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10 Weed-Friendly Travel Destinations

Allow us to provide you with some of the most fascinating weed-friendly travel destinations for lovers from around the globe for cannabis consumption. The legalization of weed and marijuana in some parts of the world has really led to the foundation of some of the most fascinating tourist pot spots known to mankind. These now decriminalized places will help loosen the tension of the day-to-day grind as you enjoy plenty of picturesque places to light up. When you click on an affiliate link of ours and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. So, if you have been planning on taking a cannabis frenzy vacation, then hop on and enjoy the ride while we take you through some of the most fascinating weed-friendly travel destinations on this earth!


10. Cancún, Mexico:

Cancún, Mexico is a Mexican city bordering the Caribbean Sea on the Yucatán Peninsula and is well-known for its pristine beaches, a multitude of party resorts and exciting nightlife. It starts off our comprehensive look at the best weed-friendly travel destinations. Mexico itself harbors some pretty fluid laws in terms of weed consumption, possession and cultivation. You need to be at least 18 years of age and can carry up to 5 ounces of recreational marijuana for private and personal use, which means no time in jail. Basically, you should go around advertising what you are doing, but it will be okay to have a joint here and there. Getting weed here during your Cancun getaway should not be a problem, as cannabis is readily available. You’ll find great strains, multiple hybrids, recreational and medicinal cannabis from a local store or with the help of the gracious locals that assist with a hookup. Although smoking in public places can still be problematic, you can always consult locals or check up on more laws on the web. Please do not, under any circumstances, attempt to cross the border between Mexico and the United States with any pot on you.

weed-friendly travel destinations cancún mexico cannabis vacation ideas


9. Main Island, Bermuda

Although it is usually referred to as a singular, Bermuda consists of approximately 138 islands and an archipelago of 7 main islands, the largest of these islands is known as Main Island. Bermuda is one of the smallest, oldest but most populated of the British Overseas Territories – and officially the oldest British Commonwealth member. Relatively new to the world of legalization, adults 21 and older are able to possess and purchase up to seven grams of cannabis from licensed retailers. The Government has made a commitment to progressively liberalize the cannabis laws in order to create economic opportunities for citizens. On occasion, you may get some green bud,  but most weed in Bermuda will be imported and it usually consists of a dark brown color. Dealers will have no problem selling to someone else later if they find out you are too picky. If you don’t know where to go, most Bermudians are very friendly and usually help to hook you up. So, not only is a vacation to Bermuda full of wonderful things to see and do, a happening shopping location and a prime area for fine dining and exciting nightlife, but it is now a cannabis-friendly destination.

top weed-friendly travel destinations bermuda smoking pot tourism


8. Auckland, New Zealand

On election Day 2020, New Zealand will go to the polls and decide if their country will legalize marijuana. If they vote yes, individuals will be able to purchase up to 14 grams of cannabis from licensed retailers and gift up to 14 grams to another adult. This would be a dramatic change for the beautiful country. Currently, an estimated 13% of New Zealander smoke pot and ages range anywhere from 16 to 64. If you’re looking for places to buy pot while in Auckland, stop by Aotea Square, toward the top of Queen street where you will find some sellers. The largest city in New Zealand, Auckland is well-known for being a multicultural area and provides all the amenities and activities you can expect from any other large city. It offers a great art scene and fantastic nightlife, as well as an amazing waterfront location and access to golden sandy beaches where you can discover a spectacular marine life that also calls Auckland home.

auckland new zealand 420 smoking tours


7. Barcelona, Spain

Spain, as compared to other counties, takes a very different approach to the possession, cultivation and smoking marijuana habits. It is illegal to use cannabis in a public place in Spain, and if someone is found in possession of cannabis, it is punishable by law, usually a fine. On that same note, Spain has decriminalized personal use. You can also go to some of the famous clubs, where they offer you cannabis spliffs and so much more. But it isn’t about where you get it, it’s more about how you get it. Barcelona has cafes that only offer cannabis consumption, usually hosted in lounges that are private and hidden from public view. To enter one of these clubs you either have to sign up for a membership or visit an already booked lounge by a member. This practice allows cafes to donate spliffs, quality buds to their members. These cannabis social clubs act as a non-profit organization that supports local cultivation and sustainability of the local cannabis craftsmen/cultivators. Previously, adults could sign-up on arrival with their IDs, but due to recent reforms the membership can take up to two weeks to get activated, so it’s important that you plan ahead and enjoy plenty of cannabis buds. Also, when visiting these places you should check with the local laws since they might vary from place to place. Most parts of Spain have cannabis-friendly laws. Take a spliff and go visit an art museum or bless your eyes with some of the most jaw dropping Celtic art relics. There are Picasso, Goya and Velazquez to bless yourself with once you’re in Spain.

barcelona spain marijuana getaway



6. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! If you have recently wandered through a casino parking garage in Vegas, you may have noticed the unmistakable scent of marijuana lingering in the air. Yes, the Sin City is full of surprises accompanied with jaw-dropping attractions such as the miniature Eiffel Tower, great pubs, strip clubs, casinos full of cash and now it’s jumped on the train of the popularity of pot tourism! Cannabis in Nevada became legal for recreational use effective January of 2017. You’ll find great strains at any locally licensed dispensaries, within the city. State law allows for the possession of 2.5 ounces of consumable marijuana in a 14-day period. Despite the popular growing cannabis culture, you are restricted by the law to only smoke within private quarters and you can only legally buy from the licensed stores. If you are interested in a great hybrid of a nightclub and a licensed dispensary then look no further than Planet 13 Superstore, it is a cross between a nightclub and a dispensary. Thrive Cannabis Marketplace also offers a number of dispensaries in the Vegas area. You can also have a great mix of one of the best beer brews and quality buds at The Brew and Buds Tour.

blas vegas nevada usa pot smoking tourist attraction


5. Vancouver, Canada

Canada with its extremely progressive prime minister is leading the world in cannabis legalization laws. With a wealth of numerous hills and forests, as well as an abundance of water and sunshine, makes the province of British Columbia an ideal cannabis growing area. Apart from their great cannabis culture you can find amazing places to buy, smoke and enjoy the rest of your day in peace. Canada offers great tourist sites that look even prettier once you’re down a spliff or two. Enjoy the cityscape, forests, beaches, rivers and lakes all at the expense of a few dollars and a great strain of weed. The oceanic climate allows Canada to cultivate some of the most fascinating strains of cannabis. While in British Columbia, be sure to check out the Vancouver Cannabis Crawl from High Definition Tours. The crawl begins at Victory Square, which is home to the “Pot Block,” a line of unconventional cannabis shops and cafes, and goes through all the top cultural hotspots. In case, you plan to travel more throughout the beautiful country, each province and territory sets its own laws for legal age and whether householders can grow cannabis and the method of retail sales. If you are looking for marijuana stores that provide immaculate buds at licensed dispensaries, be sure to see all your options in Vancouver at

top weed-friendly travel destinations vancouver canada cannabis vacation


4. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

You may be surprised to find out, Puerto Viejo is not actually a town, but a term mostly used to refer to the whole area of coastline or includes the nearby communities of  Cocles, Chiquita, Playa Negra, Punta Uva and Playa Cocles. This heaven on earth is not only filled with a diverse range of topography which ranges from sunny beaches, emerald green rainforests, a stunning mountainous range and an array of volcanoes, but Costa Rica is also a little retreat for marijuana enthusiasts. Yes, you heard that right not only there are great strains of cannabis available locally; smoking and carrying marijuana in small amounts is absolutely decriminalized. Smoking up is extremely common here, as you can feel comfortable smoking pretty much anywhere, not just in the privacy of your room. Even better, citizens now have the right to plant marijuana in their homes, just strictly for personal use, of course.  So, you not only can enjoy the waves at the beach, smoking the finest strains of cannabis, but you can also locally purchase it from licensed stores. You can surf the tides at the beach or some extra-terrestrial waves down at a private sanctuary. Spliff – smoke and enjoy the beach. Brownie points for those who love surfing or up for a great hike. This Latin American hot spot will surprise you with its recreational cannabis decriminalization laws, great surfing turfs and immaculate scenery to enjoy once you’re buzzed! One of our favorite weed-friendly travel destinations, you will also get you a big injection of positivity, because Costa Rica is also known as the happiest country in the world.

coral cove cannabis resort jamaica 420 travel


3. Freetown Christiania, Denmark

We now lead to the land of wonders in Denmark where you will meet plenty of free spirits. Not only this place offers a great underground art culture, but you’ll be introduced to some of the finest, artistic cannabis buds. Freetown Christiania is located in the middle of a deserted military camp on the outskirts of Copenhagen. It was founded by a bunch of hippies in the early 1970s then became famous for its open weed trade. Boasting plenty of Instagram-worthy murals. It offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself into a sort of counterculture. Christiania is an anarchistic pool of diverse inhabitants who will offer a great insight into life, especially once you’re down a couple of spliffs. Art, quality buds and a great time are some of the most fascinating things Christiana has to offer. It truly is an alternative haven of counterculture, cross culture, artistically immaculate populous. The best way to learn about this 420-friendly spot is to strike up a conversation with a local, but just don’t ask them about the cannabis trade, at least right away because technically it is illegal. You’ll also find the best of the best in the Green Light District, but keep your camera in your bag because taking photos here is forbidden.

freetown christiania denmark marijuana tourism


2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most obvious destinations for potheads, and it is for a very good reason. Coming in a runner-up position of our list of the best weed-friendly travel destinations, his marijuana haven is a weed enthusiast paradise and absolutely perfect for a cannabis vacation. In fact, this cannabis “capitol” list couldn’t be complete without the magnificent Amsterdam. Amsterdam is also a fantastic city that is full of art, history, entertainment and so much more. Government regulations state that it will tolerate possession of 5 grams of weed or less per person. You can literally walk into one of the local cannabis cafes and enjoy a diverse menu of one of the finest cannabis buds known to mankind! Hybrids, Sativa, Indica, you name it they have it! Here, you will come accustomed to not really smoking in public, but having your joint in a charming coffee shop or even a restaurant or bar. Boasting quite literally hundreds, if not thousands of raving TripAdvisor reviews, be sure to stop by the Grey Area Coffeeshop. The Dutch have their own standards that differ from the rest of the world. Budtenders know their selections very well and can make a solid recommendation for you. Amsterdam also houses the annual High Time Cannabis Cup, a popular cannabis trade show which features great strains from all over the world! It is still one of the topmost Cannabis hubs, especially if you’re looking for some great quality weed. It’s probably one of the best cannabis filled frenzy vacation spot that you should not miss at any cost. If you’re not sure about anything, just ask! The Dutch are extremely friendly and helpful and would love to show you how to enjoy their culture.

best weed-friendly travel destinations amsterdam netherlands cannabis tours


1. Negril, Jamaica

Well-known for its sensational sunsets, a 7-mile stretch of incredible white sandy beach, a long line-up of beachfront resorts and picturesque cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Negril is not only a popular destination for tourism but is becoming one of the best places to enjoy a doobie. It makes a splash with our exciting list of the top weed-friendly travel destinations. In a country that is home to reggae god Bob Marley, one might expect that Jamaica would be automatically pot-friendly, but that didn’t actually happen right away. Post-2015, this weed haven saw great, revolutionary reforms in terms of the legalization of cannabis possession. Carrying less than 2 ounces of weed is now considered a petty offense. These reforms saw great support because of the indigenous Rastafari religion which allows its followers to smoke cannabis as sacramental and religious practice. Furthermore, Jamaica’s deep connection with reggae music also led to the popularizing cannabis consumption. Although the island still has strict laws in terms of cannabis retail, any trustworthy local cannabis cultivator would be able to help you get some ounces privately. For the ultimate ganja (another word for weed) experience, be sure to make a stop to the Negril hotspot of Rick’s Cafe (pictured below.) It’s a landmark of the region and a place where tourists take pleasure in not only drinking and eating, listening to live bands, watching sunsets and it’s famous jerk-style street chicken. Besides having plenty of good times, it’s also a popular spot for smoking and sharing a spliff. All of the above makes it a combined unforgettable experience all that the gorgeous island country of Jamaica has to offer.

top best weed-friendly travel destinations negril jamaica rick's cafe 420 getaway


Suggested Place to Stay While Visiting Jamaica!


As we ranked Negril, Jamaica as our number one destination with our weed-friendly travel destinations list, we have two great ideas on where to stay for all you pot fanatics.


1. Hedonism II

We got a great combination for nudists and lovers of weed! Hedonism is a clothing-optional resort located right on the legendary Seven Mile Beach. This all inclusive resort not only boasts an au naturel environment, but it also allows you to marijuana on its premises. In fact, Hedo has an on location medical cannabis dispensary called HedoWeedo. Independently owned and operated, we should point it is not a part of your all inclusive plan. A medical card would require you to make purchases, however, an appointment with an on-site doctor for evaluation will give you the green light. Here, you can expect a personalized service, all while in a safe and comfortable environment for your 420 experience. In full compliance with Jamaica’s marijuana laws, all the products come from cannabis that was locally cultivated by licensed farmers. We should point out that rooms will continue to be non-smoking, as they will provide you to smoke weed in designated areas. A HedoWeedo Therapeutic Spa also offers cannabis-based massage treatments, as well as an array of other services. Hedo also designed a system to work with everyone’s level of comfort with nudity, allowing for “nude” and “prude” sections across the property. There are plenty of things to see and do with a variety of outdoor pools and a humongous hot tub ready for plenty of fun. You will also discover a wonderful variety of world-class restaurants, unlimited drinks at five bars and an erotic nightlife with a nightclub which includes popular theme parties and a seductive adult playroom.

best places in negril jamaica to stay hedonism adult only nude resort


1. Coral Cove Cannabis Resort

As described by as “Jamaica’s best kept secret,” Coral Cove Cannabis Resort is an intimate boutique retreat for lovers of marijuana. It’s just a short 35 minute drive away from Negril in Westmoreland, this cannabis tourism destination off the proverbial beaten path awaits you. It’s actually named after the abundance of coral that was artfully incorporated into the masonry work right on the property. Located on a private cove with a protected swimming area, make yourself at home in custom designed rooms and cottages. You can see where it all begins by stopping by two greenhouses and a garden right on the property that grow a variety of different strains for your enjoyment. Not only can you opt in for a cooking class, but cannabis infusions meals can be added to almost any sauce or dish upon request. On-site strains are also available for consumption in various forms from edibles to flowers. This sensational stay also has an incredible amount of fun things to do, with everything from snorkeling to kayaking and spearfishing. You can also enjoy off-site excursions like visiting the Marley House Ruins, a bat cave tour, zip-lining expedition, glass bottom boat snorkel trip and more. For something out of the norm, pay a visit to the Lion’s Lair Sacramental Lounge (a cannabis coffeeshop) and enjoy an authentic steam chalice smoking ceremony at Blue Hole Mineral Spring. Back at the hotel, book yourself a relaxing beachside or in-room massage, facial, pedicure or body scrub. There are also a number of events that happen throughout the year like Baked on the Beach, Rastafari RootzFest, Dab-A-Doo and a Hawaiian cannabis expo, as well as signature weddings. Surely, this is the best place to stay in the Caribbean as you smoke your favorite Mary Jane.

best weed-friendly travel destinations coral cove cannabis resort jamaica 420


Best Online Travel Deals hopes you feel a little more knowledgable on these weed-friendly travel destinations, vacation ideas and travel tips. All of the above 420-friendly tourist spots are great in their own capacity for your next toke out-of-town experience. Now, you may need to purchase products as soon as you arrive to enjoy it to the fullest, such as a pipe, vaporizer or even paper for rolling at these weed-friendly travel destinations. If you are unaware of how a specific method to enjoy your doobie, simply ask a budtender if they can recommend one. It’s also great to do some additional research, have some locals on board and spliff your way into an extraterrestrial dimension while you enjoy some of the best cultures and places in the world. Remember to treat yourself to the serenity of nature and beauty of your surroundings on your next weed-friendly travel destinations.




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