonderful art galleries to visit while in St. Johns. Many visitors have said that a visit to the local artist’s exhibits are some of the best things to do in Saint Johns. A highlight to experience would be La Antigua Galeria de Art.


7. Great Bird Island – If you have any type of interest in birds and wildlife then a trip to Great Bird Island would have to be on the list of fun or the best things to do in Saint Johns. Besides seeing the local birds, you will experience the other wildlife that call this island home and take in some natural beauty.


8. Beach Beauty – If you booked a trip to St. Johns at Sandals Antigua, it was probably for the beaches and of course there is plenty of sandy stretches to keep you sun bathing in a new spot for months. The warm white sand flows beautifully down to the point where the crystal blue ocean softly kisses it and they blend together in harmony. Grab a cool drink and a beach chair and spend the day soaking in the sun and ocean breezes at this exotic travel getaway.


9. CasinosThe Kings Casino is small and quaint but will provide you with the thrill of slot machines and other casino games. Head out for a night and try your luck at one of the many different casino games offered here.


10. Golf Courses and Spas – Take a break and unwind on the green during a leisurely game of 18 hold golf on any of the beautiful and challenging greens. After golf, take a trip to the spa for a couples massage or other top of the line invigorating spa treatments. Be sure to stop for a visit at Cedar Valley Golf, the Red Lane Spa, located at Sandals Antigua. You can relax with a West Indian massage, try body exfoliation with pure island sand, reserve a massage on the beach or in the privacy of your room.


Do you have something else to add to the list of the 10 best things to do in Saint Johns? There is so much more to do when visiting St Johns but these were just the most popular and have been said to be the best things to do in Saint Johns.


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