spooky caribbean hotels for halloween vacations

Top Spooky Caribbean Hotels for Halloween Vacations

Oh the horror! With its long history of pirates, shipwrecks, slavery, and even blood sacrifices, the Caribbean is alive with ghost stories, full of haunted history and creepy places to stay. If you’re visiting the Caribbean around Halloween or just need a little scare any time of year, you’re bound to encounter more than your share of zombies, ghost ships, voodoo or haunted spirits in these terrifying, exotic locations. With a geographical area including the Bermuda Triangle (AKA Devil’s Triangle) and plenty of sacrifices, there is certainly something for everyone while staying at these spooky Caribbean hotels listed below. When you click on an affiliate link and buy something, we receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Find out why, in their own special way, are the best places to stay and experience.


6. Hotel Nacional de CubaLa Habana, Cuba
Starting off our list of the best spooky Caribbean hotels is Hotel Nacional de Cub. Having opened in 1930, it has welcomed luxury-seekers for more than 85 years, including the likes of Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Winston Churchill. Vacationers can’t help but be astonished at the ornate architecture and the historic relics present throughout. The North American mafia, in the 1940s, celebrated the great meeting of the mafia here; being the starting point for your business on the Island, and transformed one of the lounges of the Hotel into a gambling casino. Here is where things get a little spooky. Near the hotel main elevator is an original brass hotel letter box made in Rochester. There’s a myth that this area is also haunted by ghosts, as the hand indicating the elevator’s floor level appears to move by some fantastical force. The secret to seeing a ghost is drinking two mojitos then you fall on the floor and a ghost will appear. Regardless of good haunting stories, amenities here are plentiful. Travelers will find a pool, fitness center, tennis court, restaurants, bars, a nightclub, a business center and a beauty salon.

spooky caribbean hotels hotel nacional de cuba

5. Hotel El Convento, Puerto RicoSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Luxurious old world charm awaits you at this award-winning boutique hotel in the heart of stunning San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their timeless charm creates the ideal landmark treasures in Old San Juan featuring contemporary accommodations, classic Spanish Colonial architecture, and historic grace and elegance. Believe it or not, this hotel was a convent for 252 years, and today it’s the neighborhood’s upscale hotel. Apparently not all dead nuns go to heaven; some reportedly still roam this Old San Juan hotel. Centuries later guests say they hear Dona Ana and her sisters walking the corridors, with their vestments swishing as they go. There’s also plenty to do here while visiting. Dip into a plunge pool and Jacuzzi overlooking San Juan Bay, delight yourself on Spanish tapas or Puerto Rican fare at three on-site restaurants, or lounge at the hotel reception, where complimentary wines and hors d’oeuvres are served every afternoon.

spooky caribbean hotels hotel el convento


4. The CavesNegril, Jamaica
Although this location is not haunted, The Caves is a 12 cliff-side cottages sitting atop sea caves overlooking the ocean. Just one night’s stay and you might get the heebie jeebies here. It is described as a handcrafted utopia, giving the feeling of being in a cave. Here’s where things get really interesting. You can enjoy private cave dining for two which features dozens of flickering candles with a a front row seat by the sea. If that isn’t enough to impress, take a coral staircase down to the water’s edge, cross a wooden footbridge and arrive at the secret cave which features the Blackwell Rum bar. The walls are the actual volcanic cliffs with candles nestled amongst the limestone nooks. While you’re staying there, make a point to go spear fishing or snorkeling or take a dip off the cliff.

spooky caribbean hotels caves


3. RockhouseNegril, Jamaica
Yet another interesting and unique structure, the Rockhouse is perched upon the scenic cliffs of Negril’s Pristine Cove, which overlooks the tranquil waters of the Caribbean. Rockhouse gets its name from its rocky surroundings, which play into every aspect here with rooms built directly into the volcanic stone of Pristine Cove. Throughout the location, ladders and stairs are carved into the rock provide easy access to the water. Get rejuvenating treatments in the cliff-edge spa cabanas or at the Rockhouse Spa Pavilion, which is nestled among tropical gardens. Along with being one of the top spooky Caribbean hotels on our list, it is home to three delectable restaurants which feature a variety of renowned island cuisine.

spooky caribbean hotels rockhouse


2. Hotel OloffsonPort-au-Prince, Haiti
An ornate Victorian hotel, the Grand Hotel Oloffson is a Haitian hideaway for celebrities and adventuresome tourists. Celebs such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Mick Jagger were regular guests. Here, the rooms are not numbered, but named after the famous who have lodged here. Now, this is where it might look a little familiar to you. It is said that cartoonist Charles Addams, reportedly modeled his trademark haunted houses cartoons on Hotel Oloffso’s tropo-gothic gingerbread facade. Besides the Addams Family creepy vibes, it was a real-life inspiration for the fictional Hotel Trianon in Graham Greene’s famous 1966 novel The Comedians. It is also amazingly unchanged, given its location in a country that has seen so much turmoil and destruction.

spooky caribbean hotels hotel oloffson


1. Rose Hall Great HouseMontego Bay, Jamaica
Topping our list of the top spooky Caribbean hotels is Rose Hall. If you have the pleasure of staying at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, right down the road you will discover the horrifying Rose Hall. Make sure you pay a visit to the Rose Hall plantation for a spooky tour that features the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall, Annie Palmer. She was the wife of a 19th-century plantation owner, and was believed to be a voodoo mistress. Countless slaves fell prey to her torture in a basement dungeon, and all three of her husbands met their death at her hands. Palmer’s ghost is said to haunt the plantation house, which now is home to a restaurant and bar. The nearby White Witch Golf Course, part of the Hilton Rose Hall Resort, is named in her dubious honor.

spooky caribbean hotels rose hall

We at Best Online Travel Deals hope you have a Happy Halloween and make a stop someday to these scary looking and spooky Caribbean hotels.



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