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What to Expect at a Swingers Resort

You are probably searching for what to expect at a swingers resort. You may be a first timer or just curious about what goes on beyond their doors. Over the years, society has adopted a more liberal attitude towards the idea of sex. It has resulted in the creation of nude resorts and nude beaches, as well as erotic vacations, adult cruises, ski trips, kinky festivals and more. Despite their popularity, most travelers still do not know much about swingers resorts. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a good idea for a husband or wife to book a trip to a surprise getaway to one of these adult-themed stays without communicating with their other half. What a shocker that might actually be for some! If you are a true hedonist, you need to stay at one of these sexcation destinations to experience this experience in all its glory. There truly is nothing like feeling free and uninhibited for the very first time.


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It is important to know that these swinger locations usually are all inclusive, which means, all activities, food and drinks will be included in the price of your stay. You will find a great mix of sexual orientations at these getaways, some couples maybe completely straight and want to interact with another couple or a single female may be just looking for a guy to peg, while others are bisexual and may just to mix and mingle. We will offer a breakdown of what to expect during daytime and nighttime, as well as dining, clubs, entertainment, and how much intercourse to expect. As you read our advice on what to expect at a swingers resort, when you click on an affiliate link of ours and buy something below, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Leave inhibitions at home and prepare to let your fantasies embark on a vacation full of sensual fulfillment, provoking true passion and unleashing your hidden pleasures.


If you think that you are ready to take the plunge in this sex-forward environment, lets look at our stimulating suggestions on what to expect at a swingers resort.


What to Expect at a Swingers Resort


Who Are Swingers?

To get a better idea about where the idea of swinger resorts came from and what to expect at a swingers resort, it is important to know what the term swinger means. Swingers tend to be married couples who enjoy having a sexual relationship with other people and their partners. This “lifestyle” followed by swingers varies from couple to couple. Hence, it is difficult to ascribe a certain definition for the taboo term. There are different categories of lifestyles such as orgies, threesomes, full swaps, soft swaps, voyeurism and exhibitionism to name a few. Swingers tend to attend private parties near their home or the intimacy of their own house, as well as goto these provocative vacation spots.



So Are They Nude Resorts?

Technically, swinger resorts are not the same as nudist hotels despite the fact that they are clothing-optional. Naturists prefer to celebrate the lifestyle of non-sexual nudity where sometimes you will even see families with children. At these swinger resorts, you would be required to stay covered for meals and other club activities. When someone books a stay a swingers resort, they get to enjoy an entire experience that is dedicated to them.what to expect at a swingers resort lifestyle travel style=


Do Swingers Have “It” Everywhere?

Just because some may think that it is an all-out orgy fest, you should not expect people to be having getting it on just about everywhere. There is a semblance of etiquette that needs to be followed. Doing in public or the beach can be discouraged at some. However, some resorts will cater to their guests’ needs and have an outdoor play area, such as a specific area or a large Jacuzzi section where people can get to business. Yes, you may be well run into the occasional exhibitionists trying to break the rules, so always keep an eye open (or closed).


Who Goes To These Resorts?

Another misconception may be that you will only find white couples over 60 or that are overweight. The truth is, like everywhere else in life, you will find a good variety of travelers that are young and middle-aged and a wonderful variety of colors. Sometimes a group may book a takeover for that week and you may find an abundance of whatever that age bracket consists of or what location of the world that they are from. Perfect examples are “Young Swingers Week” and “Sexy, Young and Wild.” You may be somewhat surprised to find the occasional LGBT person at these stays, for the simple fact that they feel very welcome in this non-judgmental environment.


Where are all these Lifestyle Resorts located?

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to the actual location. They are not something that is available right down the street. The tropical zones tend to be the center of attention here The Caribbean Islands lead the pack with options with the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. You may also find a few spots in Europe and South America, as well as the United States, harboring a few stays in Florida. Because of the increasing popularity, expect the list to grow in upcoming years.

what to expect at a swingers resort sexy vacation adults


Can Singles Go To Swinger Resorts?

In practice, most swinger resorts tend to be couples-only or open to a single female. But, do not lose hope because there are some resorts which permit all types of singles. These types of resorts are where the man or woman from the swinging couple prefers to play while the other watches. Generally, because of a history of inappropriate activity on their end, single men are usually scouted out before they are invited to any type of event, while single females will receive a free pass.


What about the Nightlife? Is There Any Partying?

One of the best things about a swingers resort is that there is plenty of partying to keep you going. Expect naughty daytime activities like belly dance and pole dance lessons, bikini contests, naked yoga, topless aerobics in the pool and the famous foam pool parties. Titillating theme nights await you as well with risqué theme parties, burlesque shows, elaborate costume nights, live provocative entertainment, enticing stripper events and night clubs where sensual rhythms set the stage for a sexually-charged atmosphere. Most of these tantalizing travel destinations will feature bars where mixologists serve all your favorite unlimited cocktails and drinks.


What Other Activities Can You Expect At A Swingers Resort Besides Boinking?

Believe it or not, intercourse is not the only activity that is offered at a swingers resort. There are many non-fornicating activities that people can also try out such as snorkeling, scuba diving excursions, catamaran sailing, tennis, lawn chess, and offsite tours. It is common for people to relax at the beach au naturel or swimming pool in the morning, do some exercise in the afternoon then stop by the full-service spa for some pampering. There are even classes ranging from learning how to give a massage or the simple pleasures of touch with your partner. It’s important to know that swingers are just like everyone else in the world and like to have fun like everyone else.

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Would You Have to Get it on All the Time?

The idea of doing all the time is what comes to mind when people think about a swingers resort. However, it all depends on you and the other couples around you. Some swingers may turn up the libido level very high, while others may boink once during their visit. It just depends who is in the mood and who is not at that moment, almost like a game of chance. As is maybe a concern on what to expect at a swingers resort, it’s important to know that you should not expect guaranteed intercourse at these places.


Are the Resorts Nice and Worth Staying At?

A common misconception that people have about swinger resorts is that outsiders tend to think that they are all skanky. You’ll be very happy to find out that almost all of these adults-only stays are just like any other top-notch resort. Not only can the property boast and upscale vibe, but the rooms and suites can be quite luxurious with everything from private plunge pools to swim-up rooms, as well as sophisticated settings for sensual dining.


Will You Be Allowed To Organize Sex Parties In Your Room?

Since you have complete freedom to get it on with other couples at the resort, you can organize these parties in your room and attend them. Knock yourself out and have as much fun as you desire. At some of these getaways, you are able to book a mansion or a large private suite that encourages you to bring others in, as they will include large hot tubs for groups and private pools. Remember, there is nothing stopping you from satisfying your carnal desires.


S&M and Toys

And don’t forget, it might be a good idea to bring your toys, vibrator, handcuffs and dildos along for the ride too. Just maybe hide a little as your bags are checked at the airport. When night approaches, you may see some couples dress up in their favorite vinyl, leather, latex or PVC outfits. S&M and bondage can be quite popular at these stays with what some might consider a rough part of the crowd. Whether you are a dominatrix or submissive BDSM, you will rejoice in the fact that there not only are specific nights for your lifestyle, as well as plenty of sex swings and cages to embrace your dark side!


Are There Any Rules That You Should Know About?what to expect at a swingers resort couples lifestyle vacation

Although you can have sex with just about everyone as long as they consent, there are certain rules that you need to know about. You are not allowed to use cameras and cell phones at the resort’s grounds. This is actually one of the most important rules, to respect other guests’ privacy. As mentioned before, you cannot get it on anywhere you want, as there are designated areas or little hideaways perfect for quickies or getting it on. Perhaps the most important rule is “no means no.” Quite often at a swingers party or at these locations things tend to happen quickly. Generally speaking, men tend to be a bit intrusive with not only inappropriate staring but touching people without their approval. The fact may be that the intruder maybe a little tipsy, and that’s understandable, but they have to recognize the right of the woman when she says no. If this activity continues on, you may get thrown out of the resort. It’s always best to establish boundaries and adjust accordingly, and please ask first before you touch.



How About Hygiene?

When it comes to hygiene, these properties quite literally have got you covered. You will be provided with fresh towels and laundry in abundance. As being a major concern for some from what to expect at a swingers resort, you do not need to worry about the filth of any kind. The use of condoms is not only encouraged, but you will find them in all the appropriate areas. Just embrace the hedonist lifestyle and just do it.


Will Your Friends and Family Members Find Out?

If you do not want to tell your friends and family members about your lifestyle, you have nothing to worry about. Odds are, that you and your partner have already attended some local swinger parties, where others respect your right to privacy. Inquiring minds always want to know what is going on. If friends and family ask at home where you stayed, just pick out a neighboring resort. Might be a good idea to grab some clothes and take a few pictures at your cover resort for social media. Some swingers resorts will even go as far as providing you with a private phone number. Discretion will always be guaranteed when you stay at a one of these lifestyle vacation destinations.

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What Happens in a Playroom?

Most of these pleasurable places will house their own playroom. No, this isn’t quite the children’s playground you may envision, far from in fact. Playrooms are a place where couples and single females are free to roam and participate with one another. Single gentlemen almost always have to be invited by another couple. These are just the rules folks. What you might find going on can range from mild to wild, just think of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” for a prime example. You might want to have a few drinks before you see what goes on behind the curtain with this one.


We hope we gave you some stimulating ideas on what to expect at a swingers resort. It’s always good to remember that other guests will have similar minds, as they are seeking the same experiences as you. There are also swinger cruises in which you may have interest in as well, as these takeovers will sail around all different parts of the world. Since we have given you some fantastic ideas of what to expect at a swingers resort, let’s look at three of the favorites that we like to work with.



A few of our favorite Swinger Resorts picks

HedonismNegril, Jamaica

Primely positioned on the white sands of world-famous Seven Mile Beach, Hedonism redefines the limits of pleasure for a swingers vacation. Here, you’ll find rooms with mirrors above the beds, free porn on your television and glass showers in the bathrooms. You’re in for an xxx-tra special treat if you boast an Ocean View Au Natural Jacuzzi Suite, which boats its own group-friendly hot tubs on your patio, which are just right off the beach. Hedo is willing to work with everyone’s level of comfort, as adjusting to “nude” and “prude” sections across the property. This not only includes pool areas but the beach as well. Ain’t nothing like the feeling of ordering your favorite cocktail at the swim-up pool bar or stopping by the nude beach grill to have a few. You’ll find a lot to do there as well, keep busy with water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding and scuba diving. The full-service spa can not only hook you up with a Swedish massage beachside but back at the resort, provide a number of other massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps. A great variety of world-class restaurants provide all inclusive dining at its best with a delectable array of gourmet options. Unlimited drinks and premier top shelf brands will be waiting for you at five fully-stocked bars. When night comes, things can get downright dirty and delightful. Pay a visit to Kama Sutra Palace which teaches couples the power of touch and all the best naughty positions. Go on a voyeuristic journey with nightly shows, experience a top lineup of sensually themed adventures or have a magically exotic night of dirty dancing at the nightclub. Now, what you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to throw out all your inhibitions at the adult playroom for a night of ecstasy where just about anything can happen.

what to expect at a swingers resort hedonism jamaica adults vacation


Desire Riviera Maya Resort Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Nestled nicely on the pristine white sands and lush surroundings of the Mayan Riviera, Desire Riviera Maya offers the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism. This all inclusive destination for adults attracts all types of couples, from young to old, and everything in between. Call yourself home under rooms that feature palapa roofs which include comfortable bedding, stocked minibars and patios or balconies with spectacular ocean views. A playful atmosphere with non-stop fun awaits you during the daytime hours with everything from festive foam parties to provocative pool parties. Looking to learn white having some good old fashioned fun? Opt in for some Latin dance lessons, yoga and Zumba classes or get some great tips on how to do pole dancing. Make sure you check out the erotic ritual class where you bask in submission or by submitting your partner. Not only can you get that all-over tan you’ve always wanted at the beach, but you can swim in the skinny at two outdoor pools or head over to the 30-person whirlpool for some good times. Mixing ancient Mayan and Asian traditions, achieve total bliss at the full-service spa that boasts an incredible line-up of therapeutic massages and beautifying treatments. Ranging from casual to sensual elegant, five distinctive dining options will be ready to send your taste buds on an exotic journey. Unlimited drinks are on the menu at several bars on location, with some having a clothing-optional environment. When the sun fades away, experience sensual theme nights and exotic live shows. A night of throbbing beats, heated bodies and enticing music also awaits you at the nightclub. It features sexy pole dancers and also houses the couples playroom where passion rules the night and only guests know what happens inside.

what to expect at a swingers-resort desire riveria maya couples only vacation mexico


Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Located on a beautiful stretch of a secluded white sandy beach, find yourself at a “seductive clothing-optional sanctuary” at Desire Pearl. Find ample living space in rooms and suites that come complete with soaking tubs, stocked minibars and some even including a private plunge pool. Book your stay at the Desire Mansion that boasts a sensual atmosphere where you will be treated like Royalty, as you will receive a butler, top-shelf alcohol, free adult channels, and a private pool. Not only do you have sensational clothes optional beach, but you will have your choice of three outdoor pools, a massive whirlpool and a swim-up pool bar ready to take requests. Add to that, weekly provocative pool parties, tequila pool volleyball. foam parties and plenty of fun. Take lessons in belly dancing or pole dancing, and sexy darts. For something ordinary, opt in for a naked catamaran cruise. For those who like to workout while away, the on-site gym features all the latest equipment, as well as offers classes in stretching, Pilates, yoga and meditation sessions. Make a memorable visit to the full-service spa that will stimulate your senses with its line-up of facial and treatments and pampering massages. An aphrodisiac experience awaits you with fine dining at four distinctive dining options. Additionally, a number of bars on the location offer a clothes-free or casual environment within a sensual atmosphere as they service limitless libations. When night falls, expect a wide variety of enticing theme nights, stripper nights and erotic entertainment which will set the mood for seduction at its finest. Passion rules the night at the nightclub where naughty behavior is encouraged as electrical currents pulsate through your body. Live out your wildest fantasies with no inhibitions at the playroom which provides a truly uninhibited experience, where like-minded couples can enjoy a sense of overwhelming freedom at this pleasure spot.


We hope you enjoyed our travel tips and what to expect at a swingers resort. Sometimes an insane orgasm is all you need!




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